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30 Fun Activities to do Indoors

Updated on October 23, 2020
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I've been an online writer for over six years. I specialize in lifestyle topics.

Indoor Activities to Relax or to Have Fun

Here are 30 fun activity ideas to do indoors. Whether it's a rainy day or you just want to spend some time indoors, try some of these activities alone or with some friends!

1. Create a Button Collage

Button collages could be made in the design of a planet, flower, animal, video game or book character, etc. using beads and buttons. Check out this example of button art in the form of a tree.

2. Make a Constellation Jar Lamp

Constellation jar lamps are a neat DIY room decoration. They would even make great night lights. It only requires a few materials such as an empty pickle jar, an aluminum cake pan, and a small LED click light.

3. Construct a Terrarium

Terrariums are relaxing to create and to look at. They could involve real plants (check out this tutorial from Kids Gardening) or they could involve fake components.

4. DIY Snow Globe

You can personalize a snow globe however you want. You could even print a picture and laminate it to include in the snow globe. Think pictures of friends, family, pets, TV characters, etc. If you use a laminated picture, try using small stones to keep the photo in place. There are many simple instructions on how to make a snow globe, such as this tutorial from PBS Kids.

5. Customize Your Own Magnets

Magnets would make a great gift or way to decorate anything metal that you have in a room. Try purchasing a magnet kit at a craft store. You could choose pictures of family and friends or just print some cool backgrounds to include. Simply find a picture you want to use, use a pencil to trace a circle shape on the picture, cut it out, then glue it with mod podge to the back of a glass dome. Let it dry, glue on the magnet, and you have a personalized magnet ready to go!

6. Create a Collage

Cut out magazine pictures or print pictures that you like and create a collage to hang on a wall in your house. Try using mod podge with card stock as a background. You could put your creation in a frame when you are finished.

7. Make Slime

There are many slime tutorials all over the internet and so many to try. If I'm being honest, though, galaxy slime is probably my favorite.

8. Acrylic Paint Pouring Art

There are many acrylic paint pouring tutorials on YouTube. It involves gathering acrylic paint into small cups and pouring them out all at once on a blank canvas. Below is a tutorial on how to make your own masterpiece!

9. Create Origami

Origami creations would look great on any home surface, such as a bookshelf or a dresser. You could make anything from a dragon to a star. Here are a few fun origami creations to try.

10. Make a Kaleidoscope

You could make your own kaleidoscope using several simple items. You most likely have most of the materials at home already.

11. Try Art Journaling

Art journaling is a way to incorporate many types of art into one place. You can include calligraphy, make collages, draw, paint, use washi tape, stickers, scrapbook paper, dried flowers, poetry, quotes, your own stories etc. The sky really is the limit!

12. DIY Organizers

There are many ways to make your own organizers in your home. Try making your own drawer organizers out of cereal boxes, etc. Here is a tutorial to try.

13. Create a Character Book

Create your own characters using magazine cut-outs or draw your own and put them in a notebook. You could even create your own character descriptions or stories to go a long with them. They can be as goofy or as serious as you want them to be.

14. Home Made Cards

You could make cards for your friends and family. They could be for any occasion - a birthday or even a "just because" card. Your friends and family will be sure to appreciate the extra effort you put into it.

15. Watch Old Family Videos

One of my favorite things to do is look back on old videos. Whether it's baby videos or even videos from 5 years ago, it's fun to see how things have changed.

16. Look at Old Photos

The next best thing to watching old videos is looking at old photos. I love reminiscing while looking through picture albums.

17. Make a Sensory Bottle

Not only are sensory bottles fun to make and to look at, but they are also very calming. Here is a great webpage with instructions for different sensory bottle ideas to help you make one of your own.

18. Make Your Own Instrument

You could make maracas, a rain maker, or even your own makeshift "banjo." There are many tutorials online to help you get started.

19. Make Your Own Newspaper

If you are good at using PowerPoint or Microsoft Word, you could make your own newspaper to distribute to your friends and family. Include articles about favorite food places, music, celebrities, or even family/friend updates. I made a newspaper with my sister when I was younger and it was a ton of fun! You could also just create one without using the computer.

20. Cross Stitch

Cross stitching can be time consuming but the result is so worth it! If you are young, make sure to ask an adult for help.

21. Knit or Crochet

I used to knit when I was younger, and I really enjoyed making scarves, etc. for family members. I also learned a little bit about crocheting and wished I could have kept up with it more. You can make so many cute things by crocheting!

22. Outdoor Games Inside

A fun game to play indoors is "balloon tennis," for example. You could blow up balloons and use fly swatters as tennis rackets or you could make your own "tennis rackets" with paper plates and large popsicle sticks. I have played this game with kids before and they loved it (so did I).

23. Grow Plants

Plant some flower seeds in a pot. You could even grow a bean in a bag. This one will take a while for results, but it sure is neat to see the sprouts grow out of the beans.

24. Decorate Cookies or Cupcakes

There are many tutorials online using various icing techniques, sprinkles, and more. You could pick a theme and have fun decorating some cookies or cupcakes!

25. Make a Mixtape

You could make a playlist on Spotify or YouTube for a friend or family member, then have a karaoke or dance party with them. You could try to make a playlist with the most random songs you can think of, or sentimental songs that make you think of the other person.

26. Play a "Guess the Song" Challenge

There are so many of these challenges on YouTube. The video often plays about 10 seconds of a song before you have to make a guess as to what it could be. Make it a competition with friends or family members.

27. Play a Board Game

Try finding a new board game or pick up one you haven't played in a while. Board games are a great way to spend time with friends and family indoors.

28. Play a Video Game

An obvious choice is always playing a video game. Play a new game you have never tried before or play one with a friend or family member.

29. Play Charades

Charades is always a fun way to pass the time and to spend time with others. Try downloading a charades app for your phone.

30. Read or Listen to a Book

There is a never-ending supply of good books in the world. Also, your library might have affiliations with e-books or audiobooks that you can check out for free.

Indoor Activities

Whether you are young or an adult, hopefully this list gave you some activity ideas to do indoors. Take some time to relax or call some of your friends and try some of these ideas!


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