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3D Twister Remote Control Car As Seen On TV

Updated on August 7, 2011

Get 3D Twister As Seen On TV

I just saw a commercial for a brand new RC toy called the 3D twister remote control car. Not only do I absolutely love the thought process behind this r/c stunt car, but I am almost sort of tempted to buy one for myself. My favorite toys besides puzzles growing up were remote control cars, this stupid remote control plane that never worked and the wind cars that you would pull back and they would fly around the tracks like a roller coaster. What I love about the 3D twister r/c car as seen on tv is that it sort of combines what I loved about r/c cars and the wind up cars.

One thing that I always did with the wind up cars was build tracks and loops where they could run the track without having to be wound up. I would basically create roller coasters and see how I could launch it, make it loop, how high it could climb and if I could get it to bounce and then land back on the track. Because of the design of the get 3D twister r/c car, it looks like if it bounces or falls, it will instantly be able to run again because it can go upside down and right side up. Not only would this give the tracks that I created more flexibility and design options, but you could actually create a track on a what if basis.

If it falls and cannot climb then it will land on this platform and go one way. If it can make it up and over then it goes another. If can go through the loop then it goes through another course, if it falls off the middle of the loop it can land on another track and continue a different track. The options of the get 3D Twister remote control car are almost endless.

The next thing that I love about the 3D twister r/c car as seen on tv is that it can control up to 10 cars. Not only can you combine that to race and keep pace on a track, but if you buy the 3d Twister car tower, it would be fun to see how many you can get to run without crashing into each other. Not only can this help to teach hand eye coordination and control, but it is fun to see how long you can keep everything going for.

The last feature that makes the 3D twister remote control car unique is that it can not only reach up to 21 feet per second (I think that is on a scale model), but it vibrates when the car crashes. Not only does that make playing with the car more fun, but you also can get into the drivers seat easier. Because you feel the crash when the car crashes, you can really use your imagination when the car wrecks.

I wish they had the Get 3D Twister remote control car when I was a kid but since they didn't it doesn't mean I can't buy it for my niece and then claim it as my own to play with. If you've bought the 3D twister r/c car as seen on tv, feel free to leave a comment below. Please also feel free to share this post with your friends on twitter and facebook.


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