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15 Fun Baby Shower Games

Updated on February 5, 2016

Are you concerned that your party’s going to be boring? Worried that everyone’s going to be looking at each other, or at their watches?

Play some games to keep your baby shower moving. Here are some fun options to use at your party. Some of them are very short, so feel free to use more than one.

Mystery Baby Food

Buy a variety of flavors and brands of baby food (5-10, depending on how long you want it to take), not shying away from the worst sounding ones. Make a note of the flavor of each bottle while taking the labels off them all. You could number the bottles and keep track of which flavor each number is, or draw a little symbol on some masking tape to identify them. Put all the bottles on a tray. Each guest who’s up for it tries a little taste and guesses the flavor. After playing this, you won’t complain when a baby spits up their food. The most right flavors wins a prize.

Baby Trivia

Gather some interesting trivia from books and the internet about babies. On index cards, write your question on the front and the answer on the back. Aim for at least 20 questions, but you can go higher. Try to divide your guests into two evenly matched teams, and divide the cards so the question difficulty is about equal. Each team gets half the cards. They alternate quizzing the other side. The most right answers wins.


Pin the Diaper on the Baby

You’ll need a big picture of a baby (from the internet or from a printers) attached to a pin board. A small, white hand towel or handkerchief will be the diaper. Guests are blindfolded, spun around a few times, and then they try to pin the “diaper” on the baby. Closest pin wins.

Measure the Bump

You’ll need one or two skeins of yarn and pairs of scissors for this. Pass the yarn around so each guest can cut off a piece that they think will be a perfect fit for the mom-to-be’s stomach. The mom-to-be tries on each piece of string. The closest one wins.

Baby Songs

Play snippets of songs with the word baby in them. Whoever gets the most song titles right wins.

Mad Lib Baby Story

Write out a basic story of childbirth and childrearing. It doesn’t have to be funny or even interesting by itself. Go over it and remove a noun, verb, or adjective from each sentence, or every second or third sentence depending on how long it is. You can have the guests write out an example of all the words you’ll need before hand, or you can ask for a certain type of word before that sentence is read and the guests can call it out.

Mary's little lamb
Mary's little lamb | Source

Name the Nursery-Rhyme

You’ll need a collection of nursery-rhymes or some excerpts printed from the internet. The guests are each given a sheet of paper and pen. You read a line from one of the selections and the guests have to write down the name of the nursery-rhyme. A good guide is to read twice as many lines as there are guests. Whoever has the most right wins.

Mother's Manual/Keepsake

Have all your guests write out or print a piece of advice, an anecdote, poem, quotation, or anything about mothering or babies. Collect everything into a scrapbook with pictures for the mom-to-be to take home.

Memories of Mom

The guests all tell an interesting, cute, or funny story about something they did with the mom-to-be. This is a great bonding activity for the group, especially if they don’t all know each other. This is probably good to do early in the party to break the ice.

Games To Avoid

  • Pin the Diaper on a Real Baby

Liven up your party by having child protective services break in.

  • Baby Food Spit Up

Whoever spits a mouthful of baby food the farthest wins.

  • Punch the Bump

The guests prepare the baby for the harshness of life.

  • Are You Fit to be a Mother?

The guests tell the story of the worst thing the mom-to-be has done.

  • Doll Head Dodgeball

Balls are replaced with doll heads. Otherwise, classic dodgeball rules apply, of course.

Doll's Diaper

For this one you’ll need baby sized dolls and diapers. Divide your guests into groups of 4, or if it’s a small group, half them. When you say go, the first person in each group changes the doll’s diaper. The next one in line starts as soon as the first one is done. The first group to finish wins.

Lucky Cup

In advance, write baby related words on the bottoms of the paper cups that will be used. Write all of the same words on slips of paper. The mom-to-be picks a slip of paper out of a hat. The matching word wins.

Mystery Bag

A bag is filled with baby related items. The mom-to-be is blindfolded while she picks the items out one by one. She tries to guess what they are.

Designer Baby

The guests are divided into small groups. They’re each given scissors, baby/parenting magazines, and tape. Each group cuts out parts of the pictures to create a unique baby. The mom-to-be chooses a winning group who all get prizes.

Don't let her in


Party Crasher

Arrange for someone your guests don’t know to show up at the party. She should dress and act strangely. Have her carry a big bag full of small baby related supplies. You act like you don’t know her and demand to see her invitation. She unloads all her supplies on the floor, supposedly looking for the invitation while everyone watches expectantly. The last item she removes is the invitation which she hands to you. While you look at it, she quickly puts all the items back in the bag. When the items are out of sight, you reveal to your guests that you know this person. Everyone gets a piece of paper and pen that you have nearby. Whoever writes down the most items from the bag wins.

Play Doh Baby

All the guests are given a piece of Play Doh and they have a set time to mold a baby. The mom-to-be judges the winner.

Ideas for Prizes and Party Favors

Check out local Dollar Stores and thrift stores for inexpensive prizes and favors. Those stores have numerous items that are perfect. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Small packages of food

Sample sized makeup

Small bottles of lotion

Novelty sunglasses



Shower cap

Small soaps

Decorated hat

Bath teas

Tea bags

Small packs of coffee

Small bottles of wine

Change purse


Cloth napkins



Wooden spoons






Sleep mask






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