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5 Classic PC Games - Perfect Holiday Gifts for Hardcore Gamers

Updated on July 9, 2011

The holiday season is right around the corner, and the scramble is on to get the hottest gaming titles this year. But if you're buying for a serious gamer, just one game won't do. That's why you should consider getting one of these classic PC games.

They make a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer. And while they may be a little old, they are true classics that every hardcore gamer should play at least once in his life.

This list will focus on a couple of different gaming genres. Also all these games, while still very old, are compatible with modern operating systems and hardware so don't worry. Many of these games still are incredibly popular even to this day and still have big fan bases.

So let's kick off our list with:

Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 + expansions

Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 are considered by many to be the best PC RPG's of all time. These 2 games represent a sweeping epic that will having you feeling every emotion humanly possible. Despite the age of these games, the artwork, voice acting, plot, and music all help to propel the gamer into a beautiful world full of magic, quests, and plot twists. The games are richly detailed and it is said that Baldurs Gate 2 alone can take up to 40+ hours to complete. If you want the most bang for your buck look no further. Amazon is offering both games including expansions and bonus content for a mere $17. Check out the Baldurs Gate Compilation Below.

Starcraft + Starcraft Broodwar

Yes. This had to be on this list. Starcraft changed the way gamers game forever. This is possible one of the most popular and famous games ever created. It's a real time strategy game (RTS) that depicts the resulting battle for domination of the universe when 3 different races meet. Terrains (Advanced Humans), Protoss (Highly advanced psionic Aliens) and the Zerg (Swarm like species which incorporates the DNA of enslaved races into it's own) all do battle in the far flung reaches of space.

This game was so popular in it's day that even was one of the reasons that professional gaming has gotten as far as it has. And with the launch of Starcraft 2 this year, this game would be a great addition to any gamer's library.

Diablo 2 + Throne of Baal Expansion

The original Diablo deserves to be mentioned on this list on it's own. But unfortunately this game pales in comparison to it's sequel, Diablo 2 and it's expansion Throne of Baal. Everything that Diablo got right, Diablo 2 adopted and then improved upon, thus creating one of the best hack and slash RPG's ever concieved. This game is over 10 years old now, but still has a massive fan base and thousand of players from around the world still come together online to slay demons and defeat Diablo and his evil brothers. Also despite it's aging graphics and stiff competition from modern games, Diablo 2 still manages to continually be a top selling game each month. Any serious pc gamer would love this gift. 

Counter Strike

If you're buying for a PC gamer, chances are they will have already played this little gem. But even if they have, most would love a trip down memory lane. For most PC gamers this was the ultimate online shooter. Counter Strike despite it's dated appearence still holds it's own and still has a dedicated fan base world wide. All contemporary shooters these days draw some inspiration from this legendary game. 

Civilization 4 + Expansions

While still relatively new, Civilization 4 represents the culmination of nearly 2 decades of perfect game designing, starting all the way back in 1991 with the release of the first Civilization. Each iteration of the this gaming series has brought the gamer one step closer to truly feeling what's like to lead a civilization through the rigors of history, conquering, exploring and advancing science and culture along the way. This is the ultimate strategy game for the ultimate strategy gamer. No PC gamer should not own at least one iteration of the infamous civilization series. Below amazon of course has provided us with another great packaged deal with Civilization 4 and all of it's expansions bundled together. 


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