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12 reasons why Early access games suck but we play them anyway.

Updated on January 21, 2016

Reasons Why They Suck! but Are Also Amazing



Most early access games have very little protection against hackers. It's really annoying when you actually put time and effort into building something beautiful in game, then someone with a few hacks comes along and destroys everything with hacks such as aim-bot or something that lets you fly and have infinite health or maybe even ammo! A lot of them get banned after a while, but for the few days that they have access to the game... They make it really crappy or maybe even unplayable for a lot of people.


Okay so to start with I'll cover how little we get. You usually pay a few bucks for a game that looks amazing in the trailer. They give out some beautiful screenshots that make the game look absolutely beautiful. When you actually get the game however... It's a totally different story. The game play feels very unpolished, The view distance isn't great and after a couple of hours you find yourself really bored as there is nothing else to do. You've crafted everything you can and you probably have most of the weapons and Armour available. Even after a few updates content is very limited.


This is the thing I hate the most about early access games. No matter how good the developers are, you'll always get some form of bug or lag. It's understandable and can't be helped. But instead of patching them straight away. You usually find they wait for a new update to patch the glitch or bug. That usually takes a week or so, Which is fine... But a lot of gamers that have paid for the game want to play the game they paid for! It doesn't bother me all that much. But I know a few gamers that hate it. And it's totally understandable why they do. It's just something they need to work on a little faster.


This isn't in every early access game. Some of them don't have a market at all and never actually get them. Others have them from the start and offer weapons, food, clothes, maybe even character slots of something. Everything is always way more expensive than it should be and it's a really stupid feature. I think when a company add's in game marketplaces, they need to think about the players and make people actually want to buy stuff at a good price, instead of making them pay way too much for something that won't last you five minutes. In my personal opinion i think in game markets really show you what the game is going to be like from the start. Even if the game says it's free... You'll end up paying $20+ to actually get anywhere.


Think about this... You've spent 30+ hours in game. You have lots of food, water, weapons, and whatever else you usually need to make the gamer that bit better. You might of made a few friends on the game and some of you might even have a small community going on. Even though you don't have a lot of content to play with, you're doing the best with what you have. You log off, and when you come back on... Everything is gone! your Armour, weapons, supplies, maybe even your home that you spent an hour or so building. Some players might still have there's but a lot of them don't. I understand that developers need to add and take things away. I just think they should give you an updated version of what you had. Instead of taking away everything you built, leaving you with absolutely nothing.


Something I've always hated about early access games is the fact they're in early access for a number of years. Some do actually get a full release. Others stay in early access for a very long time and sometimes never get finished. Personally I think it's really important for a developer to finish the content as the player has paid for the game. Some companies promise a lot and actually deliver what they have promised for a long time. Others release an update every 3 to 5 months for a little while. Then after around a year or so, you usually find no more updates or developers notes. Nothing at all gets released. And it's really wrong. Some people may agree others will disagree. This is just an opinion of a very active gamer.



Early access games are usually pretty hard to start with and even after you have a base, supplies and good weapons... After a while you'll need to go scavenge and look for new things to keep you alive. When you do this, there is always a lot of players trying to do the same thing. Few of them are friendly and will see you as a threat. They usually attack on sight not only to protect themselves, but to steal everything you have. Hopefully saving them a job of having to risk their lives and go much further. You also have the environment against you as well as many big scary animals.


Early access sounds pretty cool right? playing games before they actually come out. Bragging to our friends that we played a game months or maybe even years before they're actually coming out. If they have a PC then they can usually play them too. But some early access games are also coming to console when the full release comes out. We get very little content to play with to start with, but getting to watch them grow as we play is pretty cool.


Let's face it... large groups of friends love to play together. It's really fun and passes time quickly. There is nothing better in a game than when a group take down a hard boss, or when you all raid another group and come away with all their loot. Sometimes it might just be a couple of you that live together or something. But it's always way more fun when you play with someone else!


No matter how many reviews or or even friends tell you a game isn't going to get any better, we always end up trusting the developers promises. They always keep you playing by advertising amazing things in future updates. They promise better graphics and lots more items. It usually takes a while before we actually see even 20% of what they say we're going to get. But it can sometimes be worth the wait.


No matter what type of gamer you are, or how old you are... You always love building a big beautiful fort to keep away the world. A home that's impossible to raid, a base where you might even have a few friends live. Most early access games have the option to build a base. It's usually really important that you do, unless you want to log on and find your character laid face down in a puddle of blood.


It can be pretty rare that we actually get a huge update in game. But when we do, it's amazing. Better graphics, new features, better game play, usually a lot more weapons and clothing. The game becomes a lot better with every big update and it shows that the developers are working hard towards finishing the game. With every huge update the game gets much better reviews and a lot more players. I wish we got them more often, but the developers of early access games that actually end up releasing them, in my opinion are the early access games worth playing


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