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20th Anniversary of Nintendo Power Magazine

Updated on September 23, 2008

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Nintendo Power, the official gaming magazine for Nintendo of America. The history of this magazine originally started with a series of newsletters sent to subscribers by the Nintendo Fun Club. As of late July, 1988, Nintendo Power was born. The first issue featured a clay model of Super Mario on the cover, which was used to illustrate the recently released Super Mario Bros. 2. Since then, Nintendo Power has reviewed and offered tips on thousands of games from each generation of Nintendo game consoles, and continues to keep Nintendo fans up to date on the latest Nintendo video games and products. This past year, Nintendo Power has highlighted popular moments from previous issues to celebrate the momentous occasion, and to build up the excitement to the 2008 August issue (vol. 231, which was recently just released), which marks the 20th year of the magazine to the date.


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