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2FriendsTreasures's ebay Collectible Showcase

Updated on April 18, 2015

Greetings ~ We're 2FriendsTreasures!

Welcome to our ebay world! Each day is a new adventure for us. We love every aspect of selling on ebay - from photographing the collectible to creating the auction listing to shipping out the treasure to its new home. As ebay sellers, we have met many wonderful people who have shared their stories on happy and delighted they are with their newly found collectible.

This lens will share with you our love for collecting,what we collect plus what collectibles we have on ebay, either auction or Buy It Now, along with fellow ebay sellers. We will also be sharing with you family photos and stories plus books you can purchase along with ebay logo wear so you can also have ebay fun. Please don't be shy - share with us what you collect. Be sure to check out the ebay song - it's a hoot!

Check Out What 2FriendsTreasures Has Up for Bid - To ensure that you win, always place your best bid.

We have a wide variety of items up for bid at anytime -vintage postcards, Barbie dolls & accessories, Longaberger Baskets, Nascar items, vintage figurines, whimsical planters, LPs, trading cards, coins & more. To view additional items listed by us or other fellow ebayers, just click through on any item and you will be connecetd to ebay. Visit us often - we are always surprised what the items our friends, family and neighbors find in their closests, attics and garages.

We are friends, family & neighbors

We met almost two decades ago; we started out as co-workers, we became good friends at work, then good friends all the time. Our families became friends and then we became closer than family. We became neighbors and now we are also business partners.

"You two are going to do what???"

Our husbands shuttered whenever we get an idea and us selling on ebay was no different. They were shaking their heads and just going along (as usual) with our idea and both thought within six months it would be over. We started 2FriendsTreasures in Summer 2006 and we have more enthusiasm and excitement for our little business than we did at the beginning.

We are still adding to our collections!

According to our husbands, we collect everything and anything. Between the both of us, we mainly collect I Love Lucy dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, all things Wizard of Oz & Mickey Mouse, Golden Books, Frank Sinatra Cal Neva items and PEZ dispensers. In addition to selling on ebay, we also purchase vintage collectible on ebay. We love the thrill of bidding AND winning the item and ever so happy when it arrives at our doorstep.

Both of our families collect PEZ!

Just a teeny portion of our collection - Lucy & Sinatra are in there too!

Collecting PEZ is fun and a very affordable hobby that all our family members (even the neighbor's kids now collect PEZ) share. All of us display our collections proudly and always on the look out for PEZ when we go shopping - whether it is in stores, yard sales or auctions. Originally, we collected all things PEZ and recently decided to just collect the dispensers in all sizes. We just love the new Elvis PEZ, Disney Fairies and Johnny Depp. Our new quest is to obtain the Wizard of Oz PEZ!

You too can become a PEZHEAD - Something the whole family can collect

We are not ready yet to share our PEZ treasures and are always on the look out to add more. Below is just a small sampling of the PEZ offered on ebay.

Our curio cabinet is overflowing with Wizard of Oz

Our Mothers introduced us to the Wizard of Oz - we always enjoyed the books written by L. Frank Baum and we read them over and over and over. When the movie was aired on TV in the early 1960s, we fell in love with Dorothy & Toto again. We sat in front the TV the whole time and shushing anyone who dare speak during the program. When we finally saw the movie in full glorious color - we were taken aback by the vivid colors and details - brightly colored yellow brick road, the ugly green face of the wicked witch, the dazzling pick gown worn by Glinda and those beautiful ruby red slippers (our love affair with shoes began). We still watch it when ever it comes on TV. My husband gave me the Deluxe DVD set one Christmas and I was thrilled, tons of behind the scenes information and now I can watch it when ever I want to! It is fun to watch it with my own children and see the excitement in there eyes, they love it as much as I do, they asked "Who is your favorite character? What is your favorite part of the movie? " It is a classic that will be loved for years to come.

Ebay is our main source of obtaining Wizard of Oz collectibles and we collect all things vintage OZ - books, dolls, programs, puppets, poster, etc. We are not ready to share our OZ treaures and still adding to our collection. Below are ebay auction OZ items so you can start or add to your collection.

My Collection of Wizard of Oz!

Wizard of Oz dolls - you can never have too many! Pictured is just one of my OZ shelves. I am always on the look out for the vintage Oz items - dolls, lunchboxes, records, puppets, movie posters, books, paper dolls, sheet music. Recently, I was surprised to see a vintage peanut butter jar with OZ on it! New Oz items are always welcomed to my collection too!

Wizard of OZ on DVD - Always add diversity to your collections

Received my first Lucy Doll about 10 years ago.... - You can never have too many Lucy dolls!

As soon as I received Mattel's I Love Lucy Vitameatavegamin Doll as a birthday present in 1998 - I caught I Love Lucy doll fever. I immediately jumped on ebay and found vintage Lucy Dolls. My first Lucy doll auction I won on was the Effanbee's Here's Lucy - it took me well over a year to finally win. Recently, I was very happy and won the Hamilton Ethel & Fred dolls after many years of always being outbid. I am still searching ebay for Lucy dolls as I have gaps in the I Love Lucy series from Madame Alexander and the Franklin Mint. Sadly, 2011 is the last year for Mattel's Lucy dolls. Below are some Lucy Dolls that are available on ebay. Catch the Lucy Doll fever and bid now.

My Love of Madame Alexander Dolls 8 Inch Dolls Only Please!

Looking for and adding to my 8 Inch Doll Collection

When I was very little my Mom gave me my first 8 inch Madame Alexander Doll. It was Marme from The Little Woman Set. One of her favorite Movies and Books. I carried her around everywhere and even slept with her. I didn't know about the whole collecting thing at that time, needing to keep them in MINT condition. Oh well, she was very loved. Every birthday and Christmas after that I received another one. I finally received the whole set of Little Woman and even have Laurie. After that I started collecting the Peter Pan Series. One of my favorite Disney Movies. I just recently finally found and won on ebay "Tiger Lily" I didn't know she would be so hard to find. That series is now complete too. When I got married my husband took over the role of buying me my Madame Alexander Dolls. My most recent series that I completed was Gone With the Wind. I had received Scarlett many years ago. So before I bought any other series I needed to finish up the ones that I had. So I went searching on ebay and found Rhett and Ashley and all the rest. What a cute group those are. I have mainly collected all the Story Book sets. I know some people really love the Countries with their beautiful gowns. I needed to keep myself in control and there are plenty of Story Book Dolls to keep me busy collecting for years to come. I have them all in my curio cabinet and will go in and rearrange from time to time so that I can see them all. There are so many more that I want to get. I have Robin Hood and his friends, a friend gave me the Bride and Groom as a wedding present ~ They even look like my husband and I, I have most of The Wizard of Oz (Another one of my collections) I know there are several characters there that I need to find. The fun of collecting is the hunt and the find, then you bid and cross your fingers that you will win! Sometimes it takes awhile to finally get it but when you do and you receive it in the mail ` boy that is one Happy Day! You open the package and see that pretty blue box and inside in the precious 8 inch doll wrapped in pink tissue paper.

I must say I do still have the big Baby Dolls from Madame Alexander that I received as a child. My very favorite that I carried around everywhere and even rocked to sleep every night was "Puddin" She even looks and feels like a real baby. I still say taking care of her made me a good mother when I was lucky enough to have a real baby of my own. I also still have "Pussy Cat" They are in pretty good condition, the hair is a little matted down from being a constant play companion but they were loved and are still a very special part of my childhood.

2FriendsTreasures Auctions

As you are browsing through our treasures, you will notice that we do our best to describe and show each item completely and accurately as possible, even the flaws.

In packing up and shipping out your treasure, we use, in most instances, brand new boxes, padded or bubble wrap envelopes. The filler we use is styrofoam peanuts, yesterday's newspapers, shreds and/or bubble wrap.

Adordable Figurines - Fun to collect; excellent to display

We love figurines - They come in all shapes, sizes and themes! Group in your display case or place them around your home to give everyone a smile. Below are a some of the figurines we have for see all our figurines, just click through and visit our ebay store.

Need more information about an item?

We are just a click away.

Between the both of us, 2FriendsTreasures is generally covered approx 20 hours per day. If you have any questions or need additional information about any auction item we have up for bid, feel free to email us - we will reply within 24 hours.

We offer Professional Consignment Services - We can help you sell your collectibles on ebay!

2FriendsTreasures loves selling on ebay and if you live in SE Sussex County, Delaware, we will be happy to help you put extra cash in your pocket by allowing us to place your collectibles or other items of value on ebay. For more information on how we can help you, contact us via our eBay store.

We have a wide variety of collectibles

Feel free to browse our complete list of auctions below. If by the rare chance, nothing tickles your fancy, just click through and continue your search through ebay. Happy bidding!

Great Ebay Song by Weird Al ~ A must Hear - Parody of The Backstreet Boys hit

A must listen to song! ebay song was a radio hit only and an official video was never created. Luckily for us, ebay lovers are very talented and created a video to accompany the song. Below is one of the many that exist on You Tube. Sit back and enjoy!

What are you currently collecting right now?

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Right now I seem to be collecting hugs from my granddaughter and loving it! I've had some collections over the years and needed to sell them during tough times when my kids were young. I love your friendship relationship, friends are the best thing to collect.

    • Lee Hansen profile image

      Lee Hansen 

      7 years ago from Vermont

      I collect lots of old "rusty junk" as my ex called it. Old tools, old kitchen implements, buckets, trunks, toys and architectural oddities. I'm trying to get rid of a big collection of 1990s software and related books on web design, programming and graphics ... maybe I'll need to donate them to the computer museum :-)


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