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5 Things That Killed Resident Evil Franchise

Updated on August 3, 2015
5 Things That Killed Resident Evil Franchise
5 Things That Killed Resident Evil Franchise

Resident Evil is one of the most beloved franchises by gamers. It had a very successful start but recent games have lost so bad the direction that fans have given up hope already. It lives like a zombie (and not in a good sense) between life and death, brainless, soulless. An old shell of its former glory. But why did this happen? You will find out below...

Resident evil; 5. Loose Ends
Resident evil; 5. Loose Ends

5. Loose Ends

In the first games the story let references to characters and storylines, there was talk about Ada and Birkin and then they appeared in subsequent deliveries. Most ropes were tied in the next game, which sometimes left other loose but not many. Since Resident Evil 4 started to have an excess of narrative elements that were not played in the sequel. Much of this material was presented as extra missions, such as the mysterious company Ada really worked for, or the many others in which Albert Wesker worked, or what happened to Hunk, Claire and much of the cast of Resident Evil: Revelations.

The aim of this is was to generate expectations and make a bigger story. The problem was that on each delivery this "bigger" story behind the scenes is ignored or barely touched. This gives me the impression that they are writting the story as they deliver games and then they expect to mix all the stories together in a new one. Honestly, It would have been better that the whole story was written before delivering the last games thus to improve the quality of it.

5 Things That Killed Resident Evil Franchise
5 Things That Killed Resident Evil Franchise

4. Characters, Characters ... and more Characters

It is true, they must bring life and variety to the games with new faces. But Resident Evil presents you new characters and when you barely know them, they introduce you to others just to forget about the previous ones. Many of us would like to know what happened to Rebecca Chambers, Billy Coen or Ark Thompson. In the recent Resident Evil Revelations 2 Capcom tried to reintroduce old characters. But more than that, it would be interesting to know what happened to them in their daily lives before facing hordes of monsters. What psychological problems they have, who have been tempted to give up everything, if they smoke, drink, or whatever ... If a deeper profile into existing characters was given, instead of adding new names, Resident Evil would enjoy renewed strength.

3. Final bosses and Villains

The problem of final bosses. Remember who they were in the first titles?: the Tyrant, Mister X, Birkin G and Nemesis. Now we have, from the Code: Veronica, our villains mutate themselves to kill our heroes. No person in their right mind would do that, and not many of the main villains seems crazy. The result is that each delivery presents a new villain of which we had never been talk about in previous games, but they suppose to spent their whole lifes doing scientific experiments that culminated in a fit of anger, an injection of lethal virus, several shots and bazooka shot. Wesker proved to be a great villain because it lasted several deliveries pulling the strings from the darkness, until he decided to inject the Uroboros on himself. Wesker deserved to be the final boss of the entire franchise, but as it was complicated to revive him again, they invented him a family of clone brothers, and even a child.

2. Virus A, B, C, D ... What's Next?

The T-virus was a scientific breakthrough. It took decades of painstaking research. The result: a virus capable of altering the genetics of both plant and animal cells as well reanimate the dead, creating new species of monsters, giant wasps and worms; a virus that is highly dangerous and infectious. Along with this finding, a brilliant young man developed an experimental virus, much more powerful than T as mutated unstable.

But years later was found, by chance, a parasite in Spain able to mutate its guests and also control them like ants. And in less than five years they put all the virus into a blender and originated the Uroboros and C virus. may then mix all viruses again to create a new one that promises to be the "definitive" ... and so the new virus is becoming less credible. Capcom had to stay with a defined set of viruses to be used: if the T virus took so long to be created new ones should not come out of the microwave.

1. Lights, Camera ... Action!

Remember those times when you walked Raccoon City, escaping from hordes of monsters trying to not waste your low ammunition, or how you prayed for not to be surprised by a hunter in the Spencer Mansion? Do you remember that feeling of loneliness and desolation, the fear caused by dimly lit rooms or squeaky hinges from open windows? And what about lightning, distant moan, steps dragged, grunts? All those feelings that you can only find in the first titles.

Now you just need to worry about pimp your weapon to maximum, aim for the head and shoot, or throw from a window with style and mow down your attackers, which incidentally will be also armed, from a bat with a nail to double chainsaws and missile launchers. That's why it has been so criticized, abuse of the action. You look to the first Resident Evil and then the last and the first thing you ask yourself is what happened? If they are not the same game anymore. In fact, they are not.

What options does Resident Evil has to resurrect? It can return from the ashes as a reboot or tell old stories set in the late 90's or early 2000 with forgotten characters. Many people think that the continuation of the story but with appropriate corrections would be enough, but the story of Resident Evil was taken to such extremes that it is absurd, unless you borrow the Wolverine from X-Men: Days of Future Past to return to past and erase the last games (just to continue with the absurd arguments)

What do you think? Does Resident Evil still have salvation? We want to hear your comments.

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    • tommylop profile image


      3 years ago from Colorado.

      No problem

    • betozg lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Alberto Zumaya 

      3 years ago

      oh, Thank you!

    • tommylop profile image


      3 years ago from Colorado.

      Umm good hub on 4 things killing RE revelations (your missing number 4 on the list)


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