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14 Upcoming Playstation VR Games In 2016 / 2017

Updated on January 26, 2016

Sony has been eager to join the road to VR and get developers on board as well as publish their own games. VR could be the next big thing or it could be a total flop like motion controls. Many of these titles are filled with narratives that are heavy on mystery and intrigue. But other games are fun multiplayer experiences. There's definitely variety for the upcoming Playstation VR hardware. Many of these games don't have release dates yet, but we're giving you as much info as we can. So let's take a look at 14 upcoming Playstation VR games.

Until Dawn Rush of Blood

Until Dawn Rush Of Blood is a different take on Supermassive's surprisingly successful horror game. It's an arcade style on rails shooter with VR support that attempts to break conventions. It will take you back to familiar parts of Blackwood Pines from the previous game, but with a different perspective that expands on new experiences. With clever use of sound design and specifically placed jump scares, Rush of Blood may be the scariest VR game on Playstation.



Adrift is a first person space game about an astronaut drifting through space in the year 2037. The game begins with an astronaut floating silently through a destroyed space station with no memory and a severely damaged EVA suit. The player will have to figure out what caused the catastrophe and find a way back home. The game is intended to be fully explorable, but there will be realistic limits that prevent you from going too far. One of those limits will be the oxygen level. Travel too far and you will suffocate. It's intended to be a highly suspenseful and emotional experience and it really reminds us of the sci-fi movie Gravity. Playing this game is a unique experience because it takes you into space and gives you that helpless feeling of being stranded. This immersive game will be VR compatible so you can finally experience that lonely feeling of drifting through space in virtual reality. Adrift plans to launch Q1 of 2016.


Ark Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is a dinosaur survival game from a first person perspective. Players start from scratch and will have to build a base with fire, weapons, and shelter. Everything must be gathered. Players will have to find resources in order to build their weapons and bases. Regenerating health requires consuming food. The name Ark comes from the world you are in. And the most exciting part of this world is that it's filled with 60 different types of dinosaurs. In order to tame these dinosaurs, player will have to feed them specific foods. Ark Survival Evolved will be more exciting in VR due to the increased field of view and perception of motion.



RIGS is a first-person, arena based shooter set 50 years into the future and is a collision of all different sports. There's elements of motorsport, shooting, and basketball that come together to create this combat league where the rigs are the heroes. It's all about the drama, knocking an opponent rig out of the air when they're going to score, getting the big saves or scoring a last minute goal to win for your team. The game is built for Playstation VR since head movement is a big part of how you control the rigs. It's how players steer the mechs and aim themselves. You can scan the skies and see other rigs, or change direction quickly. Matches are 3-on-3, and the rigs come in different forms with different specialties. There's the Hunter, the Mirage, and the Tempest. Tempest is a lightweight flying rig, Mirage is a tall, agile rig that can double-jump and Hunters are small, fast rigs that can get through gaps quickly. This is one of the few multiplayer oriented games for the Playstation VR.



Battlezone is based on the original game from 1980 developed by Atari. This game is being reimagined exclusively on Playstation VR. Battlezone has a retro futuristic look with vibrant colors and blocky design, but it still maintains the fast explosive action. The VR interaction aims to make you feel as if you are directly in the cockpit controlling the tanks. In the last trailer, variety in combat is emphasized by including new enemy tank variants, new artillery weapons, and new power ups that allow the player to use special area of effect attacks, boost, and additional modifiers. Battlezone is an unexpected announcement for VR, but it's how the developers have always pictured themselves playing the original Battlezone game.


Robinson The Journey

Robinson The Journey is a game of exploration and mystery. You play as a young boy who crash landed on an unknown planet and you're forced to explore in order to find a way out. The world is a dangerous jungle filled with huge dinosaurs. Your only companion is an AI robot in the shape of a floating orb who leads you along. The game runs on the Cryengine which has always been regarded as one of the most visually impressive game engines.


The Assembly

The Assembly gives us a look into a mysterious organization that's hidden from the world. They conduct experiments that the government and society wouldn't even allow. There's definitely secrets and conspiracy involved, but we don't know what they are. The game begins with two individuals of The Assembly potentially being exposed by a threat. They both have choices to make which will effect the company and the world. The game poses questions of choice and morality. Every decision has consequences.


Dead Secret

Dead Secret is a classic murder mystery. Harris Bullard was killed and you need to find out so you don't become the next victim. To find out the truth, you'll have to analyze the crime scene for clues and do research on Bullard's past. We know the game plays on mystery, but there's also elements of horror. Bullard's home is a scary place and you don't know what's waiting for you in each room. The game is built specifically for VR, but it's not required to play.


Shadow of the Beast

Shadow of the Beast is based on the original side scrolling classic from 1989. Players control the protagonist who was kidnapped as a child and corrupted through magic to be turned into a warrior servant. Gameplay is a mix of action and platforming in a side scrolling perspective. There will be depth to the combat with combos and counter attacks to defeat certain types of enemies.


Tekken 7

Tekken 7 has been announced for VR compatibility and it's probably the first big fighting game we've heard of in virtual reality. Tekken 7's story is going in a much darker direction and is intended to conclude the Mishima clan saga. It will provide answers to feuds of many of the main characters. The game focuses on 1 on 1 battles with the addition of two new mechanics called Rage Art and Power Crush. There's a traditional stage based playthrough where the player progresses by beating five opponents and then finishing with a final stage. With up to 27 playable characters total this fighting game will be interesting to see on Playstation VR.


Gran Turismo

Sport Racing fans aren't being left out when it comes to VR gaming. Developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Gran Turismo Sport is the 13th game in the Gran Turismo series but it is a separate standalone entry. GT Sport includes three modes: Campaign, Sports Mode, and Arcade mode with online and offline play available. There will be two championships held simultaneously throughout the year. These will be organized into online live events for The Nations Cup and Manufacturers Cup. There will be a beta for the game during the first and second quarter of 2016 prior to the release later in 2016.



Dreams is a sandbox creation game similar to LittleBigPlanet, but this game focuses on the ideas from your subconscious. This is a game that's really based on community involvement and ingenuity. The actual capabilities in dreams are still unknown, but the trailer shows us everything from cute polar bears to futuristic hover jets to eerie zombie dolls. While other games on this list are about mystery and action, this one is all about creativity.


Wayward Sky

Wayward Sky has you guiding Bess, a young pilot, who was flying with her father when she crashed into a mysterious fortress. Her father has been kidnapped and the crashed plane no longer works so she'll have to find a way to rescue herself and her father within the fortress. The game has movement similar to a point and click game but it will take advantage of VR head tracking. Players will point their head in the direction they want to go in and then press the action button on the dualshock controller to move. The game uses a third person perspective for exploration but during interactive puzzles it switches into first person. Wayward Sky will be an interesting and accessible adventure game for gamers new to VR.


Eve Valkyrie

Eve: Valkyrie is one of the first big VR games that was announced for the Playstation VR. Developed by CCP Games the devs known for Eve Online and Dust 514, Eve: Valkyrie is a multiplayer dogfighting shooter set in the Eve universe. Eve takes advantage of VR by allowing 360 degree viewpoint with action combat going on all around you. The game will have a rank and reputation based character progression system. And there will be plenty of customization for ships. Ships have three distinct roles. There's the fighter class with medium armor and gatling pulse lasers. There's the heavy class with high density armor, composite heat shields, and direct plasma injectors. There will also be a support class which is still in development. The game will also be voiced by Katee Sackhoff, known for many Sci Fi series such as Battlestar Galactica, Riddick, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. EVE: Valkyrie should be an immersive space sci fi experience.



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    • Mark Sammut profile image

      Mark Sammut 

      2 years ago from Malta

      Still waiting to hear the price on this. The games do look pretty awesome. Especially Shadow of the beast.


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