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2 worlds 2 walkthrough

Updated on April 26, 2011

2 worlds 2 walkthrough

2 worlds 2 walkthrough - a new beginning in a vast new world
2 worlds 2 walkthrough - a new beginning in a vast new world

2 worlds 2 walkthrough

2 worlds 2 is set in the same world as 2 worlds, but this time, the world is fashioned much better and combat is much better than in 2 worlds.

2 worlds 2 is set in Antaloor, where the Hero's sister is again in trouble. She has been imprisoned in Gandohar's castle, and is being used as a vessel for Gandohar to channel the energy from her into him. Gandohar looks like Sauron in Lord of the Rings, which provides some awesome cosplay ideas. The Hero is rescued by some orcs, and the initial 2 worlds 2 walkthrough involves teaching the player the basic skills of combat, movement and magic through the use of the orcs as teachers and following Dar Pha. The initial stage of 2 worlds 2 is really basic for the experienced rpg gamer.

2 worlds 2 - first human civilization

In 2 worlds 2, the Hero eventually reaches the first human civilization, a small village called Bayan. The Hero is then sent by the head mistress of Bayan to collect some ostrich feathers to heal a horse. You may want to do this quest, as it allows one to demonstrate the skills in combat taught earlier, and also allows one to gain some early experience points. Experience points translate to leveling and then distributing attribute and skill points to various trees. For early leveling, it may be better to place the points in certain distant skills such as firebolt (fire magic) and bow skills.

Eventually, the Hero has to reach Hatmandor. To do this, the Hero has to pass through the desert gate. This is a gate where the guards refuse to allow the Hero to go through. The Hero may want to use the Smuggler's path. This is definitely more interesting in terms of combat practice, as the Hero has to overcome Varns which are monsters with wolves head, and some of them are able to cast spells.

2 worlds 2 Overcoming the Varns - Tactics

In the initial stages of 2 worlds 2, Varns will become an increasing menace, so knowing how to tackle them is good for progression through the game. At this early stage, the Hero may be pretty weak.

What to do to overcome the varns is to run to them, and draw their attention, and then run back to the gate that sets the beginning of the smugglers' path. The Varns are too tall to past through. So just lock on a bow and some arrows and take the Varns down. For the Varn shaman, he may not chase the Hero as far as the gate. Use the cliffs surface to partially block the Varn shaman's spells, and then use your arrows to take down the Varn shaman. It may be useful to go into sniper mode in this case.

2 worlds 2 walkthrough - tackling the varn shaman

Tackling the Varn Shaman from Behind the Rock Surface
Tackling the Varn Shaman from Behind the Rock Surface

2 worlds 2 beyond the Desert Gate

Once beyond the Desert Gate, the world opens up and the Hero can progress to Hatmandor. There are several guilds that one may go to on the way to Hatmandor in order to build up the most comprehensive mage, warrior, archer or sneak attack specialist. Always activate the teleporters at any specific locations. Just beyond the Queen Way teleporter is the mages' guild, where the hero may want to visit to find the Soul Patcher, who can allow the hero to redistribute the attributes and skills for a price.

This will allow the most powerful mage, warrior, archer or sneak attack specialist to be made. Further discussion on this topic and 2 worlds 2 walkthrough continues here.


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