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5 League of Legend Tips for Noobs

Updated on December 24, 2017

1. Get the Last HIt

The entire LoL system is built on the concept that the best goodies goes to the one who strikes the last hit. When attacking the minions, you only get gold when you deliver the final blow. It doesn't matter how much damage you were able to dish out, if you didn't get the last hit, you don't any gold. Although the gold awarding system is a bit different when you kill champions, the one who got the final hit (a.k.a killer) still gets away with the most gold, while those who participated in the kill (a.k.a assists) have to divide the amount of gold that the killer was awarded between themselves. If it was a large team fight, then it is more than likely that you end up with less than 100 gold despite you having done all the hard work. So remember: GET THE LAST HIT!

2. Get the Right Items

After reading tip1, you might wonder why I've placed such a heavy emphasis on gold. With gold you can buy item, and they will make a HUGE impact on the match. Items basically help upgrade your champion by either giving them more health, more mana, more attack damage, etc. With enough items, you can kill an enemy with just one shot (Zoe), or two if you're playing someone with a lower burst (Ashe). In late-game, items are the game changers. Since everyone is about the same level, what really puts you ahead of the race are your items, so get the right ones. I've seen too many players who buy items off the recommended screen without knowing what they really need, and wastes their hard earned gold. Make sure the item you get is crucial to the hero's abilities. If you are playing a mage, focus on items that increase mana and ability power. If you are playing a tank, go for movement and attack speed. Google search 'builds/items for _ champion', and try to find out which combo works the best for you.

Items menu

3. Don't Over-Extend

First off, what do I mean by overextending? It means that when you go somewhere you shouldn't go just to sweep up a kill. Over-extending can get you killed before you kill the enemy, and can make you the noob who got executed by a turret. Now I don't mean that you should not over-extend when you have a SURE kill. A sure kill is when the enemy needs only one hit to die, you have enough health to endure two turret blasts, and all of the enemy's teammates are far far away. If this is not the case, fall back. I've personally experienced many times when I try chasing down an enemy, only to be killed by their teammates lurking nearby. A reason why the minions and turrets are there is to give you a shield or base of protection. Hide behind the minions when you low on health. The champions attacks in LoL can usually only penetrate one target, so you should be safer around a flock. When all of your minions die or when your enemy is getting too aggressive (e.g. bypassing the minions just to kill you), fall back to your turrets. If he dares to attack you while in range of the turret, he will have to suffer the fury of the turret. Watch out, however, for long range champions, as their attacks can reach you even if they are outside the radius of the turret, meaning they can kill you without suffering from any consequences (Caitlyn, Jinx, Ashe, etc.). If this was the case, fall waaaay back, you might even want to find a nice bush to hide in, then recall to base. Never start a fight where you are isolated and far from protection whether it be your minions or a turret.

Getting killed by a turret

4. Be Observant

Always be aware of where your enemies and team mates are, and their health statuses. You should do this especially when you attacking the enemy's turrets, low on health, or part of a team fight. When you are far away from your turret, it makes enemies who are in the jungle really easy to sneak up to you and assassinate you. Enemies in the jungle are invisible to you when you are not in close range with them, so guestimate which and how many enemies might be in the jungle by counting the amount of enemies visible on the map. If there are only 4 enemies or even less visible on the map, then keep your eyes wide open, and don't go too far from the turret. Keep track of enemies' health bars as well. If there is a enemy whose health is low, rush in there and get that kill. Remember though, the enemy is doing the exact thing with you, so watch out for enemies coming out of the jungle to kill you when you are low on health.

5. Teamwork is Key

Teamwork is the most crucial part in LoL. From the start of the game, you should group up with one or two teammates, go inside the jungle, and kill the monster inside. These monsters give a good amount of gold, experience, and different ability boosts depending on the type you kill. They are very hard to kill when you're under lvl 6, so grab a teammate, and start killing. The same goes for laning. When you are just a beginner, do not go top. The unspoken rules for the lanes are as follows:

  1. Top lane is for those solo carries. Only those who have high skill and high damage can go up this lane. Do not go up there if you don't have the skills to solo kill two champions, or if you are the most skilled player on your team.
  2. The middle-lane is for mages. If you are an ability-based hero then it is best to go mid.
  3. The bottom-lane is for the tanks, marksmen, and glass canons. Basically if you champion is attack damage based, go bot.
  4. The jungle is for assassins. The jungle is for those who like to steal them kills. Junglers usually stay in the jungle killing monster until they spot a low health enemy in any of the lanes. they then go swooping in, and finish that unsuspecting enemy champion.

Group up in lanes to survive big team fights, enemy attacks, and take down turrets much faster. It is simply much more efficient to group up with a team. If the enemy team is grouping up and you are alone in that lane, you are toast; so make sure to team up and face group fights together.

A map of summoner's rift


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