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2010 American Silver Eagle Bullion Coins : Where to Find the Best Deals

Updated on January 20, 2011

To get your hands on the brand new 2010 American Silver Eagle Bullion Coins you must purchase them from a reputable dealer. You can not buy them directly from the bank or the mint like you can buy other collectors coins.

If you are ordering many coins a good place to get them is APMEX. This is the American Precious Metals Exchange. The shipping on one coin is way too high, but if you buy a bunch of them you can get a very good price on your 2010 American Silver Eagle Bullion Coins.

If you are only buying two you may want to look at K's Precious Metals and Coins. If you buy 2 it is about $50 depending on spot price and with a $50 order you get free shipping. So that is by far the best deal for 2 2010 American Silver Eagle Bullion Coins.  If you want to buy a whole silver eagle roll of 20 coins check out my Silver Eagle Roll hub.

If you only want 1, I recommend getting 2 and giving one as a gift or splitting it with a friend. As a last option for only 1 I would just go to your local coin shop. They will likely give you a fair deal since you wont have to pay for shipping on the internet.

Ebay is probably not a good idea for buying 2010 American Silver Eagle Bullion Coins because the seller can easily get a ton of them, pick out the best ones for themselves and then sell off the not as desirable ones. This is fine if you are only buying for the Bullion content in the coin, but most of us coin collectors would like to have a nice coin with minimal nicks and no previous hands touching it. This is what you will get when you buy 2010 American Silver Eagle Coins from a reputable dealer.


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