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25 Best Things About The Xbox One: by Craig Easom

Updated on March 1, 2017

Best Bits About The Xbox One

The Xbox One is Microsoft's latest gaming console, which was released late 2013 to start a new era for gaming, with improved capabilities, exciting new graphics, along with far more potential than that of the 360, which brings us Xbox's next-gen console.

The Xbox One is in close competition with the PS4, which has similar capabilities, allows gamers to play the same selection of games, with the exception of console exclusives from its rivals, and a stylish next-gen look and feel.

What it all boils down to is which consoles the best, the Xbox One or the PS4, which is a discussion, which has already been talked about in a previous hub I've written, so I won't go over the same things again. But for those interested in knowing which of the consoles is better in our opinion, based on facts, as well as the addition of our opinions, then check out which consoles the best, PS4 or Xbox One?

The Xbox One has a lot of cool additions which set it apart from its predecessor, the 360, which in all, seems a little weak in comparison to the Xbox One. All these things are discussed below in our top 25 best things about the Xbox One.


No.25 - The Perfect Colour

The Xbox One is black and silver, which is a blend anyone can feel appreciative having on their entertainment unit in their living rooms. Feeling proud of its existence, for all to see, ensuring others feel that bit jealous that they haven't got one.

No more white and green colours, which asking me, wasn't the worst set of colours for a console, but makes it hard to convince the family to have it in the living room, as it stands out, as bold as ever, in a not so attractive manner for everyone.

Whereas the Xbox One has a more slick, professional, budding pro-kit, which looks like something everyone's going to want in their living room, as it does look stylish and stunning in more ways than one, from head-to-toe.

No.24 - Looks Great

This is more important to some than it is to others, having a console which looks great, and why shouldn't it, as it may very well sit in your living room on the entertainment unit for all to see.

No worries! As the Xbox One looks a thing of beauty, which may be slightly more chunky than that of the PS4, but then again, all that means is that there is more beauty to look at.

The mix of colours is black and silver, which looks stylish beyond all means, shying away from white and green as its core colours on the console, but heck, it sure looks GREAT.

The cutting edge design matches perfectly with its cutting edge technology, so enjoy the Xbox one in all its glory, now and forever.

No.23 - Optimal Storage

The Xbox One has 8GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive, to give you more than enough memory for your games, demos, movies, music, apps and more.

Also as the Xbox One stores your profile and games in the cloud, every Xbox One console acts like your very own. Plus since its all the same service, your Xbox Live Gold membership will work on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

No.22 - Offers the Kinect

The Kinect senses motion, voice, and vision, which is ultra-cool, as this allows Xbox One users to master the console.

The Kinect's real motion technology tracks even the slightest of gestures, with the slightest move of a hand or leg causing movement on a game or app. Stand up or sit down, it really doesn't matter, as Xbox's Ones Kinect can sense your every movement either way.

The Kinect's real vision technology gives it better line of sight, enabling it to see you better, even in the dark. Allowing it to even see if you are standing off balance.

The Kinect's real voice technology is ready for any situation, so even in a crowded room, the Kinect knows exactly who to listen to. Quite literally anything on the Xbox One's system can be controlled by your voice, making your quick move from one thing to another, simple as can be.

Making the Kinect, quite an impressive addition for your Xbox One.

No.21 - Made to Last

The Xbox One has been built to last with a life time which should average between 4-5 years which could be longer, or it could be shorted, depending on the individuals usage of the console which will effect its lifespan.

Not to say that if you are an avid gamer that you should worry about the console breaking down after 2-3 years, as the console should certainly last at least 4 years, before there needs to be any worries over it running into any issues.

The Xbox 360 (latest version- 500GB, gloss-black), is a console I have had now, coming-up about 4.5 years, and I have had no issues with the console. Baring in mind this is Xbox's now obsolete console, as the Xbox One has been made with wear-n-tear in mind, as well as many other things, so fear not, those with an O.C.D. fear of losing your console to an untimely death.


No.20 - Simple Set-Up

The Xbox One is simple to set-up, so don't sweat it! Lets go through the process, with a straight-forward step-by-step guide:

1. Take the Xbox One out of the sealed box, then place it on your entertainment unit beside your TV.

2. Now, take the wire with the power plug, put the plug into a power source, and then put the other end of the wire into the designated area at the back of the Xbox One.

3. Next, take the final wire, which should have different coloured ends, which fit into the back of the TV, which are colour specific, which allows your Xbox to have picture, sound, and resolution. The other end of the wire should fit into the designated area at the back of the Xbox One.

4. In addition, if you have the Kinect, then simply plug the wire into the back of the Xbox One, and place the Kinect product on top of your TV, or somewhere on your entertainment unit where it can sit comfortably and do its job.

5. Finally turn on the console and you are ready to start playing games, watching films, and enjoying all that the Xbox One has to offer.

Xbox One for TV Viewing

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No.19 - Great for Streaming Films and TV Shows

Like watching films and TV shows? Well, we all do, and the Xbox One allows users to stream DVD's and Blu-ray discs, as well as renting and buying them from the Xbox store, which instantly allows you to stream the film or TV series on your TV, there and then.

Have a Netflix account or an Amazon Prime instant video streaming account? Then why not stream the service on your Xbox One, as you can use the apps which are right there on your Xbox One, waiting to be used.

Have a Blinkbox account or a Waki TV account? Then why not rent or buy films using the apps, which once again can be found on your Xbox One, allowing you to instantly relax, and enjoy your fine purchases.

Remember: you can use the Xbox One's voice command to control your films and TV series viewings by simply telling the Xbox what it is you want it to do.

No.18 - Competitive Price

The Xbox One without the Kinect, typically at this time costs approximately £300, and with the Kinect, at this time costs approximately £350. However to have Xbox Live (allows user to go online) for 12 months, it will cost approximately £30, on top of the price of the Xbox One console.

Compared to the PS4, which at this time costs approximately £350, which excludes the Playstation 4 camera, which is their alternative for Xbox's Kinect, which costs approximately £30. Although the Playstation does allow its users free online access for as many accounts as you'd like, making the PS4, more cost-effective in the long-term.

In theory then the Xbox One is cheaper either way you look at it, but then again personal preferences must be taken into account as to which console best fits what your looking for. The point to be made here is that the Xbox One is competitive in pricing with a realistic approach, giving customers ease in knowing they are not being over-charged for the product.

No.17 - Trusted Brand

A key thing to remember, is that the Xbox is a trusted brand, owned by Microsoft (software producing giant), and a market leader producing gaming consoles.

Xbox are known for their quick processor, and no need to worry about the downloading time on the console as all games will have downloads, as well as system downloads, but unlike other consoles the Xbox is speedy, taking a matter of seconds.The Xbox One is no exception, holding onto their original values, with an exceptionally quick downloading time, and an overall exceptional end-product.

No.16 - Exclusive Games

Xbox One have only a few exclusives for their console at this current time, but it is worth keeping in mind that the Xbox One has only just been around for about a year now, making it logical that the amount be so small.

Here is a list of the current announced Xbox One exclusives:

  • Titanfall
  • Project Spark
  • Fable Legends
  • Below
  • D4
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection
  • Sunset Overdrive
  • Fantasia: Music Evolved
  • Forza Horizon 2

These games alone get a gamers attention, not to mention all of the other games for the Xbox One, available to purchase right now.

No.15 - Created with the Gamer in Mind

The Xbox One offers a multiple set of services for its owner, including the ability to access certain aspects of the internet through Bing, access a variety of apps (including YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime instant video streaming etc.), watch TV and films etc.

The main purpose however for the Xbox One is to provide the perfect gaming experience for the core gamer, who simply wants the best that they can offer, to follow up as the next-gen console, to start a new era of video-gaming.

So, have Xbox created the Xbox One with the gamer in mind? They most certainly have.

Is the Xbox One Next-Gen Worthy?

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No.14 - Next-Gen Worthy

The Xbox One has certainly achieved perfection on all fronts, from its design, capabilities, games, and much much more.

Whether your a hardcore gamer, or just simply your average gamer, this is a console with all the trimmings, which is made by gamers, for gamers.

On the Xbox One's initial release everyone remained sceptical about the console, with a lot of questions over its supposed lack of understanding and emphasis on the actual gaming side of the console. With a supposed over-emphasised push on the TV viewing side for the console, which although true in the sense that the console was made for TV viewers, and movie buffs in mind, it was also made with gamers in mind as well.

It is worth clarifying that the Xbox One's games selection, and general experience playing the games on the console matches the PS4, for sure, which leaves little question over where Xbox were going when creating the Xbox One. Xbox undoubtedly achieved perfection, in bringing out the perfect next-gen console to follow on from the 360.

No.13 - Wide Selection of Games

Like the PS4, the Xbox One has a wide selection of games on offer, which, once played on the Xbox One, feel like your right there in the action. What an experience!

Whatever genre you're into, Xbox One have just what you need, allowing you to either download the game from the Xbox store, or by buying a hard-copy from a retailer, so that the Xbox One gaming experience, may begin.

No.12 - Record, Edit, and Upload Game Clips

You can now record the last 5 minutes of gameplay, and edit them however you like, uploading the gameplay clips through the YouTube app, which honestly couldn't be any simpler. Uploading takes a few minutes, but wait, as you can unleash all your gaming glory moments straight to the web for the whole world to see.

No.11 - Live Streaming Through Twitch

Now you can do live streaming of your gameplay through Twitch, which takes a moment to load, but once it does you can stream live sessions and chats with others through the side menu, whilst broadcasting yourself using Kinect's camera.

No.10 - Customise Menu Screen

Customising your menu screen is the personal touch which requires your full attention, as this defines who you are, making the Xbox One more unique to you. The menu can be changed how ever you like, within its limitations, which makes things more to your liking.

No.9 - Use Skype on the Xbox One

You can now use Skype on the Xbox One, as Microsoft also own Skype, as well as the Xbox, making this the perfect way to have a face-to-face chat with friends, whilst playing games or watching movies. Catching up with friends hasn't ever before been so easy, and so fun at the same time, as you take full advantage of what the Xbox One has to offer.

No.8 - Activate Snap to do Two Things at Once

By simply activating snap on the Xbox One, you can do two things at once. So if your in a game, you can also click snap, and access Skype to connect with a friend to talk whilst still playing the game.

This same logic can be used in doing other things on the Xbox One, like watching a movie, and also checking what your friends are doing, so get ready to do two things at once, as multitasking can now be done on Xbox's next-gen console.

No.7 - Stat Changes Depending on Whose Holding the Controller

Using the Kinect, the Xbox One can recognise whose using a controller at any one time, which means if you are using a controller to play a game, but then pass the controller to someone else, it will immediately change the stats, so that the original gamers stats aren't affected by the other person playing.

The power of technology should not be underestimated, especially on the Xbox One.

No.6 - No More Switching Inputs

By connecting your cable or satellite to the Xbox One using HDMI pass-thru, you can watch TV through your Xbox, which enables zero switching between inputs.

It doesn't take long switching between inputs on your remote control, but then again, after being able to use voice control to do the tasks of a remote controller, isn't is simpler just to use voice control to use the TV as well? One would think so!

No.5 - Realistic Gameplay

The Xbox One's gameplay is tireless in its realism, in giving gamers the most realistic experience on all of their games to make this next-gen console, one to have.

Xbox have said, "the Xbox One games look and feel incredibly real, with cinematic gameplay that rivals Hollywood".

An accurate description if there ever was one, which in a glamorised nut shell explains the gameplay provided on the Xbox One. What more do you need to know?... honestly!

No.4 - Advanced Reputation System

Keep those annoying players away with the Xbox One's new advanced reputation system, which works to keep abusive, irritating, and plain disrespectful players out of your online matches. Similar to the way it worked on the Xbox 360, you are able to rank other players on the following selection, worst to best:

  • Avoid me
  • Needs work
  • Good player
  • Superstar

All in an effort to keep the better, respectable players in your matches, and the less respectable away from you completely online, to give you the best possible experience, which you deserve.

No.3 - Games Learn from You

You and your friends can now play a challenging game on the Xbox One even when you're playing offline, as the Xbox One now develops games to your skills as a gamer, making AI's to your level, to make offline gaming more fun and realistic.

This essentially allows AI's to learn from your playing skills, becoming similar in skill, to work alongside you more efficiently, and to make the game far more fun than it would have ever been before.

No.2 - Simple Switch

The Xbox One has every aspect covered, even making life simple when it comes to the little things, like finding yourself in the middle of a shoot-out on Call of Duty, but remembering there's a TV show you want to watch at that very second. No need to worry, as you can exit the game without saving manually, watch the TV show, and then return to the game, and it will carry on right where you left off.

No more fear of losing hard-work in games, having to start from square one, as now the Xbox One will instantly pause your game, allowing you to do other things on the console, like watching TV.

Xbox One console and the Kinect
Xbox One console and the Kinect | Source

No.1 - Voice Activation

The Xbox One is voice activated, automatically signing you in when entering the room, with unmatched motion, voice, and vision technology. A fun and simple way to sign in to your account, only allowing you on your account through voice recognition. A nice way to ensure family members are not using your account without your say-so.

Ingenious, wouldn't you say? You'd be crazy not to think so.

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A next-gen console is always something of a phenomenon, as they take the next step in producing a new era of video-gaming, which will exceed that of its prior achievements.

The Xbox One is one of these phenomenons as it has strived for greatness, and achieved this in every way, leaving no flaws in its designs, or at least none that I can think of.

Any gamer would be shocked and stunned by just how great the Xbox One is, not only because of the improvements in the gaming experiences, but by everything which they have done to exceed everyone's expectations, which was surely their end-goal.

Any Xbox fans out there want to leave a comment, then please do, as all feedback is appreciated. If anyone is on the edge, unsure of whether or not to buy the Xbox One, then drop a comment in the comments box below, and await a reply, which we will do ASAP, to help you, offering our sincere advice.

Thank-you for reading

"I do the research, so that you don't have to"

Your friendly movie, games writer: Craig Easom


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