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Modern Barbie Doll House with Elevator

Updated on December 14, 2017
viryabo profile image

Despite many decades after getting my first doll, one of those lifesize ones, I still love dolls & can’t resist eyeing dolls in a toy dept.

She loves her Barbie doll; what little girl doesn’t?

Barbie dolls houses are one of the most popular dolls homes ever and with Barbie on every little girl's mind, it's no wonder they all dream of having one ‘home’ of their very own.

From the traditional Barbie dolls house we all know emerged this new home design for the world’s favourite doll, a dream three storey house with a working elevator. No wonder that ‘playing this new house’ is much more fun.

What with its pretty ‘girly’ ambiance and its convincing intricate details; those familiar sizzling sounds of the stove top grill, the bath bubbles, and the classic pink interior, once you ‘walk in through the door’, there begins a whole world of make-believe possibilities that may stretch for hours on end.

Features of 3 Storey Barbie Dolls Houses with Elevators

With lavishly furnished spaces, intricate details, and awesome interior décor, these magnificent houses stand at over 90cm (3ft) high.

Other endearing features of this Barbie dollhouse include:

Images showing the three storey barbie house and the elevator door.
Images showing the three storey barbie house and the elevator door.

Why Girls Love to Be With Barbie in Her Home

Girls between the ages of three and ten can now immerse themselves even more into Barbie’s wonderful lifestyle woven around a dream home that spans three floors.

She can create her own fantasy stories in this dream dollhouse and live the luxurious lifestyle her Barbie doll lives. She will enjoy her role playing position and create quests and other exciting activities when she teams up with Barbie and her friends in her fancy 3-storey house with its working elevator.

Dreaming up a story is easy for every girl once she enters her Barbie dolls house. As she presses the doorbell and walks in through the entrance door, she is welcomed by its gleaming and radiant interior lit up by a sparkling chandelier.

There are the beautiful living room and an enviable dining area with an adjoining kitchen that's fully stocked with what's to be found in her mom's real-life kitchen.

This means Barbie can invite her friends over for dinner and cook a great meal in her fully stocked kitchen. And after dinner, they can all lounge around the living room sipping tea, watch movies on a flat-screen TV that comes installed in all Barbie dolls houses, or simply curl up on the lovely chairs by the warm and inviting fireplace.

And if she decides to take her friends on a ‘tour’ of the house, they will absolutely love that it has a working elevator to take them up to the other floors above.

Barbie's stylishly lavish interior decor.
Barbie's stylishly lavish interior decor.
  1. Pink elevators with real lights and true elevator sounds
  2. The crackling sounds of flames from a real fireplace
  3. Opulent living and dining rooms
  4. Refrigerators that lights up when opened
  5. Luxurious bathrooms with humming showers and flushing toilet sounds
  6. Five fully furnished bedrooms
  7. Bedrooms fitted with chandeliers
  8. Balconies with tiki lights
  9. Fireplaces
  10. Realistic interior lights
  11. Outdoor spa areas with light-up lamps
  12. Whirlpool tubs for those make-believe lavish pool parties
  13. Barbie’s 3rd-floor posh bedroom suite with a canopy bed
  14. Real everyday sounds – Barbie humming a song while taking a shower, kitchen timer, fireplace, doorbell, flushing toilets, etc...
  15. Garages with real parked cars and garage doors
  16. Fish tanks (aquariums) with fish bubbling sounds

(Some items are sold separately, e.g. dolls, pets, cars, and smartphones)

Barbies beautiful bedroom with her canopy bed.
Barbies beautiful bedroom with her canopy bed.
Barbie in her kitchen while her friend sits at the dining table waiting for a snack.
Barbie in her kitchen while her friend sits at the dining table waiting for a snack.

Barbie Dolls' World of Interactive Explorations

The Barbie dolls house provides the perfect setting for interactive explorations and role-playing adventures. Many adults whose children are users have attested to the fact that these are the best Barbie houses ever made.

I bet moms who owned Barbie dolls houses as kids will wish this one was available in their time and because they were and probably still are Barbie’s fans, they’ll love their girls to have and experience this modern innovation.

So, if your daughter is a huge Barbie buff just as you were, you should consider buying her this dollhouse with an elevator.

She will so much love it.

© 2009 viryabo

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    • profile image

      Icey 2 years ago

      This is so beautiful doll house so amazing

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 5 years ago

      Thanks Samar

    • profile image

      samar 5 years ago


    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 5 years ago

      Thanks Hanwillingham

    • hanwillingham profile image

      hanwillingham 6 years ago

      Very nice Idea.

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 8 years ago

      Your creativity must have been evident from a young age F4L. I too remember when i was young, to create a house for an imaginary family, we'd drape huge sheets over chairs (used as posts) and crawl in and out with our dolls and other playthings, playing pretend doll house.

      Nowadays being able to have a barbie doll house makes playing house more real and enchanting at the same time.

      Thanks for your visit and comments F4L,


    • Fashion4Live profile image

      Fashion4Live 8 years ago

      When I was little, my sister and I owned about 30 different barbies. We never got around to buying any barbie houses, though I wanted one desperatly ( im quite sure i spelt that wrong...) So my sister and I made an alternative one. We had all the furniture so we just made our HUGE house on the floor, we were happy with it! But yes, I agree, I think that barbie houses are every little girls' dream, they are filled with pink and they always make your barbie doll look rich! lol

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 8 years ago

      They are, arent they? Thanks for your comment and visit Anath.


    • Anath profile image

      Anath 8 years ago

      They are beautiful, I always wanted one of those when I was a little girl!