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40k Army List - Space Marine Codex - Wolf Watch

Updated on May 20, 2012

Why the Wolf Watch?

Some of you may already know that the Space Wolves were designated by the Emperor, blessed be his name, to be his sword of judgment should any of the other space marines rebel or commit heresy. It was they who confronted Magnus for his crimes and laid waste to his planet and his chapter of Thousand Sons Space Marines.

While the Space Marines are forced to cling ot the codex and the rules therein certain chapters never followed the codex at all. The Space wolves are one of those. Bearing that in mind and the fact that they were chosen to police their own it is no small wonder that they have some decided advantages in game. Among these advantages is the fact that they can have four HQ's on the field at once. This means four nasty independent characters who are going to be pretty difficult to destroy. Because Space marines can only have two HQ worthy independents on the field at once this makes things sort of lopsided. In fact this can make things down right frustrating for you if you are using space marines. I have confronted the Space Wolves on a handful of occasions now. In one on one objective matches, multiplayer objective matches, team matches with me and against me, these battle have given me plenty to chew on.

With some trial and error and plent of deliberation I have come up with a worthy list to face the Space wolves with. Of course i use the Ultramarines but if you are using any space marines army you can copy this list within the rules no problem. Let's take a look at it below and then discuss, shall we?

2nd Incarnation because the first failed.


Wolf Watch 2nd Incarnation


HQ – Chapter Master in Terminator Armor - 180pts

HQ - Librarian w/Jump Pack, Stormbolter, w/Quickening cast at begin of assault 10 init for extent & Machine Curse 24’’ auto glance hit vs vehicles - 128pts


Tactical – Alpha Squad Ten Man sq. – Multi Melta & Melta Gun – 175pts

Tac Sq. Raven Guard - 10 man Flamer/Miss. L - 170pts

Rhino APC – Alpha – 35pts

Rhino - Raven Guard - 35pts


Dev. Sq. 1 - 8 man; 2 lascannons, 2 plasma cannons, Sgt. W/c.s. - 258pts

Vindicator – 115pts

Land Raider - 250pts Termies and Ch. Master


Assault Termies - 4 claws 1 hammer - 200pts

Dreadnought – w/Twin Lascannon and Ccw 135pts


Vanguard – 5 Man w/Jump Packs - Sgt. w/lightning Claws; 2vets w/L. Claws; 1 vet w/Plasma Pistol; 1 vet w/Power Fist & Plasma Pistol – 315pts

It is nearly impossible to perfectly strategize for a battle against the Space Wolves. Why? Because their ridiculously imbalanced Codex not only allows them to have four HQ's on the field it provides them with a huge list of incredibly powerful independent characters for this purpose. Seems odd when the Space wolves, who are supposed to revile all psykers including Space Marine librarians, start blasting you from anywhere on the field with their stupid powerful Rune Priest. I mean really, they have a power that is a shooting attack and allows them to target anything on the field and then they roll 2d6 to see how many times they hit the target, not to see if they hit, no, to see how many times they hit!!!!! WTF?

Still, I love the game so there is naught else to do when one of you're regular opponents plays Space Wolves but to try and at least give them a fight.

Notice there are no snipers. No need, they will never bypass any Space wolf saves. Notice all the Lascannon capablity? Use them to take out his vehicles before they drop insanely powerful lords in you're lap. If you are playing in an objective match then use the vanguard and the terminators to protect you're troops. Any Space Wolf worth his salt is going to try to take them out first and you will have to do the same to him. There is no point in doing anything else considering you will not do well in most cases assaulting his Independent Character laden elites.

This list has similarities to others I have posted. The Librarian here is meant to slow the enemy APC's down with his machine curse and he is meant to harass any rune priests that rear their heretical heads by countering their psychic attacks. He needs to be close enough to the priest to do so of course, thus the jump pack. The librarian should stay behind cover wherever he goes, with his Quickening ability he is you're secret weapon against any HQ the Space Wolves drop in on you. With his force weapon and a ten initiative he might just take something big with him when he goes down. Keep him teamed up with the Vanguard and truly make them a deadly unit.

Remember, its them or you, make sure its them and use every long range weapon at you're disposal to take out those deadly HQ's before they get near you're troops. For the Emperor!


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