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2 Worlds 2 Mage Gameplay and the Possibilities of the Magic System

Updated on January 12, 2011

2 worlds 2

2 worlds 2
2 worlds 2

2 worlds 2 mage gameplay

2 worlds 2 will be released on 25 January 2011. The much anticipated rpg sequel to 2 worlds is much much improved, especially with regards to the magic system in 2 worlds 2. The 2 worlds 2 mage gameplay is decidedly very much more fun and interesting than the magic system in other modern rpg games.

In playing as a mage, what the player character does is to combine 2 spell cards within a spell amulet to create a spell. Creating spells can be fun! The spells created can range from powerful and useful to awe inspiring to visually good to see but fairly useless in combat. Let's examine some of the spells that can be created in the 2 worlds 2 mage gameplay.

2 worlds 2 mage anvil shield

The 2 worlds 2 mage anvil shield creates a solid ring of rocks around the 2 worlds 2 mage in order to protect the mage from enemies. These rocks hover around the mage to prevent damage to the mage and looks great in the game.

2 worlds 2 mage necormancy aura

The 2 worlds 2 mage necromancy aura creates a greenish necromancy tinge around the mage so that enemies are destroyed by the necromancer are re-animated, and become the necromancer's minions. Finally a true intimidating necromancer.

2 worlds 2 mage damage reflector

The 2 worlds 2 mage spell does not need much explanation. Any damage hoping to be inflicted by the enemies onto the mage is, in fact, inflicted back onto the enemies. A very cool spell - as the mage strides in, nothing can hurt the mage.

2 worlds 2 standard spell combinations

Of course, there is always the 2 worlds 2 mage standard spell combinations, which include invisibility, and confusion. The confusion spell is always useful in any rpg game, as the enemy wanders around aimlessly, allowing the mage ample time to prepare another spell or devastating attack.

2 worlds 2 meteor shower

Of course old term fans of the might and magic series will always remember meteor shower, and yes in 2 worlds 2, you can create your own meteor shower to rain down onto the enemies to destroy them.

2 worlds 2 summon dark minions

Feeling outnumbered and unable to proceed due to loneliness, fear not. The necromancer 2 world 2 mage can continue to summon dark minions to help him in his quest and perhaps tell a story or 2.

2 worlds 2 mage tornado

In 2 worlds 2, the mage is also able to create tornadoes to destroy objects as well as clear the area. Definitely very good for destroying enemies and also cleaning purposes.

Modern rpg games have tried various spell combinations to make spell casting unique. 2 worlds 2 magic system may have just allowed the rpg gamer to further step into the do it yourself magic arena.

2 worlds 2 spell combinations


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