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5 Silly Game Reviews

Updated on March 21, 2017

1. Jazzpunk

Lets start off with one of my personal favorites, Jazzpunk. This is a rather quirky, humor filled game with a fantastic art style. It's hard to say things about this game without revealing too much spoilers, but the main story of the game is that you play as a character named Polyblank, who is sent by The Director on different missions to obtain odd items. After completing two of the main missions, Polyblank is told to go on vacation. Eventually, things get weird and the story really starts to unravel, especially after you come across The Editor.

2. Haunt the House

Up next is a game that can be found on Adult Swim games, Haunt the House. The main goal of the game is pretty much to chase people out of your house by possessing different items. Each item has three different haunts, which are unlocked the creepier the atmosphere gets. The main goal is to chase people out, but if they get too scared, they will jump out of a window. The final score is based on how many you managed to scare out of the house, killing the guests takes away from the final score. This is a cute game, I mean you get to control an adorable looking ghost.

3. Robot Unicorn Attack

Now to game a lot of people know about, Robot Unicorn Attack. There are a few different versions of this game;

Heavy Metal, Christmas Edition, Evolution and Retro Unicorn Attack. Robot Unicorn Attack 2 was released for mobile versions and introduces enemies, customizations for your unicorn, and new maneuvers.

All of the games have the same endless running, side scrolling platform. The main goal of these games is to get the most points possible, earned by collecting pixies, play time, and dashing through crystal stars.

4. Amateur Surgeon

Have you ever wanted to be a surgeon but not go through the four years of school? Well this is the perfect game for that! Perform surgery with a pizza cutter and other weird, assorted items. Try not to kill your patient, or else you lose and have to start over again.

This game follows the main character, Dr. Alan Probe, on his quest to become a surgeon. He meets Dr. Ignacious Bleed, after hitting him with his truck, who guides him through different surgeries. The deeper you go, the weirder the patients are.

5. Octodad

So, this is one of the most random games I've come across. The main goal of the game is to control an octopus as he goes about his daily life, completing house chores, going to the store, and spending time with his family. Nobody suspects that he's really an octopus, except the chef. Throughout the game, you must avoid being caught by the chef and having your secret revealed. There is also an ink meter, that fills up when people stare at you and your run into items. When the bar fills, the level restarts from the last checkpoint.

Final thoughts?

These are just a very small amount compared to all the weird games that can be found. They can either be long story based games, or just short flash games, either way they are entertaining and, at times, very odd.

Which of these titles do you think is the weirdest?


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