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8 Best Sofia The First Internet Pictures for Party Ideas

Updated on March 5, 2016

Having a well organised party with a unique theme does not have to be extravagant in order to be memorable for kids. Proper planning, a bit of event planning skill, and lots of creativity could make the needed result.

For your next Sofia The First party theme, you could try out a classroom sitting arrangement having the table well laid out with all necessary stuffs to complete the wining and dining on the table. However, there might be a bit of exception to this if your party will be attended mostly by less than or one year old kids as this age group often lack orderliness and table etiquette.

Having a cup branded with pictures from Sofia the first is a sure-fire way to have kids compete to have a portion of whatever drinks you have to serve at parties. This will also add glamour and colorfulness to the party.

You could also go the extra mile by sharing Tiara and some badges amongst the kids as this will create an atmosphere of uniformity amongst the kids. Nothing looks great on pictures like when kids have the same costume on in a party.

Why not even go the extra mile by having the same costume with the kids during your party. I have noticed even grown up ladies look great when they have the same costume on with the kids. After all, it is kids party and the theme is meant to reflect Sofia the first so definitely not a bad idea if you choose to be the big Sofia wearing the biggest Tiara.

Yours is to set the table and create the theme let the kids take over and finish the rest during the party. Kids love to be left alone during parties and do as they like-of course yours is to do the cleaning once the party is done.

It will be nice if you take the children at the start by showing them what they should be doing and how to make use of the stuffs you have available for the parties then sit back and watch them have fun. Occasionally, you might have to give an hint as to what they should be doing once you notice they are going astray from the theme.

Amazing Sofia The First Party Theme

The video above shows a classic display and set up of a world class Sofia The First party. There are lots of party ideas to imitate in the short video from table set up, stage set up to even walk way.

This is the kind of wow environment that kids would forget their parents and hang with their playgroup until mama says 'let's go home'.

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Can you see the joyful mood of the kids above. This is a perfect party. Remember to have a take-away packaged in beautiful Sofia bags for kids to go home with. Most of the items in a takeaway bag should be evergreen or educational and should not only be comprised of edible stuffs that will end just that day.

When kids are excited, you wouldn't need to chase them around, you wont even have to force them to say cheese. Happiness is contagious amongst kids and they tend to do like one another so you can spare them that moment.

Observe the spark in the cake set up. Remember that Money is not the only thing and not even crucial when planning to have a great event. Money without creativity is not going to give you a party looking as stunning as what you see here.

If you would like to have a party that looks exactly or close to some of these pictures you are seeing, then you will have to really up your creativity game. I am pretty sure that looking at the selected pictures on this hub as well as the embedded video will help a long way in finding a great theme for your next party. You may also like to read the story of the Man Who Made Sofia The First.

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