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5 Mistakes All New Minecrafters Make

Updated on June 20, 2013

Becoming a Minecrafter?

Are you new to Minecraft? If so, you may make these mistakes.This hub lists the top 5 mistakes of a new minecrafter-and how to avoid them. Be warned-it is hard to survive in Minecraft. If you do make mistakes, don't give up. Keep trying! So long as you don't give up, it will be worth it in the end.

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1: Digging Straight Down

One of the most famous mistakes, a new minecrafter usually tries digging straight down to find ores and gems. This is NOT a good idea because lava pools spawn naturally lower down in the world. If the minecrafter digs and exits the shaft on top of a lava pool, they will die because of the lava, losing all of their items. One way to avoid this is to make staircase mines or quarries. These mining techniques will allow for a safe and profitable mining expedition, with only a small risk of dying.

Falling into lava.
Falling into lava. | Source

2: Neglecting to Gather Resources

Another mistake that is often made is the mistake of not gathering resources when first spawning into the world. If essential resources, such as wood, are not gathered, then the minecrafter will probably die during their first night. Without any tools or armor, it will be nearly impossible to survive. Also, without food, the player will starve to death slowly. One way to avoid this is to gather essential resources, such as food, wood, cobblestone, and coal, immediately upon spawning into the world. Once the essentials are gathered, then it will be safe to venture out into the world.

Being chased by hostile mobs without sufficient resources to fight.
Being chased by hostile mobs without sufficient resources to fight. | Source

3: Neglecting to Make a Shelter

When players spawn into the world for the first time, many are often obsessed with exploring, instead of building a base of operations. This neglection of a proper home can lead to an overflowing inventory and frequent deaths. To avoid these problems, a secure, well-lit home is needed. It should be built so that it is possible for the player to get in and out and store their items inside, as well as providing a spawnpoint and a place to sleep through the night.

A good starting house in a tree. The elevation provides good protection from mobs.
A good starting house in a tree. The elevation provides good protection from mobs. | Source

4: Attacking Hostile Mobs Without Appropriate Gear

Once a player is settled, with a nice set of wood tools, they may feel like it is possible to take on all of the creatures of the night. However, of course, this is not true. Optimally, waiting until armor and stone tools are gathered would make it easier to survive. If possible, do not engage hostile mobs at all unless fully prepared. Also, if it is absolutely necessary to attack hostile mobs, try to use a ranged weapon, such as a bow. It will make it harder for the mobs to get close and do damage.

Attacking hostile mobs without good weapons.
Attacking hostile mobs without good weapons. | Source
An Ender Chest.
An Ender Chest. | Source

5: Carrying Valuables

Many minecrafters feel that they should be prepared for any and every eventuality, and so bring all of their valuable gear with them all the time. This is a bad idea because if the player dies, then all of their gear will be left floating on the ground. Usually, a player dies far away from their spawn, which makes going back to get the items time-consuming and not viable. Once the player arrives at the scene of their death, then the items have probably despawned. An easy way to avoid this is not to carry valuable gear and items when doing a menial task such as mining or farming. However, if it is imperative that the items must be carried, then a teleporting device must be used. One example is an Ender Chest. The Ender Chest allows any items in it to be accessed at any time from any location in any dimension. It is also explosion-proof, which is handy. Unfortunately, it is hard to craft. For beginning minecrafters, it is recommended not to carry valuable gear.

About to die with valuable items in the inventory.
About to die with valuable items in the inventory. | Source

World Download

For those who don't want to spend time at the beginning gathering resources, here's a link to a pre-made world with a small house and basic tools.

Minecraft Mistakes

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