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5 Game series that need a reboot

Updated on June 30, 2015
Splashdown for ps2
Splashdown for ps2

Why it needs a reboot

Splashdown was an amazing racing game at the time it was released and it is still probably my all time favorite racing game. The tracks were awesome and rides gone wild even added tracks that change throughout the race! In the monotony of all the similar games that have been coming out lately a change of pace would be great and this would be one of the best games to do it. The game was gorgeous on the ps2, with next gen technology this game would probably be one of the best looking on the market and if all else fails it is still a game where you can enter jet ski races as a zombie!


Conkers bad fur day for n64
Conkers bad fur day for n64

Why it needs a reboot

Well I could just say because this game is amazing and anyone who has played it would understand immediately. But conkers was something truly special. It was an action platformer at a time where they were a dime a dozen but it made itself stand out. With the crude humor that conkers contains in todays market which is severely lacking in solid platformers, this one seems like a no brainer. I know it is getting a rerelease in rare replay but I think its about time Conker got a true sequel.

Viewtiful Joe

Viewtiful Joe for gamecube
Viewtiful Joe for gamecube

Why it needs a reboot

Another incredible action platformer-esque game that today's market could really use. Viewtiful Joe had me and many others captivated for hours with its time slowing and speeding up mechanics, interesting puzzles, unique art style, silly yet serious story, and awesome boss battles. It was a game that was entirely unique in every way and had me entranced from start to finish. There wasn't a crazy amount of replay value but that could easily be changed in a reboot. Come on capcom, start rolling the dice again, you are getting a little stale.

Sam and Max

Sam and Max
Sam and Max

Why it needs a reboot

The freelance police haven't been out of commission quite as long as the other entries on this list, but now that telltale is capitalizing off of popular series and making them into point and click games, it doesn't seem like old sam and max will be getting any love anytime soon. This game just oozes charm with its cheesy comedy and incredibly well developed line up of characters, but telltale hasn't taken much advantage of the opportunities the Sam and Max series presents. Season three wasn't exactly stellar and they still have plenty of material to work with. My vote goes to a new Sam and Max, I am sorry, breaking bad the game can wait.

Chibi Robo

Chibi Robo for gamecube
Chibi Robo for gamecube

Why it needs a reboot

Before you get angry about this being on the list, yes I know chibi robo zip lash is right around the corner. But what I, and I'm sure many others want, is a true chibi robo sequel. Nintendo tip toes around it with games like park patrol, photo finder, and zip lash, and while they are all decent games in their own right, they simply aren't chibi robo. Take us back to the Sanderson household and let us meet a new cast of eccentrically charming toys and yet again help the family out during their time of need. Chibi Robo is a charming character and I see the appeal of putting him in many different spin offs but their is no denying that he is most charming in his own home.

Which of these games needs a reboot the most?

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