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5 Things the Games Industry NEEDS to Fix (And the odds that they will)

Updated on December 13, 2015

It’s no secret I love video games. But that doesn’t mean I love everything about the industry. Here are some things that I’d love to see change in the near future as well as the likelihood any of them will actually happen.

1. Less Emphasis on Realistic Graphics

Look, I get it, impressive graphics are an easy way to show how far technology has come. It’s an easy way to sell games and new consoles. But if you’re spending tens of millions of dollars and years of development time in order for the game to look amazing instead of actually being amazing, you need to rethink some things.

The Order 1886 anyone?

How long have we been waiting for Final Fantasy Versus XIII- I mean XV?

Exactly. And besides, if you show off super amazing graphics at E3 and then downgrade, you’re just going to anger potential buyers because they feel they are getting an inferior product from what they were promised. Watch Dogs anyone?

Chances anything will change: 10%

2. Stop it with the Pre-Order Nonsense.

Seriously, just stop it. Enough with the “pre-order now and get this extra gun, costume, level, character, whatever!” No. And stop announcing pre-order bonuses so far in advance too. Don’t announce a game and then immediately follow up with “PRE-ORDER!!!” If the game doesn’t have a definite release date, then I don’t want to hear about pre-orders. Convince people to buy the game by showing off a game that is worth buying, and not by making it seem like the only way to get the complete experience is by pre-ordering.

And stop it with the pre-order content exclusive to Game Stop, Amazon, or Wherever. People shouldn’t have to buy the same game five times to get all the goodies.

Chances anything will change: 50%

3. Games Actually Functioning Properly on Day 1

Remember back in the day when games actually worked? Can we go back to that? It’s gotten to the point where I just assume the biggest games of the year are going to all be a mess at launch. There’s just too much pressure to get games out the door within a certain time frame. Publishers need to let their teams take their time developing something of high quality rather than force them to hurry up and ship the game in whatever broken state it’s in. Because nothing ruins a beautiful, immersive gaming experience quite like randomly getting stuck in a wall or the floor.

Chances anything will change: 25%

4. Get Rid of this Somewhat "Exclusive" Thing That’s Been Going On

I get it, exclusive games are the biggest draw for a system. But when every other game coming out has some kind of exclusivity deal, it ruins the whole point. Between timed exclusives, extra hour of content only on x system, and first to receive new updates and content exclusives, it has gotten to the point where everyone is better off just not factoring in exclusive content at all when deciding on which console to buy. You’d have to make a checklist of all the games you’re interested in and which system has the best deal. It's not worth the headache. With deals like this, publishers are only hurting themselves.

Chances anything will change: 5%

It’s nice to think publishers should have some integrity, but realistically speaking nothing will change unless people vote with their wallets. And I don’t see that happening any time soon.

Bonus: More Good Games for PS Vita

This is a personal request. I feel so bad for this poor thing. It’s a great handheld, but just doesn’t get much love. Most of the games that get released for Vita are obscure JRGs. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great ones out there, but some variety would be nice. My favorite game for Vita is Killzone Mercenary, so maybe some more games like that would be nice. Maybe? Please?

Chances anything will change: 0%

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to cry myself to sleep while holding my precious little Vita up to my heart. It's okay, I still love you.


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