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2011 American Silver Eagle Bullion Coins : Where to Find the Best Deals

Updated on August 31, 2012
2011 American Silver Eagle
2011 American Silver Eagle

In early 2011 the US mint started coining the 2011 American Silver Eagle Bullion coins. More and more of these silver coins are minted every year. These are some of the most popular collectible silver bullion coins in the world. American Eagle Silver coins have been minted every year since 1986 and the proof coins were minted every year as well except for 2009 when the mint ran out of silver coin blanks. New laws have changed the allocation to allow for the proof coins to be minted every year even if the demand for the uncirculated coins is still very high. The proof silver eagle coins carry a higher premium than the uncirculated versions but are highly polished and very good coins to show off.

Proof American Silver Eagles can be obtained straight from the mint from their website but uncirculated silver eagle coins are sold from the mint to pre-approved dealers which in turn sell to consumers. They sell for only a small premium above the current silver spot price and even smaller premium if you buy them in a 2011 Silver Eagle Roll of 20 coins. The best place to buy American silver eagles are from a reputable website like . This is the American Precious Metals Exchange and offers to the day pricing on silver and gold coins. Another great resource is your local coin dealer. You may pay a little more to get silver American eagles at a local coin shop but you will get to inspect the coins before you buy them and make your own judgment on its grade. Many people buy silver eagles on eBay which probably has the lowest of all premiums but you take a big chance in getting sub par coins as these coins are usually the ones discard buy dealers that have already cherry picked all the high grades.

Enjoy your coin collecting and the value of collecting silver which is only sure to increase in value over time.


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