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3 Games on Steam You Should Play (That are under $10)

Updated on July 26, 2012

If you don't know what Steam is, it's a software program developed by Valve. It is used to distribute games via computer for small, unknown companies as well as the larger corporations. The games are not strictly computer games though. Some were released for platforms like PlayStation and Xbox but are available on Steam so they may be played on your computer. Steam, the software, is completely free and some games are free, but most games you have to pay for. They also tend to be cheaper than what you would find in a store (but not always). For example, Borderlands is still a $20 game, but you can get it on Steam right now for $5. So Steam not only has a ton of games, but cheap games. Steam also has other features like automatic updates, chat, and more. It's a great investment in my opinion.

For this, I decided to stick to games that are only available computer even outside of Steam.

#1 - The Binding of Isaac - Amazon: $23 - Steam: $4.99

The Binding of Isaac is an Action-adventure game following the story of a young boy, Isaac. He is a normal little boy who enjoys drawing and mostly keeps to himself. His mother is a very religious woman and one day she receives a message from God. She is told to sacrifice her son, Isaac, in order to prove her faith. In his effort to escape, Isaac finds a trapdoor in his room, leading into the basement where he encounters monsters. (The game is clearly a spin off of the Bible story about Abraham and his son Isaac). The game is 2D and the user plays as Isaac. He has to fight through several rooms where he must defeat all of the enemies in order to unlock the next area. Like most games, after so many rooms there is a boss battle that will take you to the next level. Isaac uses his tears as a ranged weapon and they never run out, he collects money to buy equipment, and also can find new weapons and power-ups. The game has no save feature though, so if you die, you start from the very beginning. This can be very frustrating, but the game is well worth it.

#2 - Terraria - Amazon: $24 - Steam: $9.99

Terraria is a side-scroller action-adventure game. It can be either single or multi-player and is similar to Minecraft. The game is all about constructing and creating your world. The game also contains combat and specific goals the character must complete. The character is also rewarded for defeating a boss or completing a task by receiving NPC's (non-playable characters) who occupy rooms of their construction and who then can provide assistance. The players harvests or mines resources which are then used to create new things like weapons. This is a lot like Minecraft, but unlike Minecraft, the use cannot just create the item. They must go to crafting stations and some items can only be created at certain stations. Also unlike Minecraft, the player can create the item they desire simply by standing in front of a crafting station and clicking the recipe they desire. The game has day and night, and sometimes events like enemy invasions or meteor showers.

#3 - Civilization III - Amazon: $19.99 - Steam: $4.99

Civilization III is a turn-based strategy game and is the third installment of the Civilization Series. It is a game about building up an empire, a civilization, and ruling it. The game starts in about 4,000 BC and continues to slightly more advanced than our modern world. The complete the game's objective, the player has to build and improve cities. They build up and train armies, preform research, advance in technology, build World Wonders and keep the people of their civilization happy. The user must also establish war or peace with neighboring empires.The player may start trade with neighboring empires or conquer them. They must keep their people provided for, otherwise cities may revolt and can be destroyed by angry citizens. Citizens can be in four different classes: laborers, entertainers, tax collectors, and scientists. The player must also expand and develop terrain. Different terrains have different resources and must be connected to the inner-city in order for the resources to be put to use.


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