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5 Places to play Free Online Chess Games

Updated on June 19, 2013

For people who have fallen in love with chess and are wondering just what they could do with themselves Are you looking to play chess online for free with either real people or against a chess program? Here are 5 great places to play chess online for free:

Yahoo Games

Playing Chess on yahoo games is fun and highly interactive as you not only play chess against real life opponents but you also get to chat with people. There are at least 10 different game rooms from which to play games but that’s not all. You can also play according to your skill levels as starting from beginners to advanced levels.

Game Colony

Chess on game colony is not as interactive as what you get on Yahoo Games but it’s equally fun. The standard of chess at Game colony is high as it’s a all comers affair meaning both strong/advanced players and beginners alike are all lumped into one game room. But you can choose your opponents from their ratings. There are also prize winning standard chess tournaments on Game colony with prizes ranging from a few dollars to several hundreds. To play free chess games here you’ll have to sign in each time with a different user name as you have a limited number of free games. is the best place to play free chess online because it has a very large pool of active players online numbering several hundreds of thousands at any giving time so you have a very competitive online chess community. What’s more you’re paired against players of equal or slightly equal ratings of plus or minus 200 rating points. There are numerous resources also to help improve your games such as chess lessons and ebooks and regular tournaments that hold daily. You can easily replay your games allowing you analyze your games.

Chess Cube

Chess cube like is a vibrant online chess community and both of them only require you sign up with a facebook account for beginners. But chess cube is not as potent as and there is a limit to number of free games you can play and once that number is exceeded you either upgrade or miss out on playing more games.


Spark Chess only offers a computer program for interested players to compete against computer based chess personalities. You don’t get to play in free multi player games with real people but you can choose your skill level and play against players of equal strength. Personally I only use the games as a learning experience as I can play according to my set time and learn my mistakes in real time.


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