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5 Neat Flash Games You Can Play For Free

Updated on November 16, 2012
Ranging from the mere silly to just plain weird.
Ranging from the mere silly to just plain weird.

5 Magical Cures to Boredom

Need something to do? Try these flash games that were hand-picked to aid you against boredom at school, the office, or home. Some of these are purely entertainment, with no goal, but all of them are an instant-access pass to doing productive stuff, like sitting in front of the computer. Let's begin.

1. Portal: The Flash Version

If you aren't familiar with the game Portal, you play as a test subject in a sterile scientific facility ruled by a psychotic AI named GLaDOS, testing the highly experimental portal gun, a gun that allows you to create interdimensional portals that tranport from one side of the room to the other. Portal: The Flash Version is based on the 3D first person puzzle game, but throws you into a 2D with all new test chambers and puzzles. These levels will have you turning your mind inside out, featuring elements like automatic turrets, cubes, physics and fun. This game requires you to think outside the box. I highly recommend it.

Zombies. In New Orleans.
Zombies. In New Orleans.

2. Class 3: Outbreak

I came across this little game when wandering the corridors of Google. It's a little zombie city simulator, except that it can use any location on earth you give it, using Google Earth satellite images. There are already thousands of maps featuring locations in New York and most cities, you can make your own to simulate a zombie apocalypse right in your own backyard. Some of the more intricate maps recreate the royal wedding, except with zombies, while others have maps of the white house, or famous bridges, or really anywhere.

3. Fancy Pants Adventure

This highly popular parkour adventure game brings together incredible animation and fluid gameplay. You run, jump, and slide your way though several levels, testing your reflexes. You play as an apparently long-haired, baggy pants wearing man who runs around collecting spirals and mercilessly slaughtering spiders. It's a blast.

Nobody can beat my tire iron skills.
Nobody can beat my tire iron skills.

4. The Last Stand: Union City

Have you had your fill of zombies yet? Yes? No, you want more zombies. In this 2D sidescrolling RPG shooter, you create your own character, and trek throughout Union City. Quite similar to Skyrim and Left 4 Dead 2, it involves inventory managing, heavy exploring, ammo conservation, and a series of quests that you can complete to become... uh... zombie king. I haven't actually finished it yet. What's that? You don't want any more zombies? Good, because despite my full google searches I haven't found more. Yay.

This only took a second to make, and it's tons of fun.
This only took a second to make, and it's tons of fun.

5: Flame Painter

This isn't so much as a game as it is an art tool. You can fling translucent rays of light all over the place to create astonishingly easy, beautiful art with just a few clicks and a swing of the mouse. While the full version costs money, you can try the free version to see what it has to offer. The website this thing is on has some other cool, experimental tech as well, so don't forget to check that out, too!


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