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24k Gold American Buffalo Bullion Coins: Where to get the Best Deals

Updated on March 30, 2010
24k American Buffalo Gold Coin
24k American Buffalo Gold Coin

Gold American Buffalo coins are a great for bullion collectors and are very popular to collectors. In 2006 they were first offered by the US mint and only came as gold proof collector coins. 2007 was the second year for the 24k gold American buffalo and the sales were more limited than the 2006 gold buffalo and still only available as one ounce proof coins. In 2008 the gold American buffalo bullion coins were available in many more options. In addition to the proof coins, which carry the W mint mark for Westpoint, uncirculated versions were now available and different sizes also became available (1/10, 1/4, 1/2 and combination sets). In 2009 the US mint didn't start sales until October but still sold 200,000 before the end of the year.

If you are collecting graded gold buffalo bullion coins like PCSG, ANACS or NGC, the best deals will be had on eBay from a reputable seller. If you are not buying graded then eBay is not a good idea because you could be easily scammed. has some great deals on 24k gold American Buffalo coins and is a reputable company although not associated with the US mint. Another great place to get a deal on gold American buffalo bullion coins would be your local reputable coin dealer. You will be able to inspect the coin ahead of time and not have to worry about it getting lost in the mail or even paying shipping. Even if your locals dealer does not have them in stock, they could probably get you one of any year or size if you ask. When they are available at the mint you will be able to order them direct but they sell out quickly every year so you will have to buy them close to their release date.

Happy Collecting.


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    • profile image

      scheng1 7 years ago

      Good advice about Ebay. It is never a good choice especially for newbie