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Monster High 13 Wishes Dolls

Updated on September 18, 2014

13 Wishes Doll Line

The Monster High 13 Wishes dolls have arrived. In addition to the basic dolls in this line three party dolls will also be released.

Basic dolls with pets and journals will include Monster High dolls Howleen Wolf, Twyla, Gigi Grant and Lagoona Blue.

13 Wishes Party dolls will include Monster High favorites Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf and Draculaura.

The line will depict the story of the Monster High 13 Wishes DVD that will hit store shelves after the doll release. The DVD is slated for a fall 2013 release date.

Basic 13 Wishes Dolls

Pictured basic 13 Wishes dolls are Twyla, Howleen Wolf, Gigi Grant and Lagoona Blue.

Whose the Coolest 13 Wishes Ghoul

With two new Monster High characters and two returning favorites which doll stands out among the 13 Wishes doll line.

Whose the best doll in the basic 13 Wishes doll line?

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New 13 Wishes Ghouls: Twyla & Gigi Grant

Twyla Monster High Doll
Twyla is the fifteen year old daughter of the Boogey Man. She is shy and sometimes misunderstood by normies who find her sleeping under their beds and by monster who do not understand why she hangs out with the normies. This Monster High doll comes with pet dust bunny Dustin.

Howleen Wolf 13 Wishes Doll

Monster High 13 Wishes Howleen Wolf
Monster High 13 Wishes Howleen Wolf

The Monster High 13 Wishes Howleen Wolf doll features Howleen Wolf with bright pink hair and new fashions. She comes with pet Cushion and doll stand.


13 Wishes Lagoona Blue

Monster High 13 Wishes Lagoona Blue
Monster High 13 Wishes Lagoona Blue

The Monster High 13 Wishes Lagoona Blue doll is a departure from the dolls usual pale blue tones. Lagoona is transformed into a fresh water sea monster instead of a salt water fish when she casts an ill fated wish with Gigi Grant.


Buy 13 Wishes Monster High Doll Collection

The pre-sales are now appearing on eBay for the 13 Wishes collection. No official word when we can expect for these dolls to actually start hitting store shelves. It is rumored that we might see them in late May or June 2013.

13 Wishes Doll Line

Monster High experiences some excitement when Howleen Wolf journey's to the Monster High attic where she finds a lantern and genie Gigi Grant.

Instead of getting the standard three wishes Gigi grants Howleen 13 wishes. One of these 13 wishes turns sea monster Lagoona Blue into a fresh water monster. This leaves Lagoona with a bright new look that can be seen on the 13 Wishes Lagoona Blue doll.

Howleen is excited about her new found fortune until she discovers that each wish comes with a dark side. Soon she finds herself under an evil spell of temptation that endangers the Monster High student body.

13 Wishes Party Dolls

13 wishes party doll
13 wishes party doll

The 13 Wishes Party doll line includes Frankie Stein, Cleo de Nile and Clawdeen Wolf.

Who Rules the Party Circuit?

Clawdeen Wolf, Frankie Stein and Draculaura are dressed in an Arabian theme. Which ghoul friend rocks the most in the 13 Wishes Party doll line?

Which Monster High 13 Wishes Party doll wins best dressed?

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New York Toy Fair 2013 - Monster High

Check out the Monster High 13 Wishes doll debuted at the New York Toy Fair 2013.

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