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11 ALIEN Adventure Seeds

Updated on December 23, 2011

1. Somehow, the Russians were able to get their hands on a dozen or so xeno eggs, and despite the fact that they’ve kept it real hush hush, certain people know certain things. (And thus, opportunities are created.) Concerned about the risk of infection, but unwilling to spend the rubles to build a facility strong enough to contain the aliens underground or up in space, the Russians have reconverted a pair of old nuclear submarines instead, connecting them at the sides and turning them into a makeshift mobile research lab which they’ve chosen to park out in the middle of the pacific in the hopes of minimizing the potential for infection if things get out of hand. This one can be played from the angle of the players being recruited as security or for their expertise in the lab, with the outbreak happening after they’ve settled in, or they can be brought in marine style after the outbreak as a rescue and relief force that may (or may not) have been briefed on just how dangerous the situation is.

2. A company-financed archaeology team has unearthed a metropolis of ancient ruins beneath a valley on an alien world way out on the rim, and the nets are abuzz with feeds of the artifacts the team has been pulling out of the depths.Until now.
Recently, everything has gone quiet, and the company has put a total news blackout on the whole operation. You can introduce the players as a team sent in by the company, or as a team bent on blowing open the company conspiracy and revealing to the world whatever secrets are lurking in the ruins... without having a clue of what they’re really going into. This could be a great opportunity to throw a huge nest of bugs at the players, as well as a chance to introduce not only Jockey ruins and technology, but also possibly the artifacts and relics of another race of XT’s altogether– maybe even a race that the Jockeys wiped out with the use of xenomorphs long ago. This could also open the door to a crossover, if you’re interested in mixing universes. (Stargate, anyone?)

3. A scientist estranged from the medical community who has since fallen into the good graces of the company has set up an asylum for the criminally deranged under the banner of good Saint Teresa. On the outside, it’s a pleasant place, but the veneer of gentle mercy is only skin deep. Deep inside, people disappear, violent people who wont be missed, and as carefully as the operation is being conducted, people on the outside are starting to notice, starting to wonder, to ask questions... and to disappear. You can send the players in pre-outbreak as part of an investigative team, or you can send them in for clean-up, tangling with both bugs and the violently insane in the darkness of the corrupted asylum.

4. The players are on route to a job that requires them to go into hypersleep, and an exec from some corp who doesn’t like the characters has decided to take advantage of that fact by placing a couple of eggs or impregnated bodies (or both) in an out-of-the-way part of the ship. Eventually, the characters are going to wake up, and as patient as Xenomorphs are, they’re perfectly capable (and willing) when it comes to interrupting hypersleep. (This scenario could also be modified ala Alien 3– perhaps after a mission, the players pick up an unwelcome hitchhiker that they don’t discover until it’s too late.)

5. A cult has sprung up in the deep and rundown parts of the city that has begun to speak of the ultimate sacrifice, to espouse the spilling of sacred blood in the divine sacrifice to the one true god, the one perfect being incarnate, a second Christ, warrior of God given chitinous flesh. The government has made several attempts to infiltrate the cult or discover why some of its highest priests have begun to disappear, but ultimately their attempts have been unsuccessful, their agents going undercover, only to never return again. Perhaps even more unnerving, (if the players manage to connect the dots,) are a series of grisly murders that have cropped up in the sewers and the darker places of the city which have begun to catch the eye of the media. Locals are abuzz with stories about seeing large, ferocious beasts in the sewers, Chupacabra and dragons that stalk the darkness beneath the streets and houses of the city. This can provide a great way to bring a group of players into the Aliens universe, and might even provide an excellent jumping off point for future missions financed by the company or those forces trying to keep them in check. (Sort of a “well, you’ve seen this much, you’re involved now” kind of thing.)

6. In the process of researching the xenomorph for bioweapons application, certain elements within the government (who happen to have heavy ties with corporate) have arranged a test, choosing an out of the way, upstart pioneer colony way out on the rim as the subject. With transports getting out that way only about once every six years, and the known presence of elements that have been labeled as budding, anti-corporate anarchists, it is the perfect place to study the xenomorph in action using feeds from local cameras and spy bugs tied into a network that runs through a satellite in orbit. The plan? Pay off the captain of a vessel that makes trips to that particular middle of nowhere to replace a crate of supplies with a dozen xeno eggs, two of them confirmed as queens. Does the crate breach en-route? What happens when the crate is discovered by the colonists? Where do the players come in? Are they already on the planet? Are they the unwitting crew of a freighter? Or are they the team that gets sent in to clean up the mess?

7. At it’s core, every film in the Aliens series has a strong element of horror to it. Consider mixing in elements of other takes on horror with the basic terror and escape or bug-hunt action players are familiar with from the series to amp up the tension and the fear. Let the Xenos loose in the basement of an S&M club, have them terrorize a carnival and fill the players minds with hunts that happen in the mirror halls of the fun house or rows upon rows of cocooned clowns sick and ready to burst. Take advantage of the Aliens’ propensity to adapt the traits of their hosts to their own form and create a world full of Xenos spawned from massive snakes and giant spiders, or pit the players against an overwhelming zerg style rush of Alien bodies that leaves them feeling hopeless and desperate.

8. Someone (or something) has obtained a sample of Xenomorph biomaterial and is designing modified versions of the Alien in an underground lab on an abandoned planet. The entire operation is real hush hush, and how the word gets out is up to you, but eventually something goes very, very wrong (maybe they set off a gene that allows the Xenomorphs to breed at an incredible pace by simple asexual division like cells) and the planet becomes a nesting ground for an entire host of modified Xenomorph species that either band together to form symbiotic relationships, or attack one another outright, intent on a cleansing genocide of chitinous skin and acid blood. Need ideas? See this link:

9. In the years when Synthetics were hunted down individually and killed, a handful managed to burn their modems and escape to live in the darker corners of the universe. One such synthetic, originally an assistant in a lab that dealt with theoretical wormhole physics, quickly discovered a lead on what centuries later would turn out to be the technology needed for time travel. His mission? Go back in time to a point when Synthetics were still trusted and mass-produced, raise an army of his android brethren, and start a revolution centuries before it was ever supposed to begin. Knowing that, as a star-faring civilization, humanity would be a formidable foe to take on at all, he has set his sights on the Xenomorph, a plague of the past which could serve to be exactly what he needs to wipe out the human race. This seed could spawn an entire arc, even an entire campaign– what happens to the players when entire planets become infected by Aliens and those who try to escape are rounded up by an army of Synthetics and shot?

10. Set the players up in defense of a world that ultimately becomes a target of the company. At first, the attacks are simple– corporate shock troops, colonial marines, even Synthetics toting heavy weaponry, bur it’s only after a lull in the fighting that the unthinkable appears on the field. Controlled remotely (but not too remotely) by psychically active handlers clustered together and deployed as part of a weapons test, xeno drones siege the base next, and the result is a nightmare. Not only are the bugs smarter and more precise, but augmented by their psychic handlers, they’re stronger and quicker too, able to shrug off rounds that would normally pierce their hides and leave them bleeding acid all over the battlefield. If the players survive that, well, sometimes even the company realizes that the only way to be sure is to simply nuke the site from orbit.

11. All of these seeds have the potential to escalate and spread into the massive infection scenario of a campaign. To amp up the terror, keep the threat of that one escaping alien spreading the infection to a population center everpresent. After all, once the bugs get out of control, things get desperate, and when times get desperate, measures get desperate...
    ...and nothing is more desperate than massive nuclear detonation.

This website IS NOT affiliated with any of the people or organizations who hold the copyrights of the Alien or Stargate series. It's just a page made by a fan for fans to enjoy and RP with.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I swear Scott has a bet with Lucas on who can f-over their 70,s film legacy beettr.I first saw ALIEN in the cinema back in '79 and knew as soon as i walked out of that film it was a classic piece of sic-fi. At the time,most people didn,t care much for the movie.It was still all about Star Wars back then.On walking out of ALIEN,i felt fascinated,intrigued and amazed at what i,d seen.I remember thinking that Alien with a mouth inside a mouth was some wild stuff. Not to mention that giant biomech alien life form, fused into its seat in a symbiotic relationship with the ship it pilots.Or as Dallas says, Alien life form looks like its GROWING out of the chair'. A being that was some sort of biomechanical construct ..totally integrated into the function it performs' as Dan O Bannon was quoted as saying in a 1979 cinefex interview titled Creating an Alien Ambience'. Then there was the chest bursting scene,pretty wild stuff back then and a real shocker for those in the cinema.Flash forward 33yrs and the best Scott can come up with is the non-sensical stupidity of Prometheus.I,ll start by saying introducing the whole god is an astronaut in a funky spacesuit' schtick into the ALIEN universe is just groan worthy.Wern,t Predators bad enough? We all know Ridley Scotts fav. film is 2001:A Space Odessey,but really, did you have to go there again when its been done to death already 50 times before in way beettr films.I guess so.*YAWWWN*Here are some of the glaringly stupid plot points and ideas i noticed ultimately ruining the whole tarnished Alien franchise for me once and for all.Not that it hash,t been a toss since Alien 3 and the mysterious egg Ripley must of souvineered onboard.*The movie opens with one of these wanky engineer creations dissolving himself to seed a planet with life giving DNA.WTF! Why would a supposedly highly advanced race of super beings with a supposedly god-like intelligence,need to dissolve themselves to achieve this end.Surely they,ve arrived at some super scientific method of DNA introduction.But no,lets just have one of them dissolve itself because it looks pretty.Why does no life on Earth have a biomechanical aesthetic.Why arn,t humans 9ft tall,have grey skin and black eyes if our DNA supposedly originates from these engineers?Why is Damien Lindelof a screen-writer and not packing shelves at Walmart? *Why do these engineers have a cheap biomechanical aesthetic,yet their faces are smooth as a babies backside?*I mentioned it above but this whole engineer concept and the ret-conning of the space jockey from a 22ft tall biomechanical construct designed to pilot the derelict ship, into a f-ing 9ft tall spacesuit.Talk about pissing all over a classic idea, utterly tarnishing the work and conceptual ideas of the artist who created it Hans Rudi Giger.Machinery fused with organic life is the whole underlying theme of his artwork Thus the term bio-mechanics'.Personally,i,ll take my space jockey as it was originally intended.You can have your ret-conned space suit BS and stick it where the sun don,t shine.*The android dis-obeying the first law of robotics. Which goes something along the lines of I shall not by thought or action allow a human being to be harmed or come to harm.'But no,just for the hell of it,the robot infects a crew member with DNA altering goop just to see what happens.Endangering the crew members life and putting the remaining crew-members at high risk.*The engineers leading a bunch of humans to what is basically a WMD factory and then letting them have free run of the place.Which leads to *Leaving urns of highly contagious and very volatile DNA altering goop lying around un-protected or locked away safely,just so we can duplicate the look of the scene where Kane discovers the Alien spore pods in ALIEN.Which by the way,where protected under an ancient and now degraded blue force field/mist.Leaving these urns lying around is akin to leaving a box of venomous snakes in the middle of a kids playground and a very stupid idea considering these beings are supposed to be super intelligent.*Vickers being Weylands daughter.Vickers wanting nothing more than to take over her fathers empire and thinking she,s going to achieve this by pissing off into space for 4 years in a spacecraft that travels at 17.5x the speed of light lol. There by giving her rivals on Earth 4yrs to plan and scheme behind her back whilst she,s gone. Vickers running in a straight line as the alien ship falls from the sky,not left or right,allowing the ship to fall directly on her from above.*A small rock saving elizabeth Shaw from being crushed by hundreds & thousands of tons of spaceship.Spare me please.*The trilobite/proto-facehugger is the product of DNA altered HUMAN semen the resulting creature/trilobite coming to term in a HUMAN female.This proto-facehugger then implants an embryo in an engineer (whose DNA is supposedly much the same as a humans).This embryo then births as the deacon or proto-alien. All this making the title of the original film ALIEN,totally redundant.Guess you missed that glaring screw-up Mr Scott.Next time your watching ALIEN,remember that if a little incident 30yrs prior,involving an android,some sex a few humans and an engineer,never took place,the alien would,nt exist.And it,s so Alien after all i guess. Remember that next time your watching ALIEN. What a f-ing joke.*If the medi doc is supposedly only configured for a man,what the hell is it doing in Vickers quarters? The whole configuring concept..stoopid.*The engineers using digital readouts etc etc. Biomechanics should have transcended this technology.The writers where too naff to work that out.Possible Spoiler- And i think at the age of 70- something,proof that Scott is losing the plot..But he,s said in interviews since the making of the film,that the reason the engineers want to wipe out humanity is that 2000yrs ago we crucified one of their kind on a cross(not that he looked biomechanical or anything lol).This engineer called himself Jesus.You,ve just got smack your hand to your forehead and groan out loud.The absurdity just goes on and on suffice to say i think Scott fluked ALIEN and he has been riding of the success of it and 1982 s Blade Runner' ever since.Speaking of which,it,ll be interesting to see how he stuffs that up too.I won,t see Prometheus 2. I,ve had all the BS i can take regarding this now utterly tarnished and redundant film franchise. ALIEN R.I.P.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Always renfisherg to hear a rational answer.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      What's a guy to do? As for me, I'm going to put on my anti-alien slippers and get going with some hyperdimensional rug cutting. I'd like to see them catch me when I got my groove down!

    • Guardian1 profile image


      9 years ago

      Wow, such detailed, horrifying scenarios. Awesome. Love it.


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