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3 Free to Play FPS Games

Updated on May 7, 2012

Red Eclipse

Red Eclipse is a multi-platform game that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. It is a Quake shooter, with comparable movement and gameplay, but offers many different game modes and ‘mutators’ that change the rules of play that make the game much more interesting. The game modes and physics can be altered by players to set up completely unique ways to play, meaning that there are endless combinations of lobbies that you can find yourself in. With a collection of nine weapons, including a sword and flamethrower as well as the more traditional pistol, SMG, and rifle, there are tons of ways to frag players online.

There are many different game modes to play, ranging from TDM to King of the Hill, with a few interesting variations thrown in. For example, users can choose to play in an Onslaught lobby, where increasing waves of neutral zombies will try to take down both teams or in an expert game where only headshots count as hits. I found Red Eclipse to be much more fun than other Quake style games that I’ve played in the past, and would strongly encourage users to download this game and give it a try.

Red Eclipse Gameplay

Urban Terror

I played this game extensively on my Mac, and loved it a lot due to the highly competitive nature of most of the players and the slightly challenging rules. Health cannot be regenerated, so once you’ve been shot the damage is permanent until you die. I found the game to play similar to Counter Strike, though the respawn function is a clear difference that lessens the learning curve a bit. Players choose a loadout that they can customize before jumping into the action, and can utilize a wide range of weaponry to fight their opponents. There is no single player mode in this game, and the learning curve can be quite steep to new players, but the game is highly enjoyable and great for more competitive gamers out there.

Urban Terror is completely free to play, and no advertising or paid weapons are found in the game. The game will run on both Windows, Mac, and Linux based computers, and platforms are able to play against each other in online games.

Urban Terror Gameplay

Alien Arena 2011

This game probably has the best graphics that I have seen in a free to play game, and is based off of the older Quake II code. Alien Arena focuses primarily on multiplayer elements, though there is an offline practice mode with bots that can help new players get a feel for the controls. Alien Arena runs well on both Windows and Linux, but is unsupported for Mac OS X. It is possible that a user made fix for this has been implemented or can be found online, but it would take some searching as the following for this game seems rather small.

The game is free to play, though advertisements will be shown in the game client from time to time to help pay for development and server costs. This really isn’t too much of an issue, as they aren’t obnoxious or in your face, but it is something to note nonetheless.

Alien Arena 2011 Trailer


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