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30 fun things that are free or inexpensive

Updated on June 18, 2013

Everyone wants to save money these days due to higher costs of living. Most fun activities are somewhat costly and will put a dent in your wallet. This hub lists 30 fun things that are either free or relatively inexpensive. This list is divided by indoor and outdoor activities. Some things require more than one person while other things can be done by just yourself.


Smart phone free app games – Most people have a smart phone in their possession. This is a great tool that has lots of different functions. Aside from phone capability and navigation, you can also download lots of free games from the app center. However, it is important to disable in-app purchases so you won't buy anything by accident.

Jigsaw puzzles – A simple jigsaw puzzle can occupy one person or several people for many hours. The great thing about this puzzle is that everyone can enjoy it. Kids can start from simple jigsaw puzzles with only one hundred pieces while adults can enjoy a puzzle with one thousand pieces. This indoor activity is great for one person or several people.

Card games – A simple deck of cards will turn into many different games. These games can be further divided into several categories, trick-taking (bridge, hearts and spades), solitaire, matching games and many more. These card games are very stimulating to the mind and will make you have fun for many hours.

Board games – Board games are somewhat similar to traditional card games. Dominion is a good example in this category. It comes with a set of cards and rules that make the game fun for many people. However, you do need more than 2 people to play this game. The initial investment is minimal and cost will go down per play. This is a fun way to bring family and friends together.

Nail art party – Women love to do their manicure and pedicure. You can host a nail art party with several female friends and tell them to bring their supplies to the party as well. This will be a fun night with the girls and you guys can come up with lots of pretty designs.

Hangman game – A hangman game is an educational game that is stimulating for the mind. While you are playing the game, you can learn some new words as well.

Pictionary – This is a fun interacting game between several friends. However, you will need a minimal of four people to play this game. You can test how well you know your team mates through a game of Pictionary. For those that are not familiar with this game, it is a word or phrase guessing game that you and your partner play through pictures only.

Chess – This is a highly popular and intellectual game that has fans all over the world. You will never know your kid's talents for Chess unless you introduce the game to him or her. In addition to having fun, you will exercise your mind to new levels.

Learning and cooking a new dish – New recipes are always exciting for everyone. There are so many recipes on the web that you can pick your favorite ingredients. For example, you can make desserts if you like to eat sweets. Some recipes might not turn out delicious but other recipes might become your family's new favorites.

Youtube videos – Youtube is a popular website with millions of visitors daily. A bored person can spend many hour on Youtube watching entertaining videos. Moreover, there are all kinds of videos either uploaded by professionals and amateurs. It is even possible for you to learn things from informative videos uploaded by another person.

Enjoy some old / classic movies – Are you a movie person? Movies can be very expensive if you are constantly watching new movies in the theater. In the library, there are lots of movies available to you at no cost. Some of the movies have odd titles that might be very interesting to watch. Best of all, you only need a library card to enjoy these old movies that you won't watch otherwise.

Make your own bookmark – Gifts can be very expensive. Everyone has an extensive list of people that they need to give gifts to. It is a lot of trouble to find things that people would like. However, a personalized gift like a hand made bookmark would impress a lot of your close friends.

Make your own soap – A self made soap is a personalized gift for many people on your list. This gift is especially good for women. This activity is fun because you can customize the look of your soap in many different ways.

Hair braiding – You can host a hair braiding party with your female friends. There are lots of tools in the art of hair braiding and you can ask your friends to bring those tool with them. If you are not skilled at doing hair, there are lots of instructional videos on Youtube with excellent instructions on a variety of styles.

DIY your old clothing – Many people are aware that we have limited resources and need to recycle whenever possible. Old clothing that are thrown away contributes to landfills and can populate the environment. Things that are made of polyester are especially bad for the environment because it does not break down naturally. As a fashion lover, you might always want new clothing. However, you should save money and our Earth by doing some DIY to your old clothing.

Play a game of musical chair – A game of musical chair is suitable for a large group of people. To make the game even more interesting, you can reward the winner with a gift.


Museum visits on free admission days – Lots of museums do free visits on certain days. For those that are trying to save every penny, it is important to pay attention to the free admission days. Even though you won't be charged for going into the museum, parking is usually not free. You can bring several friends in your car and split the parking fee with them.

Street performers and entertainers – Every place has street performers and entertainers that perform in certain area. These people usually want a small donation for their performances. You can take the whole family there for some entertainment at low costs.

Spend time at the beach – In Southern California, everyone likes to spend time at the beach. Aside from sun bathing, there are group activities that you can participate in. Bonfire is a great way to have fun with friends at night time while beach volleyball will help you burn off the extra calories.

Hiking – Another relatively inexpensive activity is hiking. This somewhat physical demanding sport is very fun for someone that likes to exercise and see nature at the same time. Hiking is an activity where you spend time with your buddy.

Watch a parade – Parades are free to watch and incredibly fun for a family activity. In LA, some families have a tradition of watching the rose parade every year.

Visit a dog park – For those that love dogs, you should visit a dog park every now and then. Even when you don't have a dog companion of your own, it is super fun to meet cute dogs from other owners.

Rollerblade around the neighborhood – A great way to have fun and burn energy at the same time is rollerblading around the neighborhood. This is a fun activity for kids and adults alike.

Jump rope – Girls love to do things together. A game of jump rope can be a one person's activity or many people's game. This is a great way to exercise on a tight budget.

Bicycle, tandem bicycle, unicycle – Riding your bicycle on the trail is very fun. However, you can challenge yourself with a unicycle. This is a variation of the traditional bicycle that can do lots of tricks. For those that want to spend some romantic times with their other half, a tandem bicycle is a fun and inexpensive way to get you guys together.

Help friend pick out a gift – Do you love to shop? Going to the mall frequently is expensive. However, there are people that do not like to shop and have no idea what the opposite sex would like as gifts. You can accompany them and give them good suggestions on the gifts that they are planning to get. This is a cheap way to have fun and help others at the same time.

Fishing – Spending time with your buddies does not always have to involve sports and alcohol. Fishing is a fun activity that allows you to socialize with your buddies guilt free.

Studio audience for a TV show – Being a studio audience for shows is usually free. This is a great way to enjoy your favorite show up close and personal.

Garden visits on free days – Lots of botanical gardens have free admission days. You can go with lots of different people to enjoy a day near the plants.

Pool party on a hot day or build a snowman in cold places – For a hot day, you can organize a pool party. For the unfortunate people that lives in a cold place, you can play in the snow and build your own snowman.


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