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5 Changes We Want To See In Call of Duty 2018

Updated on January 13, 2018
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Tayyab is a student by day and a gaming fanatic by night. He plans to provide the best possible tips and tricks to help fellow gamers.

Call of Duty: WWII has recieved an overwhelming response by the community, mainly because they returned the series to its roots with boots-on-the-ground gameplay. This was an excellent step taken by Sledgehammer Games, they perfected the game with outstanding graphics and a bold story-line.

It was long due of the series to go back to its roots, despite being criticized for the first futuristic game, the other developers took a bold move of doing 2 more futuristic games (sarcasm). But finally, they have listened to the cries of the declining fan base and produced a non-futuristic game. However, there are still some things that, somewhat, missed the mark. Here are only 5 of the major changes we need to see in the next installment of Call of Duty.

1. No Supply Drops

Supply drop system is the most lethal and cancerous thing that has dawned upon gaming these days. It is a filthy excuse for developers and publishers to release incomplete games, an excuse to charge the customers again for content they were promised - gone are days of playing the game to unlock bonus content, now you can just buy your way into bonus content.

Therefore, it is crucial for the developers to remove this cancer from gaming. This will not only promote people to play the game more, it will also level out the gap rising between players who are willing to pay and who want to play.

If the items included in supply drops are cosmetic changes only like in CSGO, then this system is bearable. However, the fact that there are different weapons with different stats is outrageous. Even people who buy the season pass, are not able to access that content due to the randomness of the patterns. Removing the supply drops is necessary to remove the toxicity of the game and, to provide an enjoyable experience for the consumers.

2. Better Servers

The main issue with Call of Duty, that everybody faces around the world is the server problems. Not being able to find a game is the most frustrating thing to face as student, you already have limited time due to studies, and when you finally find some spare time for leisure, you are faced with a matchmaking screen that won't ever go away.

Another big issue is that when you finally connect, you will have the most unpredictable ping, lagging here and there, dying after you have gone around a corner. And if by any chance, you find a game with a good connection, you finally start to do well in-game, getting the scorestreaks, winning the game. Here comes the host migration to finally snatch away the only chance at happiness you had. You get kicked.

Thirdly, at launch, the servers were not able to withhold the insane amount of people trying to play. Nothing worse than when you buy a game at launch, download a day one patch and still you are unable to join the multiplayer servers. The people that buy the game at launch never get what they hoped for. The developers are never able to launch the game smoothly even after beta testing. It is about time that they learn from their mistakes and provide a smooth gaming experience to the fans.

3. No Flinch System

The Flinch System has been criticized since the time that it was introduced. From pro to casual gamers, everyone has faced a moment where they lost an already-won gunfight due to to the randomness of the flinch system. You are never really able to get the hang of it, despite of the playing the game for years, I've never gotten used to it. Even recoil of the guns is adaptable but flinch is not.

If you do not know what flinch is, it is essentially the random movement of the your gun when you are shot by an enemy, it will cause you to go off-target and miss shots. So, this system basically forces you to use one of your perk slots to minimize the effect of the flinch, giving you less personalization options for classes. So it is best for this mechanic to stay out of the game.

4. Regular Pick-10 Class System

Pick-10 Class System in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Pick-10 Class System in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Honestly, the Division Class system in CoD: WWII is a bit weird as it takes away the creative control of the player. Even though, it restricts player from using all of the over-powered perks, it also forces the player to use the useless perks which are not going to be helping your game in any way possible.

In my opinion, the Pick-10 system of Black Ops 2 was the best class system for Call of Duty. It gave the players enough control to choose their favorite perks but not enough control to give up their scorestreaks for more perks like in Advanced Warfare. It is the most feasible option for a balanced game.

I don't speak for the whole community, but all the people I have interacted with agree that the division class system is not perfect. It has brought balance to the gameplay but snatched away the personalization and creativity factor which is the thing Call of Duty is loved for.

5. A New And Innovative Co-op Mode

Special Ops Co-op Mode Menu in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Special Ops Co-op Mode Menu in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

I have to confess that the zombies co-op game mode by Treyarch was a phenomenal idea. It provided the perfectly simple and totally different game mode for a first person shooter. However, it was only loved because Treyarch nailed the game mode with the best storyline as well as a thrilling gameplay experience.

As seen, zombies co-op game mode was an absolute hit in the community, other developers resorted to this game mode for hyping up the game. That maybe the reason why they never got the recipe right, like in Advanced Warfare's Exo Zombies game mode and Infinite Warfare's Space Zombies. These game modes did not really make it up to par with zombies done by Treyarch, prime examples - World at War Zombies, Black Ops 1 Zombies as well as Black Ops 2 Zombies. The storyline was amazing and the gameplay was horrifyingly enjoyable.

But, over the years, this game mode has gotten stale and repetitive. There is no innovation in new games these days. Every developer resorting to there one time hit game and using the same recipe over and over. What we need in 2018 is a totally new co-op mode. I personally loved the co-op modes in previous Call of Duty titles like Modern Warfare 2's Special Ops and Ghost's Extinction because they brought something new and refreshing to the plate.

Developers need to take a leap of faith and try something new. Just like Treyarch introduced the zombies game mode, they need to be innovative and if they put enough effort into, it will surely be visible in the game and with a community as supportive as Call of Duty, the fans will appreciate and love the effort. They should forget the past, move on and bring new ideas into rotation.

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