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5 Things You Need to Know About the "Winter Siege" Event in Call Of Duty: WWII Multiplayer

Updated on December 12, 2017
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Another winter, another Christmas, another Call of Duty, another Call of Duty winter seasonal event - this time around, "Winter Siege", running over the festive season of December on Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer, including all new 2XP playlists
Another winter, another Christmas, another Call of Duty, another Call of Duty winter seasonal event - this time around, "Winter Siege", running over the festive season of December on Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer, including all new 2XP playlists

5 Things To Make Awareness Of For The 2017 Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer Seasonal Event - The Winter Event Titled "Winter Siege"

It's Christmas season all around, and Call of Duty: WWII (here on out, simply referred to as "WW2") multiplayer has been active online since 3rd November, and that means there is no time like the present for newbie players to the online warfare experience.

It's World War 2, and that means there is a whole load of World War 2 weaponry, score-streaks, explosive equipment, special equipment, locations for multiplayer maps, mass warfare environment littered with destroyed tanks, abandoned homes, building wreckages, crashed fighter planes, and so much more.

"WW2's" multiplayer is buzzing with life as of now, with players new and old, all battling it out to become the best level, the best prestige, the best combat statistical player on the face of the planet. Whatever the end goal, with a little time, a little luck, and a little skill, all will be to the players who stick around through thick and thin, to the most bitter of sweet ends.

The multiplayer in "WW2" has been given the star treatment, with having a newly added addition of the Headquarters social space, a place to go to clear the mind, free all of those battling urges and replace them with some friendly sights, and the most common purpose to go to the Headquarters space is to open supply drops, whilst others in the 48 man/woman lobby watch them. Boosting social score, done by being socially active in the Headquarters space, will increase a players social rank, and for every new social level there are rewards (depot credits, supply drops, weapons, etc.).

Ranking up to the max level of 55 can be tiresome, wearing down a players mental faculties to a place of complete whimsy, as it becomes clear that this is going to take quite the while to max out the levels, as after hitting level 55 the player can prestige. Why, whimsical?

Well, why not. Playing "WWII" multiplayer can be quite wearing when seeking to level up as quick and efficiently as possible, but by level 45 things start to feel like true fun, and so enters that truly remarkable feeling of whimsy, as a player begins to accept that this is the last leg, and therefore the final goodbye to a wonderful prestige emblem. A touching moment, truly touching once a player meets with the general in the HQ's space to prestige one step closer to master prestige, the top prestige in the games multiplayer.

No.1 - Complete The Daily, Weekly Operations Challenges

Major Howard has some special orders over the next few weeks, during the "Winter Siege" event, and that includes 24 hour challenges to complete for the winter supply drop as a reward, and these are ever so simple, and may only involve playing a single match on a single multiplayer game mode (so far, there has been one for playing a match on a hardcore game mode, and another for playing a match on gridiron). Easy peasy, right! Sure, and there are going to be one challenge open each day to earn one extra winter supply drop. Now, that's a fair game.

Then, there are the weekly operations challenges, that include some more timely tasks, but all very achievable, and relatively quickly if the player sticks to playing the 24/7 playlist, Winter Carentan, and the challenges that have already emerged include 250 kills on a winter map whilst equipping the Infantry division, and then another for getting the same, 250 kills on a winter map, except this time whilst equipping the armoured division. The last of recent, was a challenge to get 30 long shot kills, on whatever map and whatever multiplayer game type.

No.2 - The Weekly Special Order At Major Howard's Desk Is Merely Rewarding The Player With The Base Weapon

Let's clarify, in that the weekly special operations challenge requires players to complete a certain amount of matches, and this can be any game mode. To unlock the Sten, a player must first accept this order, and as long as the player doesn't abandon the order it will remain there for as long as the player does so choose (although, it will need to be completed before the 2nd January, 2018), and the challenge is to complete a total of 50 matches. Once done, the base weapon variant of the Sten will be officially added to the available inventory.

Here's the catch: The operations challenge, located at the bottom, is a special operations challenge, and only allows one to be equipped at any one time, and each have match completion requirements of between 30 to 50 matches before a new one can be added to the completion pile. There have been a grand total of 5 new weapons added to "WW2" multiplayer through the "Winter Siege" event, and all of the base weapons can be earned through the special operations challenge at Major Howard's desk in the HQ space.

More precisely, here's the catch: The base weapon can be earned through the operations challenges, but the winter edition of the new weapon additions can only be acquired through completing the collections, and the rest of the various weapon variants for these weapons must be earned through winter supply drops. Others, not naming anyone in particular, have been spreading the word that there are multiple ways to earn the new weapons from "Winter Siege", only each way provides an entirely different weapon variant, something that is important to know if a player plans on unlocking them all, and not merely one at random.

No.3 - Save All Of Your Supply Drops

There comes a time when everyone reaches a point of pure dissatisfaction with their own gameplay experiences, even when the matches run smoothly and the tides have turned in the players favour.

Here's the key, and that is to keep the game feeling fresh, and most do this by alternating between weapons after completing all of the challenges for one, and then simply by moving onto another. In the end, even this can lose its appeal, and the game begins to feel dry once again.

Have no fear, as there is a clear cut way to bring the life back into "WW2's" multiplayer, and that is by collecting supply drops, and this may be somewhat difficult to some, but practically second nature to others, as there is a sense of complete satisfaction when a player pops over to their supply drops screen and sees that there are 30 common supply drops, 50 rare supply drops and 10 winter supply drops, as this is a mark of patience, dedication and pure OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) habits.

(Image - "WWII" multiplayer "Winter Siege" event) - the timetable for 'week one' of the Winter Siege festive event, running throughout December on "WWII", online.
(Image - "WWII" multiplayer "Winter Siege" event) - the timetable for 'week one' of the Winter Siege festive event, running throughout December on "WWII", online.

No.2 - Play The Double XP Playlist - Winter Carentan

For those relatively new to the Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer, this December is an exciting time to be on "WWII" online, as the latest event (the first "WWII" multiplayer event), Winter Siege, has recently launched, having started on 8th December, running all the way up to 2nd January, of 2018.

As seen in the timetable for Winter Siege week one in the image above, the famous returning map, Carentan, whose origins sprout all the way back to Call of Duty 2, is now available for a limited time to all "WW2" multiplayer players, in its wintery edition, available online through the Winter Siege playlist, offering two selections for 2XP Winter Carentan (core moshpit: TD, Dom, HP, KC), and 2XP Winter Carentan (hardcore moshpit: TD, Dom, HP, KC).

Make the most of the 2XP playlist for Winter Carentan 24/7, as it is only available for the first week of the Winter Siege event, ending on Tuesday, December 14th at 10AM Pacific, or 6PM (UK time). Not able to get around to playing "WWII" online this week, then fear not, as the 2XP Winter Carentan 24/7 playlist is due to return on the fourth and final week for the Winter Siege event.

Plus, as an added bonus, the Winter Siege does not end there, as next week, starting right where the previous 2XP playlist left off, there is due to be another 2XP playlist that starts next Tuesday, Gun Game, the fan favourite game mode from previous Call of Duty, multiplayer titles. The following Tuesday, the Winter Siege 2XP playlist will switch again, replacing Gun Game with a 2XP War playlist, but for this weekly playlist the double XP is being instead replaced with double division XP. Then, as mentioned, the following and final week for the Winter Siege event, there is going to be the return of the 2XP Winter Carentan playlist to wrap things up.

No.1 - The New Winter DLC Weapons Are Good

That's right, we know about all of the Winter Siege weapons, and we know exactly what it is that we need to do in order to acquire them. The base weapons (the standard issue) for the 5 new weapons can be acquired by simply completing the weekly special order, found at Major Howard's office at the HQ space, and the requirements are as basic as they come, requiring a player to basically complete 30-50 matches (win, lose, it really doesn't matter), and the standard issue weapon is available in the create-a-class menu.

Then, there is the winter variants for these 5 new weapons, all available in the collections menu, listed under the Winter Siege section. Here, there is all of the 5 winter siege variants for the newly added weapons, and to unlock each variant the player must have earned each of the loot items, acquirable through supply drops and by purchasing each loot item with depot credits.

Then, there are the rare, legendary and heroic weapon variants for each of these 5 new weapons, and these are only acquirable through the winter supply drops, making it more the luck of the draw for the rest of the variants for these winter drop weapons.

As, the most part of the variants must be unlocked through the one-off winter supply drops that a player earns, either through completing orders and challenges, or by earning them through repetition, playing lots and lots of online matches (really, 2XP Winter Carentan matches, or ordinary playlist matches, it all counts towards more winter supply drop openings).

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