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20 Billion Wives: All Wives List + Secret Illustrations

Updated on July 31, 2017
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20B Wives: All Wives List and Secret Illustrations
20B Wives: All Wives List and Secret Illustrations | Source

The word is out: 20 Billion Wives was released following the success of Masukachi Inc.’s 10 Billion Wives mobile game. This time, there’s twice the number of wives. Well, not really, but the fun and satisfaction are the same.

SPOILERS ALERT: If you don’t want to get spoiled and want to unlock all the secret illustrations yourself, then stop what you’re about to do and go somewhere else. But since you are here, there’s a big chance you’re itching to get your hands on all the secret illustrations of this game’s beautiful wives. No one’s stopping you so go and indulge yourself!

All Wives and their Secret Illustrations

1. Gentle Wife

The Gentle Wife is the gentlest wife among them all. She’s so delicate and simple that her charms are simply irresistible. She’ll cook for you. She’ll clean for you. She’ll take care of you. She loves flowers, so giving her floral bouquets from time to time will make her love you even more.

2. Cheerleader Wife

The Cheerleader Wife will make any gloomy day go away. Cheering is her specialty, so if she becomes your wife—it’s goodbye blues for you! She’ll never let you down—ever! Sneakers are her favorite type of shoes, so keep that in mind.

3. Wizard Wife

The Wizard Wife is as magical as she is enchanting. She knows how to cast spells that will make anyone instantly fall in love with her. There’s no need to do so though because her beauty and allure are way more than enough. Being a wizard, her favorite item is the magic wand.

4. Police Wife

The Police Wife is always ready to serve and protect you. Fear no more, bad guys beware! No one will ever harm you so long as she’s by your side. She’s ready to die for you, so keep your promise to always live for her. It is also noteworthy to know that like any other police officer, her favorite food is the donut.

5. Knight Wife

The Knight Wife is passionate only with two things: the knight code and YOU! She’s may be a knight, but that doesn’t mean she’s tough all the time. She actually has a soft spot for you. It’s also a plus that she can fight so well. Be sure to always give her marvelous swords so she can continue to be passionate with the knight code and you.

6. Kotatsu Wife

The Kotatsu Wife definitely loves to chill. And by chill, she always seeks comfort from a kotatsu. She loves to laze around. You probably won’t ever see her out of the kotatsu. But now, another warm thing has been added to her favorites—you! Did you, by any chance, give her a mandarin orange? Well, I’m sure you did.

7. Marching Wife

The Marching Wife will march to the world’s ends just to meet you. She’s very serious about her love for you. One interesting thing about her is that she knows how to play the saxophone. She marches while creating beautiful music. Be sure to give her a saxophone to witness her full magnificence.

8. Chunibyo Wife

The Chunibyo Wife may be living in a world of her own, but she’s not alone—she’s with you! She’s the queen and you’re the king. She’s a goddess and you’re a god. Every mind adventure is a thrill ride with you. Her favorite object, by the way, is the eye-patch.

9. Nurse Wife

The Nurse Wife has caring hands like no other. She will nurture and take care of you even at the cost of her own health. That’s how passionate she is! Your health and life are the topmost priorities in her list. She likes receiving hand creams, but only to rub on you.

10. Kemono Wife

The Kemono Wife is a beast through-and-through. She might be a beast, but she’s a real softie. Actually, she’s a very loveable beast. And the most beastly about her? It’s her love for shiny objects, specifically—coins! So just give her some sparkly coins and everything will be fine for both of you.

11. DJ Wife

The DJ Wife is a DJ that everyone idolizes. Her beats are rad and out of this world! She’s very talented and unique. Her heart beats for only one person though—you! One you can make her heart beats go frenzy. By the way, she likes records. If you give her some, who knows what new jams her heart will beat.

12. Furry Wife

The Furry Wife is the furriest of them all! There’s no helping but succumb to your desires to hug her tight. Don’t worry though, she loves tight hugs. Also, there’s a very beautiful woman beneath that adorable furry costume. She likes to keep her costume clean and tidy so give her a brush anytime you like.

13. Ninja Wife

The Ninja Wife is a true-blue ninja. As a matter of fact, it can be quite difficult to trace and spot her. But since she loves you with her whole heart, you’re the only person who actually has the privilege to see her. Well, maybe you’re a ninja as well. Maybe you could spare her a shuriken because she can’t live without one.

14. Wifezilla

The Wifezilla is a monstrous beast out for destruction. That is until the moment she met you. You are her soulmate. Together you could both rule the world or live in peace. The choice is yours. She’s not really scary when you’re together. Perhaps the tropical drinks you gave her worked? Tropical drinks really soften her heart!

15. VR Wife

The VR Wife may be just a chunk of data in human form but, she’s actually a virtual reality girl capable of real love. Her artificial intelligence is so well-made that she’s actually the real deal! All her feelings and emotions are real! Nothing matters to her—even the boundary between reality and her virtual world. She believes that love will transcend everything. Her favorite object, by the way, is the hard drive.

16. White Kimono Wife

The White Kimono Wife seems to be all-ready to marry you. Are you ready? Well, ready or not, the time has come. She’s donning her white kimono for this very special moment. It’s the time of both of your lives. Put that ring on her finger and be happy forever.

And here's the game's final secret illustration:

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