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5 Reasons Why Ragnarok Online Guild War Still is Best

Updated on March 5, 2013

Ragnarok Online Guild War

Reason #1 Different Classes and Characters Available

A true blue player of Ragnarok Online does have a lot of different classes or jobs as we may say. That is because we want to try every character available and sort what job would you be able to be successful with.

Every job has different skills and tasks in a WOE (War of Emperium). Some are Emperium breakers, healers, support and dispel type characters. Depending on what class you are, there will always be a suitable task for you in WOE. Nevertheless, keeping in mind that in WOE there would be the attackers and the defenders.

Discover what you really like!

Choose the character or job that suits your capabilities in WOE!

These are the classes that are the most essential part of playing WOE.

1. Professor (DLP, OLP) - when you say front-liner. Professor is a must for every guild to succeed. A fast caster OLP chain de-buff with Dispel to every player in the other guild to remove their buffs, devo or other important buffs. A DLP can also provide the same prowess but they are more on providing Wall of Fog (WOF) or Land Protector (LP).

2. Paladin (Devo, Gospel) - This is the class every guild should have to succeed. It provides bulky support specially for Gospel type. Devo type Paladins provide support by tanking the damage inflicted on your teammates especially on Profs and Creators. That's why in a stack, Paladin should always be at the middle so it would be hard to hit and focus on.

3. Priests - As always, a good priest never let a guildmate down. Providing buffs, SP recovery, and AOE healing, priests have always been essential since the old-age of Ragnarok.

4. Wizards (Ganba, Full Power Type)- The ultimate mob killer, Wizards are ones who inflict disastrous damage to a stack or a guild. With their powerfull skills like Meteor Storm (MS) or Storm Gust (SG), they can also disrupt Professor's AOE defensive skill like the Land Protector by using Ganbantein.

5. Creators (SPP, FCP) - A support or killer type. Creators unleash hell in the battlefield with their speedy kills via Acid Demonstration or supporting via Slim Potion Pitcher (SPP) or Full Chemical Protection (FCP). They are also assigned of killing those Professors.

6. Champions - Champions can also provide support via Pneuma to disable long range physical attacks on your team. And of course, the one shot killer, give respect to champions ability to dodge or move fast with their Body Relocation, and kill with their Asura Strike.

No matter what job you prefer, there will always be a task just for you in WOE. We also consider Snipers, Clowns and Dancers as important as those above. But we first must mention those.

There are a lot of classes to choose from!

We could not discuss every class available because it would be self explanatory if you are a legit Ragnarok Online player. Better check out Reason #2.

To properly discover what class you really want. Let us study the know-hows in WOE!

1. WOE First Edition (FE) is more on emp-breaking and tough competition. There are no barricades, no guardian stones to be destroyed. You must keep in mind that First Edition is a lot more different than WOE Second Edition (SE).

2. WOE Second Edition (SE) is far more strategical than FE. It gives the Guild leader the chance to discover how their pack really works. Starting of with destroying each cades or guardian stones then the emp. There are tactics most professional guilds use in SE. Like stacking, Choke point playing, and some other strategy that would bring them to the Emp.

3. Most people during WOE Second Edition walks together stacked to provide better support to all players. There are reasons for this, a pally devo should NEVER be killed during SE because it provides support to those essential classes like DLP Professor, Creators, Wizards and OLPs.

5 stars for Ragnarok Online Guild War


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