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5 Rocket League Tips to Improve your Gameplay

Updated on May 4, 2018

Rocket League has been a game on the rise for the past three years, and because of its continued growth, new strategies and tricks have been discovered. While pro level players may already know these tricks, they are crucial for beginner and intermediate players that seek to improve their game play and reach higher ranks in the competitive scene.

1. Aerials

While it may seem obvious, the ability to jump into the air and control your car while soaring through the sky is vital for moving up through the ranks. With the ability to move throughout the air, you now control the field in a 3D setting, rather than if you were to simply stay on the ground in a 2D setting. This technique will allow you to challenge a ball flying high above you, and prevent any offense emerging from the enemy team. Performing an aerial can even open up scoring opportunities for your team, as shooting from the sky can be very surprising for your opponents.

However, performing an aerial comes at great risk. If you miss the ball in the air, you are left falling down and potentially out of the play for awhile. So you must practice your ability to hit the ball consistently and also your ability to recover from the fall afterwards. Practice this in a live setting and you will slowly learn how to position yourself in the air to hit the ball perfectly and to have a smooth recovery.

2. Dribbling

While controlling the air through aerials is an excellent form of control, dribbling can prove to be a useful form of control as well. Dribbling the ball is when you keep the ball close to your car, or even right on top of it. While still holding onto the ball, drive forward and take the ball past your opponents to provide scoring opportunities, or even score by yourself. The ability to keep control of the ball will be essential to winning any game of Rocket League, and dribbling is the quintessential form of ball possession. This technique can prove extremely difficult, but can be mastered through training.

3. Know When to Pass

The ability to pass to a teammate may seem easy, but many times in a fast-paced game like Rocket League, you may feel like your only choice is to shoot on a net as soon as possible. Even in high ranks, such as Diamond, passing is a rare sight to see.

Here's a scenario: You and your teammate are perpendicular to each other and moving up the field. You have possession of the ball, and there's a goalie in net. The goalie is anticipating you to take the shot, and is likely lined up to save any shot you put on net. If you were to pass to your teammate, the goalie would be caught off guard, allowing your teammate to make a goal for your team.

The best way to practice this is to know where your teammates are on the field and make an attempt to pass to them. Try alerting them beforehand by using quick chat, and saying "Take the shot!" and then passing it to them.

Another great way to practice this is to find a friend and verbally talk with them to make passing opportunities.

4. Half-flips

Half-flipping is when you maneuver your car from facing one direction to facing the opposite direction, essentially doing a 180° turn. While you are able to simply make a K-turn to face the other way, that takes time, and time is precious in a five minute game of Rocket League. If the ball is hit to your side of the field and you're still in your opponent's half, you need to rotate back to your net as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is where the half-flip comes in. By jumping backwards, and "cancelling" your flip by pushing your analog stick upwards, you are left upside down, and facing the opposite direction. From there, air roll so that you face upwards, and you will land on your wheels, having done a 180° turn. Do these steps in a quick motion, and you will be heading back to your net to save any incoming shot.

5. Boost Management

Boost is the only resource in Rocket League. It makes your car speed extremely fast, and let's you fly higher when performing aerials. There are two forms of boost management; your own boost and the opponent's boost.

Your Own Boost:

A little known fact about Rocket League is that if you boost long enough, you will go supersonic. Supersonic speed allows you to travel as fast as you would if you were boosting. If you try boosting while in supersonic, you will go the exact same speed if you weren't. So if you notice you're in supersonic speed (You can tell if your screen has white lines rushing on it, or if you trail is showing near your wheels), then make sure to conserve your boost, as you're going at maximum speed.

The Opponent's Boost:

While you have complete control over your own boost, it is essential to take control of your opponent's boost. Now, you can't take your opponent's controller and force them to stop boosting, but you can steal their boost on the field. For example, if you take a shot on their net and have to rotate back to your net, try to steal boost capsules on the ground in their half. This is called "boost starving", because you're literally starving them of any boost for them to use. Without boost, they can't effectively make offensive pressure, or even be able to make defensive plays.

All in All

All of these tips and strategies listed above are utilized by high ranking players and have practiced them for years. Don't expect yourself to become a master at all of them so quickly; practice makes perfect after all. Go into training mode, and practice the mechanical tricks, then go into live games to test them while practicing the strategies I've listed as well. Having friends play with you can help with many of these tricks and can make learning them much faster and more enjoyable. Best of luck and have fun!

Which tip/strategy did you not know about?

Which tip/strategy did you not know about?

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© 2018 Kenneth Cousineau


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