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3 Games That Must Become Movies

Updated on February 14, 2013

More often than not, video games that become movies, or vice versa, are of poor quality. It would seem to most of us gamers that when a brand name of a famous movie or game transcends its medium, the primary motive is almost always profit. We have all seen this, a movie like Avatar will come out, and either shortly before or after, the game will come out, and almost always be disingenuous and of low quality. Due to this phenomenon, many gamers are rightfully skeptical of video games that become movies. After all, many of us feel a deep connection to the characters and themes in our favorite games, and seeing our conception of them thrown together in a vague misinterpretation in order to appeal to the masses is somewhat disheartening. There are many games that do not deserve a movie, I would think most don’t. There are, however, a handful of games that have manifested incomparable breadth and depth in their story. I believe some games to be monumentally more profound, intellectualized, and detailed than most movies, a game or two may come to your mind. Therefore, I believe the following 3 games, if done passionately and sincerely, would become some of the greatest movies of our decade.

Mass Effect:

I look at Mass Effect as a modern day Star Wars. In effect, Mass Effect introduced a whole new generation to the ambiguity and awesome potential of what the universe could be. Humans naturally marvel at the mystery of the universe. Mass Effect, as with Star Wars, created a fictional blueprint of a colonized universe that draws many parallels to our earthly lives. The story of Mass Effect, is expertly written, and deeply intriguing. The basic premise is as such: The Protheans (Ancient alien race) invented the Mass Relays (devices for incredibly fast space travel) and then seemed to have gone extinct. Ages later, their long lost invention is discovered and allows many species to find one another, which in turn leads to intergalactic diplomatic relations among many races on the Citadel. (the U.N. of space) Now, all races face extinction due to the fact that the Reapers (giant mechanical-alien beings) are purging all organic life from the universe, as they do every millennia or so. ( I tried to leave out some spoilers and twists) The races of the universe are deeply connected, and all have a rich history that comes together to solidify the integrity of the story. Their personalities and values differ as much as their biology. From the advanced Asari to the brutal and unforgiving Krogan, from the noble and tenacious Drell, to the sleazy Volus. And humanity has his place, often defined as a vain and arrogant creature who is quite new to such an old place. As it turns out, there will be a Mass Effect movie developed by Warner Brothers, the film is still in its early stages and won‘t be out for a while, but I am eager to see who will play Shepard.


Just as Mass Effect fictionalized our concept of the universe and created a universe all of it’s own, Diablo did as such with our religious concepts. The short version is as follows: Since existence began, Heaven and Hell have been in and eternal war that will never end. Seeing the impracticality of this, the angel Inarius searched for others that shared his doubts about the war. He found others, both in Heaven, and in Hell. Inarius and his followers created Sanctuary, (Earth) and lived peacefully, and mated. The offspring (Nephalem OR Humans) of the denizens of Sanctuary were becoming just as powerful as their parents, which scared Inarius. He wished to destroy humanity, while others, wished to keep them as a potential weapon. Inarius cast out all who did not agree and allowed for their offspring to slowly lose and eventually forget they even have powers. As ages go by, The Prime Evils (Diablo, Mephisto, Baal) find Sanctuary and attempt to manifest humanity into a hellish army to overthrow heaven in their endless war. The potential for CGI to re-create figures such as Andariel, Azmodan, and Tyrael would be integral to forming the dark atmosphere and grim story that defines Diablo. The amount of imagery that a director could draw from is beyond enormous. The massive story imbued in the various cities, characters, and creatures has of the potential to create a Horror/Action masterpiece.


The world of Rapture is perhaps the most immersive in all of gaming history. The graphics were unparalleled at the time, but, I believe the story is what made Bioshock into the hit it has become. In essence, it goes like this. Andrew Ryan, a very wealth man, has become disgusted with the censorship that was plaguing artists and pioneers in many social fields. Under the firm belief that most people are “parasites” and don’t produce, but rather feed off of others hard work, Andrew Ryan created Rapture in 1946, deep in the Atlantic Ocean. Rapture was intended to become an under-water utopia with all the greatest minds to work free from persecution and censorship via government and religion. After time, a scientist named Brigid Tenenbaum discovers certain sea slugs have biological matter we can extract and experiment with. However, the under-water civilization became rampant with genetic experiments that altered the DNA and physical appearance of all those of engaged. The slugs genetic material (ADAM) was found to reproduce and expand when in a host body, however, the only host that could withstand the genetic alteration seemed to be young girls. At this point, the society is beginning to crumble. Workers are forgotten in the praise of scientists such as Tenebum, and cast into Paupers Drop (Ghetto) The people are becoming mutated, acquiring strange powers, and becoming addicted to ADAM to fuel their new genes. The only source of ADAM is inside the bodies of little girls, which leads to their slaughter and the pillaging of what’s inside them. In an attempt to prevent the loss of ADAM, the Big daddy was created from under-water engineering suits. In essence, a big daddy is a man genetically and biologically imbedded in a suit, with all types of tools and weapons for protecting the Little Sisters. This is the state we find Rapture in when we first arrive via plane crash. There is a civil war confined underwater, most involved have been freakishly mutated and actively kill each other for ADAM. The walls are leaking, windows cracking, and the various political elites of Rapture hide of his themselves away. As the movie goes on, the viewers see the protagonist as an ignorant victim in all of this, only to have Frank Fontaine kindly explain his actual situation. Bioshock: the movie was in the first stages of production, but creative differences and financial issues have placed it on hold.


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    • dailytop10 profile image

      dailytop10 4 years ago from Davao City

      The fourth spot, if there's any, should be for DOTA 2. I would love to watchthe Diablo movie as well. I just hope they add new flicks so it won't end up as poor LOTR knock-off.