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40k Army List V - Two 1500pt Ultramarine Armies

Updated on June 25, 2012

Team Combat - Choosing Your Role

Most team matches allow Players a 1500pt Army list. Here I have supplied two Ultramarines Codex supported lists which can be utilized by anyone using Space Marines from the codex. It is important to recognize what your teammate is bringing to the battle when considering what list you are going to unleash.

For instance when I used the Marneus list my teammate and I slaughtered our foe with casual disregard. My teammate had a ten man devastator squad and a predator, a squad of shooting Terminators with an assault cannon; these all served to support my close in attacking and infiltrating squads. If it had been an assault match we would have won hands down.

Instead we lost the match because we didn't have enough troops in the end to take and keep enough objectives. I only brought two troops rather than the three noted below. Although we slaughtered and humbled them they beat us handily by points because of our lack of troops. Important to remember! If you get lucky and know you are going to be playing annihilation, prepare for shock and awe because this list destroys. Take away one of the troop options and go for something with close up power instead. Try Lightning claw terminators or a Vanguard or even a Dreadnought with close combat weapons.

The Cato team list I have not had the opportunity to use yet so I will not claim foreknowledge on how that is going to work out. As always, I hope those of you who use one of these lists gets back to me and gives me a battle report or success report on how it did for you. Death to all heretics! For the Empire!



HQ – Marneus Calgar w/Terminator Armor – 265pts

HQ – Honor Guard 3 man Sq. – 115pts

Heavy Support

Land Raider – 250pts For HQ

Vindicator – 115pts


Alpha Tactical Squad – Melta Gun & Miss. – 175pts

Beta Tac Squad – Flamer & Miss. – 170pts

Scouts – 10 man 8 snipers 1 Hvy Bolter & Telion – 200pts

Rhino – Alpha - 35pts

Rhino – Beta - 35pts


Dreadnought W/Twin linked Lascannon & Missile Launcher – 145pts


HQ – Cato Sicarius – 200pts Grants Infiltrate To Raven Guard

HQ – Command Squad – Claws of Talassar – Apothecary, 3 Vets with Claws, 1 Vet w/Power Fist – 230pts

Razorback – Twinlinked Ass Cannon – 75pts


Alpha as above – 175pts

Scouts – 5 man w/Telion – 125pts

Beta/Raven Guard as above – 170pts

Rhino – 35pts For Alpha


Assault Squad - Five Man w/Flamer, Sgt. w/Plasma Pistol & Melta Bombs - 130pts


Vindicator – 115pts


TS – 3 – Terminator Squad 3 w/Chain Fists, 1 w/Ass. Cannon, Sgt. w/Power sword – 245pts Deep Strike!


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    • Barnsey profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Happy Hunting Grounds

      Indeed, a hard lesson learned, my friend!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      One must always remember the objective.


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