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5 Good Ps4 Games for Kids

Updated on December 15, 2017

Rayman Legends

It’s a good game of course; this won’t come as much of a surprise to any individual who played Rayman Origins one of 2011’s best platform games a very unlikely return for a character mostly written off. With such a solid foundation, Michel Ancel and his team at Ubisoft's Montpellier studio haven't reinvented the wheel. What they've done is taking an already wonderful wheel and polished it into something remarkable.

Like Rayman Origins this is a platform game, very good game continuously delivering gameplay nuggets, every hop is a test, every obstacle a trail, some will have to be cleared fast and others will give you some time to think past it, either way, no stage is designed to just run around jump and complete.

Rayman Legends remain the same on the Ps4 with only higher resolutions and a new function to take screenshots and share them with friends, the game also loads much faster on the consoles and PC, but this didn’t really make me feel different about Rayman, I like the game for the art and style not as much about the technology it uses.

Kids will enjoy this game even if they fail a lot it, it’s the type of game that will require them to think a little, I think in co-op mode the game is enjoyed the most in single player the game can be a little frustrating.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Some may think of this as a close rip off to the Mario games, but with Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams oozing with creativity and nostalgia Ds fans will see familiar gameplay elements with some classical tunes re-imagined as you play through the game, though don’t expect to master this game with ease, Giana Sisters was easy same as New Super Mario Bro’s you could gain lives fairly easily, taking out game-play for the ones seeking a challenge.

When playing Twisted Dream prepare to die, prepare to die a lot, it’s mandatory to play the normal difficulty that will unlock Hardcore and Uber-Hardcore mode after completing certain challenges, the game features a lot of checkpoints, through the game so losing a level is impossible, a number of times you die however will negatively influence your level (I know it’s hard when I die 12 times on a single level) With others a lot more.

Don’t let the difficulty put you off from getting your kid this game, having a very fun game to play that is hard is sometimes all you need to enjoy a game much longer than you anticipated to, like Rage for example, was fun and enjoyed it loads but it pretty much lasted only a few hours with the story before finishing it then all you can do is watch it die slowly while playing the multi-player modes.

In each level, you collect diamonds on your way to the goal. Collecting all the diamonds in a level net's you a star ranking. The ranking also factors in a number of times you die. In order to unlock the boss levels, you must earn a specific amount of stars this might seem easy, but eventually reaching the last boss you might have no choice but to go back and replay certain levels to get a better score otherwise you will never complete it, overall this game looks amazing and won’t think twice to get my kid this for a good challenge.

Snoopy Grand Adventure

Inspired by the Peanuts Movie You will take Snoopy on an adventure in this plat-former game on your adventure to find Charlie Brown and other Peanuts characters, each level is gorgeously painted similar to the style of the movie, each level is fun and keeps you playing, there is a wide variety of levels, but the most fun part is collecting costumes (representing Snoopy’s many egos) to get around obstacles and other challenges in Snoopy’s daydream adventures, each costume has its own abilities and power-ups some will even let you fly.

There are plenty of levels to keep you busy none of them being really hard, however all of the levels I have seen so far is very artistic and fun to play, this alone makes it worth getting.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Octodad is a family-friendly game featuring an octopus-man struggling to keep his identity secret from his human family. There are some extremely funny moments in the game as you try and hide your identity from your family as an octopus and prove to an evil sushi chef that you are human.

you will need to control Octodad from various obstacles, including mundane tasks and simple, yet difficult challenges, the game features some puzzles too and I haven’t had so much fun doing them than any other game that will keep you playing while keeping you entertained, this easily makes up for the graphics as I don’t like it as much, I have seen better.

Tiny Brains

Playing as cute, yet ugly in way lab animals? Count me in, especially when co-op is so much fun to solve puzzles with friends just got better with up to 4 players, each can pick an animal with unique abilities that will help you escape the crazy scientist’s laboratory, you can pick from four animals, the Bat can push objects with his voice, the Rabbit can attract objects with his large ears, the Hamster can freeze air and the mouse can teleport at will.

The game can be enjoyed alone but for the most fun experience, nothing beats co-op with family and friends to enjoy the game together solving puzzles as a team.

This concludes our list be sure to read some of our other lists for fun games both for PlayStation and Xbox.

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© 2015 Phillip Grobler


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    • profile image

      Anirudh Kurma 

      4 years ago

      I say check out some of the indie games on PS4. Some of them a kid will enjoy and the are pretty cheap compared to AAA games. Some I suggest are


      Dust An Elysian Tale



      Trine 2

      As far as AAA games go

      Lego Marvel

      Lego Movie ( not 100% sure if that's on PS4)



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