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4 Great video game ideas that should be made

Updated on March 30, 2009

June 30, 2008

1. An indepth Old West Action/Adventure/FPS/RPG.

I know. I know . This has sort of been done, but not really. The old west games to this point have been shooters that are mostly shallow or poorly made and good for a few hours play. What would be fantastic is if this genre of game was made with the complexity of a traditional RPG such as the Elder Scrolls or Gothic series ,combined with the fun action of games like Dues ex or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. .A large open world populated with many different factions to trade with, fight for or gun down depending on the situation and your nature; settlers, lawmen, bandits, railroadmen, soldiers, townsfolk, cattlemen, and a variety of native tribes. The great plots and stories that could be used from this untapped genre are endless and would be refreshing to the RPG world.

Imagine starting out the game in a backwoods town just waking up in the local jail, waiting to be hung in the morning. From there you escape that night with the help of some mysterious stranger into a world filled with possibilities if you can survive. Help people out and make your way through the world, searching for the people who are trying to have you killed. Fighting , hunting ,exploring, trading or joining up with the many Npc;s in the game. Learn skills , gain wealth and equip yourself with the kind of arsinal you'll need to survive the harsh country filled with hostiles,wild animals and men set on bringing you down.Or do what you want. You could just rob ,kill and pillage your way throught the game. You decide. Be the role you want to play. Rely on a fast draw and a quick wit, or a trusty winchester rifle and a bad attitude. Help the local peaceful natives with there troubles or rob a steaming locomotive on horseback. Explore the plains , mountains , desserts, forests, and many populated towns or camps.

All of this is old hat to the fantasy rpg , but add them to an old west story and they become refreshing and new. Two words not associated with RPG,s much these days. I could go on for days about the many interesting quests , stories and features that could be included in a game like this. Somebody has to make this game so i can play it, please.

2. A Tycoon/sim MMORPG game

This game would be very much like Rollercoaster tycoon, but instead of building a theme park you are building a MMORPG. Most likely fantasy style , but like Rollercoaster tycoon you could make it possible to change themes to sci-fi or others. AI players subscribe to your game ,choosing there class type. You add a start point and build towns by adding various types of shops. Instead of rides you add quests and points of interest. instead of building rollercoasters you build dungeons ,trying to match difficulty to the level of the area. Zone areas to certain lvl so the computer can generate monsters to fight.

Just like Rollercoaster tycoon you could make it simple , but easy to get into more depth. Such as you add a lvl 5 quest starting npc1 to your town and then add the dungeon1, point-of interest1,Item1,or monster1 needed to finish quest. Or the player could go back in and rename to npc1 to elf queen and the Item1 to elf queen's ruby necklace.

The games ultimate fun would come from the creative side of it but there would be things to keep you challenged such as player happiness. You would be able to make a level 7 dungeon in a lvl 4 area , turning it into a group quest. At which point player happiness would be effected by whether or not there are enough players in that area to get a big enough group together before the player loses patience.If your game is too easy or too hard players lose happiness. That dynamic will keep you working to make sure players are joining and keep subscribing or your game will die. Later in the game add PVP areas and such to keep higher lvl players addicted.

It's a game that can be played soley as a simulation that you just select and add premade items to or you couid craft a game with a carefully though out story of your own design. This is a game that would totally ruin my life if it existed. I would play it tell my eyes bleed. It seems like it might even be possible to directly mod Rollercoaster tycoon to make this, but an original would be better.

3. AN fps/action/adventure Star Trek game.

There seems to be some theory held by game developers that the space ship battles are what Star Trek fans are really into. So they waste there Star Trek license making space ship battle simulations that invariably fail miserably. Why do they fail. I will tell you why. Its because most Star Trek fans are into the show on account of the great characters and feeling of adventure you get watching them explore the wondrous galaxy, meeting new species and solving great mysteries. Not that the space ship battles are not great and all , but if the show was just ships battling i am pretty sure no one would watch it.

The game that Star Trek fans and regular folk alike would enjoy would be an FPS adventure game with a linear style game play but have the illusion of an open world. It would be set in the Star Trek TNG era and you would interact with characters from the show along the way.

You would start out on the enterprise as a lowly ensign. Doing menial work as some sort of technician. The first part of the game would be like your first day on the ship, meeting people you work with and getting to know the ship a little , while doing odd jobs for people and getting some training on how to play the game. Cue event that starts the main plot of the story and allows you to save the day, raising you higher in rank and on to your career in starfleet. From there new ship areas open with new characters to interact with. Certain developments in the story would have you stopping at planets, space stations or other ships. allowing you to beam down and explore to solve the next part of the game.

Unlike most linear FPS games, the fact that you are a crewman on a spaceship allows the game to control the story, but feel like the world doesn't have invisible barriers. Making Star Trek a great vehicle for this kind of game. Once again story-lines and plots are endless here , so somebody make this game. You know who you are Bethesda.

4. A MMORPG set in Midkimia (the world from the Riftwar Saga books by Raymond E Feist)

This is a fairly well known fantasy book series with a few games made about it in the 90's.These are great books with imaginative themes and a great abundance of material to pull from its rich history. There are men elves and dwarves in this world along with a lot of other recognisable fantasy characters and themes.

What would set this game apart from all the other MMORPG.s out there is that you would start out as a young child almost ready to turn old enough to choose a profession just like Pug and Thomas do in the books. You would start out in a small village and your character would grow up as you level up. So at first those wolves in the forest seem like giant monsters , A formidable enemy for you and your other young friends to defeat with your new bows, slings, knives and spells. Become a journeyman when you decide what you want to become so you can go on to be the greatest hunter, warrior, magician or thief. Grow up into the world as you adventure from a small boy or girl into a powerful man or women. Strength makes your avatar buffer , Intelligence more scrawny and wizened. This has been done in Fable, but would be more fun in a MMO. Imagine watching your friends grow as you do like in every other MMO , but you can visibly see it as you progress together. Meeting giant buffed out high level players while you are just a scrawny teen barely able to lift your sword.

Another thing this fantasy setting has going for it is rifts. Other worlds are explored through rifts in these books. Making this a world teaming with possibilities for new adventures filled with interesting places beings, and gods. Another one of those games where stories and plots would be almost endless. I need to play this game! please make this game!

These are four games that should already exist, but don't. Tell me what you think


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Well, there is a shooter Star Trek in the pipeline for late 2012/2013, but that's from a third-person-perspective.

      The open-world Western is RDR (Red Dead Redemption) on paper.

      The idea of a tycoon MMORPG is great - I'd love to see an ambitious developer take that on.

      As for Midkiama (did I spell that right?) - that is the only one I'm not sure about. It has the potential for brilliance and yet seems destined for mediocrity.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Yea red dead redemption is definitely what you're looking for.

      I actually like your idea of having a uhm "MMORPG" Tycoon sort of game, it's quite an original concept (the other ideas not so much)

    • twisteddman profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      I have not played red dead redemption yet either. Though from what I have read and seen it might be very close to the kind of game I described. I am not sure if it is coming out for the PC, but if it is I will give it a shot and see.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I haven't played red dead redemption, heard it was awesome. I recently picked up Alpha Protocol and really I thought the reviews were wrong, it is an awesome game. I even read people's reviews for it on IGN and they said IGN didn't give it enough credit. I think they should try to make a good Star Trek game based off the recent movie, hope they get it right like Goldeneye 007.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      RED DEAD REDEMPTION. There you go lol. Too bad it's too gorey and sexual for my living room. I got a family ya know!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Yeah I played GUN and Red Dead Revolver and hoped they would be old west RPG's, liked GUN, had no freaking idea what Red Dead Revolver was about, but I wished Gun had a bigger world, with more stuff to do, and a leveling system of some sort, good ideas, though I don't think the MMORPG Tycoon would be very good at all, tht is just my opinion.

      I think someone should make a MMORPG where you created a demon hunter and could join groups with people and hunt demons, or something along the lines of that, in s gothic world that's huge, filled with cities, forests, mountains, and every other type of terrain you could think of.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      There was a FPS Star Trek game that came out.... I used to play it on LAN against my brothers, you could be borg, klingon, enterprise etc...

      Star Trek: Elite Force... is probably the one I played.

      Tycoon - MMORPG : sounds a bit gay.

      Western - sounds like could be good single player adventure, by the way you describe it.

      MMORPG - couldn't read through it, no comment.

    • twisteddman profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      Yeah your right the whole page was made on photoshop. Giving me the ability to hide my inability to spell.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I lol at your petty Star Trek game. Gene Roddenberry was a hack. I think this whole page is Photoshopped.

      I like the western idea though.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I agree....would love to play an rpg style western and Star Trek game. Amazes me, especially that we haven't seen a Trek game like that. Also a Rift War game....awesome much great story content there.

    • Finance Chick 911 profile image

      Finance Chick 911 

      10 years ago from New York City

      amen on the star trek game !


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