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SEGA's "7th Dragon III Code: VFD" 3DS Demo Hits Nintendo eShop

Updated on February 1, 2019
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Aron Brent has worked for Square Enix & ATLUS as a writer, editor, programmer, quality assurance lead, & tester.

3DS "7th Dragon III Code: VFD" Demo Hits Nintendo eShop!

SEGA has made a comeback since buying ATLUS games, and today gives us the 3DS dungeon-crawling Anime- dragon-brawler, "7th Dragon III Code: VFD". The Demo just dropped 1 hour ago! Let's take it for a spin!

SEGA is giving a REWARD for playing the demo that carries content over to the full game which drops July 12!

Turn-Based Battle Goodness

Nodens Business Complex

Let's play!

The download took 5 minutes on my old skool 3DS XL. The load screen features a bunny with top hat and button eyes that I instantly blew in circles by blowing on the mic (a 3DS/2DS trick) and offers the standard 30 uses before you are no longer allowed to play it (boo). It offers STANDARD or CASUAL mode and I selected STANDARD, because I like to live dangerously. It begins with a Metroid-like feel with a shaky screen-feed that leads us to think some dragon brawlers have lost a fight with--you guessed it--a dragon.

Japanese included in localization = AMAZING!

Great Character Designs

"Chiropractic" Ability?

Chapter: 0

CHAPTER 0 introduces us to a cute Anime girl with pink hair who is in a plaza outside the Nodens business complex where two guys are angry they lost their ticket to play a Dragon fighting simulator. You soon meet a mysterious girl with VIP access to the game who brings you inside and asks to become your navigator in the simulation. She also seems to have a nagging cough (c-could it be dragon miasma?)! The battle classes offered are Samurai, Agent, God Hand and Duelist. The only two odd bits about these classes is the God Hand uses "Chiropractic" to restore life. So, does this mean we can expect a few back adjustments? And if "Duelist" conjures up images of Yugi-Oh, the Duelist here actually fights with a deck of playing cards.

Consistent Great Localization

Takes place in TOKYO = FINALLY!

The game is set in Tokyo, which is a refreshing change from bizarre localization companies determined to say games like Youkai Watch (weirdly localized to "Yo-Kai Watch") take place in Monterrey, California when they are clearly in Japan. Next to the receptionist you will find a kiosk that resembles a soda machine. Through some poorly explained button mashing you can assemble a team of 3 players. After choosing your party, stand next to one of the chambers and press the A-Button to enter the virtual game.

Initial Arena Battle

In the arena you will be subjected to random enemy encounters against angry bunnies and rogue Lunesta butterflies. The combat is turn-based and has some nice animations, and many of the attacks you will have to level up to get in the final release are readily available in the demo. There is an AUTO fighting system you may want to use after some planned SKILL attacks to save up your magic. The battle system feels like a mix of classic Final Fantasy and Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne. The music is excellent and I hope they pack it in with the release the way XSEED has done. The map is drawn "as-you-go," which is familiar to Zelda players and there will be random treasure chests throughout the arena.

This game is a dragon...well...ball!


Skills to Pay the Bills

What we find are that a mysterious dragon fighting organization has recruited you for your skills and are eager to get you on the front lines to get the pieces to a book that will help defeat the returning dragons. This quite possibly one of the best demos I have ever played and if you're interested in anime inspired, hardcore JRPG, turn-based battling with great music and great localization, then check out "7th Dragon III Code: VFD" demo and pick up the game when its released July 12, 2016. The "reward" is you get to keep your experience points (LEVELS), special items to equip, and weapons (dual wielding swords).


Will you download "7th Dragon III Code: VFD"?

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© 2016 Aron J Brent


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