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3 Ways You Can Make Money on Diablo 3

Updated on April 14, 2013


You Have to Spend Value to Earn Value

The real money auction house (RMAH) is probably the first true market of its kind. It takes a game that is revolved around hunting and gathering loot and allows you to profit off of it legally. Blizzard has found a way to get around the illegal trade and gives the opportunity to anyone playing the game, not just the crazy enthusiasts. What I really enjoy about the RMAH is the virtual money version that allows you to gain capitol without spending real money. Overall this hub will be a tutorial on how to make your first bit of money virtually on Diablo 3. Don't expect instant results overnight. You really have to learn the market and know how to play it. Look at it as if it were the stock market. Not any noob can hob on the market and make a fortune off of it the first day. So here is how you start.


Buying and Flipping

1. Flipping Items for Profit

The easiest way to make money on RMAH is to buy items for gold and flip them for profit. The only catch here is that you need a substantial amount of gold in order to start this method. People aren't willing to buy items that they will just out level in the next few days. You really have to sell the best items on the game. Those items if bought at the right price can be a few million gold. This might sound like a lot, but if you build your character right and buff them to get more gold from monsters, you can earn millions from a single Seigebreaker run. Items like the Immortals set items, Skorn, etc. have notably sold for good prices and have sold often.

2. Sell Gold

This is probably the hardest method of making money on RMAH. The reason being is that virtual inflation has lowered the value of gold to something like 25-30 cents per million gold. That is incredibly low. However, if you are farming enough gold where you are raking in something like 10-50 million gold an hour, do the math. You can make anywhere from 5-15 dollars an hour just from that. It might not seem like a lot, but it is a good way to turn a hobby into quick cash. All money that you can't sell you can use method number 1 to flip items instead. I think the best way to make money on RMAH is to combine efforts from methods 1 and 2, with minor contributions from method 3, which we will discuss in a moment. lets say you make 15 dollars from gold in 1 hour, then you sell a Legacy Skorn item for 10 dollars in that same hour. You just made 25 dollars. That is not to shabby.

3. Get Lucky

This is kind of a given, but definitely worthy of being noted. Get lucky. If you are farming Seigebreaker on Inferno to earn tons of gold to flip items and you just so happen to get a Immortals Legacy chest armor drop, not only are you going to make 15 from gold, 10 from that Skorn item you flipped, but possibly more from that Immortals item you found. That can take your hourly earnings anywhere from 35-50 dollars an hour. Now the numbers are all starting to make sense. I wouldn't mind making 50 dollars an hour playing Diablo 3 for a few hours every night. Once you get the billion gold mark, you don't even have to even play the game for a while, you can just play the market and make profit passively.


This whole idea about making money on RMAH spawned from my original love of the game. It made it feel almost lucrative to play the game I enjoyed playing. I don't encourage everyone to do this, because it will ruin the whole thing. If you are a gamer that really enjoys this game, then it is great to know that you can actually make money while doing it. It is exciting for people like us, don't ruin it for us all!

Tell Me How to Improve!

Have another technique that has worked that I haven't listed? Please share in the comments! we all want to know how to become better players and earners. It will improve the quality of this guide as well as improve the quality of the game!

Giving Me Feedback

Which Method of Making Money Earned You the Most?

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