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40k Space Marine Codex Army List; An Annihilation list To Humiliate Your Friends

Updated on April 23, 2012
There he is hiding behind everything he can find. Funny that he challenged me to an annihilation match only to hide.
There he is hiding behind everything he can find. Funny that he challenged me to an annihilation match only to hide.

This, friend, is the list I am going to use against you this week when we meet for an all out annihilation match! I wanted you to see it ahead of time. Spend some time contemplating how to counter it. Or rather, waste your time trying. Look closely for they will be there in your nightmares.

When my lightning claws come for you there will be no escape, from either squad. I will have many lascannons aimed your way while my dreadnought fires afar he closes with your weak troops. You will struggle and I will crush you.

You will perhaps even battle valiantly but in the end you will lie decimated upon the battlefield. Your army scattered and broken, like your will. Read on and tremble,,,my friend...and foresee your own doom. Foresee...your fate.

The List That Spells Your Doom!


HQ - Cato Sicarius - Grant Tank Hunter To Alpha - 200pts


Alpha Squad – w/Melta gun & Multi Melta – 175pts + Rhino - 35pts

Raven Guard – w/Flamer & Missile Launcher – 170pts + Rhino - 35pts


Assault Terminators TS2 – 4 w/Lightning Claws & 2 Hamm & Shield – 240pts

Dreadnought - Twin Linked Las & CCW - 135pts

Fast Attack - DEEP STRIKE!

Vanguard w/Jump Packs - 5 Man - Sgt. w/Lightning Claws, 2 Vets w/Claws, Vet w/Bp & Power Sword, Vet w/Power Fist & Bp - 300pts

Heavy Support

Land Raider – 250pts Designated for Terminators

Vindicator – w/ Antaro Chronus Tank Commander No stun/Shaken Ball Sk 5 - 185pts

Devastator Squad – Morticians 9 man Sq. w/2 Las and 2 Plas – 274pts


First I am going to concentrate my lascannons on your Land Raider. Then I am going to charge my dreadnought and four vehicles like a spear straight down your middle. My tank hunting rhino will take out your lousy predator and lascannons destroy your dread before you get it in range for a shot with its melta. It wont even need to go five turns.

Can you see my foe? He's hiding.
Can you see my foe? He's hiding.


So, everything I said I was going to do was pretty much waylaid by two important factors. First, I chose to go first, my opponent stayed hidden behind cover and barely moved at all on his turn. On the second round my first move was to deep strike my deadly Vanguard and guess what happened? They went off the table edge and rolling on the deepstrike mishap table, which only gives you three outcomes, I of course rolled the worst possible thing and they all died.

The battle between two very similar armies of 2000pts then became a battle between an army of 2000pts and my army of now only 1700pts! Not the luckiest person in the world i kind of half expect these things to happen to me and lo and behold they often do. In only two games I have used the Vanguard deepstrike option. In the first I couldnt roll the needed number and they didnt arrive until next to the last turn. This time they just went right out of the game. I am going to have to rethink that strategy. Considering my luck, strategy may have little to do with it, the Heroic intervention ability of the Vanguard is so nice that I cannot simply write it off.

But, when cowards hide behind cover all the way on the other side of the table your options are limited. I could have stayed where I was and remained hidden as well, but i am no coward, I refuse to hide. You may call it strategy, and you would if you won the game, but I call it Yella'. Pure and simple. Still I lost and I owe my opponent a congratulations for this is only the second time he has defeated me in the game. Congratulations, I will not forget this one. Count on it.


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    • profile image

      The Annihilator 5 years ago

      I have learned the dice hate a true follower of chaos.

    • Barnsey profile image

      Barnsey 5 years ago from Happy Hunting Grounds

      Ah, so the so called Annihilator makes an appearance! Indeed, I made short work of you in our second Annihilation match. What answers have you found that will aid you in the third and final match?

      Nothing that will save you, I am sure.

    • profile image

      The Annihilator 5 years ago

      Hey don't cry its ok. Its not your fault at all You Got Annihilated however you won on the second round. Now its time for some pain my friend the Third will be your last!