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$35 DIY Motorcycle Alarm!

Updated on March 26, 2013

$35 DIY Motorcycle Alarm!

After a family friend had his motorcycle stolen this past summer while he was sleeping, i decided to look into alarms for not only my motorcycle, but my family and friends as well. Ive found a great DIY alarm that only cost $35 and anyone can make it. And no, Its not a rinky dink alarm. If its set off, the whole neighborhood will know.

Alarm Description

This is a tilt sensor alarm system. when your motorcycle is on its kick stand, the bike is slightly tilted towards the stand. The sensor will detect when the bike is stood upright and will sound a very loud siren. This system is alarmed and disalarmed with a keyless remote. OK, here we go!


I have attached links to all of the things you'll need to make this alarm in the amazon modules below. You can upgrade of downgrade these items if you want as well.


Find a good mounting location for the siren, wireless control module, and the tilt sensor. Remember to mount the tilt sensor so that the wire end is not on a down angle unless the bike is lifted up level. This is a mercury switch. Imagine a little ball of liquid metal rolling around inside the switch. When you lift up the bike it puts the switch at the angle needed for the ball to roll and connect the 2 wires.

Once you have those mounted where you want them, you then will proceed to connect the components.


Connect the RED wire of the siren to the White wire of the wireless controller.


Connect the Black wire to the either one of the black wires on the switch. (there are 2 but it does not matter which one)


Connect the remaining black wire from the tilt switch to 1 of the black wires coming from the wireless controller. (there are 2 but it does not matter which one)


Connect the RED wire coming from the wireless controller to the + of the battery.


Connect the remaining BLACK wire from the wireless controller to the - of the battery


Place the bike on its kickstand and activate by pressing ON on the keyfob. Then attempt to pick up the bike.


- If the alarm stays on when you press on regardless of how the bike is sitting you need to re-adjust the tilt sensor.

- If nothing is working, first press the on button and listen for a click. If you cannot hear a click of the unit arming then your battery connections are not correct. (you will hear a click on and click off)


I am not responsible for any stolen items. This alarm is a tool to help prevent theft. Theft is still possible with this alarm installed.

I am also not responsible for any damage done while installing or after installation of this alarm.

I created this lens to help people, so please do not try to hold me resposible if something happens to your property while this alarm is installed.

This is meant to be an overnight alarm at the longest! this will constantly draw from your battery. If left armed for longer periods of time, your battery will be completely drained. If you are going to leave your bike sit for longer periods of time, i recommend storing it in a secure place with additional security measures.

Also, I do not claim this to be my personal design.

Video of Alarm in Action

Siren... LOUD

In-Line Water Resistant Fuse

Install this between the battery and the remote switch module (+). Make sure its somewhat easy to access so you can pull the fuse when you arent going to be using the system for a longer period of time to save some battery life. Start with a 5amp fuse. If this blows right off the bat, swop for a 10amp and you should be fine.

How Does It Work?

If you made this alarm, how does it work?

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    • profile image

      Mike 13 months ago

      there is no link for the remote - the alarm won't work correctly - if they just tilt the bike back towards the kick stand - the alarm will go off - don't use this - its got serious flaws.

    • profile image

      Nate 2 years ago

      Where are the links for the parts?

    • profile image

      cfcoleman75 at gmail 2 years ago

      I want to make this for my but there isn't any links. Can you please send me the links for the items needed for this project. Thank you for the write up.