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3D Dot Game Heroes

Updated on May 1, 2010

Official Box Art

The main character, but probably not for long...
The main character, but probably not for long...
I could've swore that I was a giant octopus eating dragon a minute ago
I could've swore that I was a giant octopus eating dragon a minute ago

It's an 8-bit game, just not from the 80's

3D Dot Game Heroes is quite unlike any other game that you will play, ever! If you have already seen the reviews then you will most likely see it as 'Zelda for the PS3', which it is. Almost. It is like Zelda in the respect that you are just some random person who is called upon to save a Princess, with the aid of a legendary sword and various other pieces of weaponary that could only be implicated in the game by the Japanese. You also have to fight giant enemy bosses at the end of stereotypical dungeons and recieve health bonuses that increase your max health. And you wear a green hat and green clothes (if you want). So it does sound a lot like Zelda. However there is one key difference, it is way more fun.

I suppose that I could also say that the fact that you can recreate a lot using bricks, but that only adds to the enjoyment you get from playing this game. There is just something about having total control over the game that makes it so appealing. Whenever you get bored of it you just have to change your character a few times and seems like a brand new game. But if you get rid of all the fancy character building then it is first and foremost an RPG. Which is another reason to love it. Even if you're not a fan of the genre this game will still provide hours of enjoyment.

Another sword wielding character, madness I say!
Another sword wielding character, madness I say!

It's Zelda made out of LEGO, so what?

No, it's not. It's a take on some of the best classic 8-bit games out there. Sure the main story may not take as long as any Zelda game but the overall personality of it almost completely different. Where Zelda works on being the next big challenge, this game just works on you enjoying yourself because you have freedom over the majority of it. Zelda is split into two markets, hardcore fans and the new ones, this game is just focusing on making it enjoyable for everybody that plays it. And that is the main difference between these two franchises.

Also, the variations on your character are almost infinite and are only limited by the creators mind. You could make the entire game a tribute to Zelda, if you wanted, but you could also just go crazy and create any character that springs to mind, whether it is a recreation or not. I would love to see this game online as that could bring even more hours of pure happiness. Just imagine pitting Pacman against Frogger, Mario against the Slimes from Dragon Quest or even Kratos vs Snake. The possibilities are endless.

The possibilities are endless...
The possibilities are endless...

Boss Trailer


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