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Five Awesome Skyrim Easy Money Strategies

Updated on September 19, 2014

Five Easy Steps to Win Easy Gold in Skyrim

If you play Skyrim, then you are probably searching for the very best guide to earning gold inside the Old Kingdom. It's possible to earn easy gold by applying some simple strategies that most players don't know about. These practices will help you earn gold and also improve your player skills.

Good luck!

Complete Assignments in Thieves' Guild

1. Thieves' Guild These steps will benefit the Theives' Guild.

What you should do:

• Meet with the Thieves' Guild located in Riften.

• Talk with Delvin Mallory and Vex and then choose an assignment.

• Venture toward your objective.

• Complete the job.

• Make your way back to the Guild and exchange your completed task for gold.

Notes: This approach will not work as quickly to generate income as Alchemy and Enchanting would. On the other hand, Having said that, you can do many different assignments simultaneously.

Complete Dark Brotherhood Missions

2. Dark Brotherhood Earn gold by finishing contract kills on re-spawning NCPs.

What you must accomplish:

• Join the Dark Brotherhood.

• Complete the key missions which permit you to become the new leader/listener.

• Start your radiant mission by getting in touch with the Night Mother.

• To receive the reward in advance, talk to the Contract and look for the objective.

• Finish the task by defeating the target.

Notes: Completing this task will increase your stealth ability, especially your Sneak skill. This task can be carried out easily and performed over and over again, earning gold every single time.

Become Betrothed in the Temple of Mara

3. Marriage Your wife will make one hundred septims each day when you become betrothed and move into a home.

What you have to do:

• Seek out an appropriate lady.

• Carry out the Mission or Favour to help you fall in love.

• Suggest marriage to her with the Amulet of Mara.

• Become betrothed in the Temple of Mara in Riften.

• Transfer yourself and your new partner to your new home.

Notes: These quests cost nothing to complete and earn you gold while you complete other missions. The shop can hold your cash until you come by to pick it up. Don't forget: Marriage is for a lifetime. You can't remarry even in the event of death or divorce.

Kill Dragons and Sell Their Bones, Scales, and Weapons

4. Dragons You can earn easy money by killing dragons and then selling off their bones and scales.

What you must do:

• Find dragons, which are known to spawn in many areas, including Winterhold (the college), near dragon lairs and, most of all, throughout the wilderness.

Notes: When you slay dragons in Skyrim, dragons drop bones and scales and leave behind valuable weaponry and armor. All of these items can be sold for prices varying from 700-1200 gold coins for each kill.

Use Alchemy to Earn Gold in Skyrim

5. Alchemy Approach Purchase products and prepare potions to sell.

What you should do:

• Purchase elements from an alchemy merchant.

• Use the alchemy workspace in the merchant’s shop to produce potions.

• Sell your potions immediately to make back your original expense plus profit.

Notes: This is probably the easiest, most effective approach to earning gold in Skyrim. The more expensive potions sell for well over five thousand gold coins. These potions are also very light, allowing the player to handle them while not effecting mobility. The only downsides to this technique is having to purchase the ingredients upfront and the effort it takes to produce the potions.

More Help Earning Gold in Skyrim


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    • profile image

      Josh 3 years ago

      I love how that's the only comment on a video game guide.

    • profile image

      Val 4 years ago

      I love how in #3 it makes it sound like you can only marry a girl.