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40k Army List IV Vanilla Marines My A**!

Updated on May 3, 2012
Ultramarines 2nd Company
Ultramarines 2nd Company | Source

Use the Codex to your advantage.

Ever hear the term Vanilla Marines? This is what the Space Marines that use the Space Marine Codex rules set are too often referred to. Am I taking it a little personally since I use an Ultramarine army?

Maybe a little.

So, in light of this self revealing introspection I decided to create an army list I would refer to as Vanilla Marines My Ass!

Taking advantage of several wonderful unit selections available to the Space Marines I made sure to throw in the best non-HQ independent character available in the game, as far as I can tell, Sgt. Telion. With his wound choosing from sniper range he is a sweet advantage to have on your side.

Use the Snipers and Lascannons from the land Raider to give Alpha cover fire. Even The Sternguard has a Plasma Cannon if fast attack units close in on them. Just pray you don't scatter onto your own forces, those are the risks of warfare after all, and bake a bundle of enemies with the plasma cannon.

The Vanguard are important here. They have jump packs and the special ability that allows them to Assault immediately after a Deep strike! Whaaat?

Why haven't you used this yet?

Drop them close to an enemy, hopefully an HQ, and assault with joy. Here I have three of the men wielding lightning claws which allows them to reroll their wounds. The Key here is the math. So many hits when they charge and then rerolls that something is surely going to die. I have felled entire squads with these guys but you will lose them if you go against HQ with a higher initiative so be prepared for that eventuality.

The Vanguard are not scoring units so they can easily be sacrificed in order to cause death and chaos behind the lines. Meanwhile you have troop selections that can do all the scoring for you. Scouts have infiltrate so they can easily be placed very close to objectives while the Tactical troop squad has a rhino to drive them to the main objective. Use the terminators in the Land Raider to protect them from assault forces and wield the Land Raider's weapons to take out threatening long range attackers.

Yes, the Terminators are full of lightning claws also. Why not? They are so very deadly, are they not? Slaughter whoever stands in their way but don't send them out of the vehicle if the enemy has Devastators, Long fangs or some other such nonsense zeroing in on the area. Take those out with your Snipers and any other long range means at your disposal. The Dread will be great for this.

All in all its a well rounded list and slaughters the foe fast. Use the Chapter master along with the other Terminators using his high Initiative to your advantage but before you move him don't forget to consider your one time use of the Orbital Bombardment. Since it scatters you do not want to make the mistake of thinking the best target is the largest cluster of enemies. Sometimes strategic placement will allow you to score a hit regardless if it scatters or not.

As with the other lists I wish you luck, but this aren't going to need it.

Newly Edited 3/31/2012

Expediter Imperialis Ultimatum

i.e. – “Vanilla Marines My Ass” 1849pts

HQ – Chapter Master – Terminator Armor w/Lightning Claws – 180pts

Troops -

Alpha Squad – 10 Man Tac w/Melta Gun & Missile l. - 175pts

Sniper Scout Sq. – 8 man w/Sgt. Telion – 164pts

Rhino 1 – For Alpha Squad – 35pts

Elite –

Dreadnought – Twin Linked Las & CCW - 135pts

TS3 – 5 Man Sq. – 3 w/Light. Claws & 2 w/Hammers and Sh. – 200pts

Heavy Support -

Land Raider – Des. for TS3 joined by Ch. Master - 250pts

Devastator Sq. – Morticians 10 man Sq. w/2 Las & 2 Plas – 290pts *Use Sgt.’s Signum*

Vindicator - 115pts

Fast Attack -

Vanguard – Claws of Talassar – All W/Jump Packs - Sgt. W/Claws; 2 Vets W/Claws; 1Vet Power fist; 1 Vet W/Power Sw. & Plasma Pistol – 305pts

Note; Sternguard w/Las and Plas 150pts; For 2000pt Army list.


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    • Barnsey profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Happy Hunting Grounds

      4/27/2012 - Vanilla Marines my Ass performed so well last night on this date that I am commenting here to tell you about it. My vanguard and raven tac squad rushed forward from behind a covering wall to slaughter a ten man assault squad with jump packs. THey were then confronted by a squad of lightning claw termies and met their own end while only bringing two of their foe down with them. the Vanguard were gone but the raven guard still have six members alive. However, that was the only unit lost.

      My own Chapter Master led termies poured in through the back door thanks to hasty transport from the land Raider and fell upon a Command squad complete with a captain, the Chapter Master Pedro Kantor and an already slightly depleted command squad. Outcome; Each one of the foe fell and none of my own. It was a slaughter, and that was three units slain in one squad due to the Independent Characters. Since it was an Annihilation game this was the sinker. I lost one unit, my foe lost four. If we had gone on to a sixth round I may have swept the table mostly clear, it was that lopsided.

      Once again this list has proven that ye who proclaims Codex marines (Vanilla Marines) knows not his error. To thee I say, bring it and learn.

    • Barnsey profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Happy Hunting Grounds

      I'll be using this list this friday night at 2000pts, let me know how you make out and I'll do the same!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      You bet! This is a great list. I need to pick up (and build... grumble gruble) a vindicator, but I'm going to try proxy in a rhino and try it out. Thanks for the idea!


    • Barnsey profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Happy Hunting Grounds

      Good catch there, I fixed it above by removing the Melta bombs as you said. there are other options like removing a devastator squad member for 16pts. That would give you ten points to play with to add a Stormbolter to the Rhino or Vindicator. Thanks for checking out my hub, David!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I think the total price for that army based on the numbers above is 1854- is there 5 points to drop? such as the melta bomb on the vanguard squad?


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