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5 Things the Xbox One does better than PS4

Updated on April 18, 2016

Xbox One owners need to have that "come to Jesus" meeting and realize that the Xbox One will probably not be able to catch up to the PS4 sales. The mass gaming population have decided (with their wallets) that the Playstation 4 is the winner in this war.

Does this mean the Xbox One is obselete? Nope. Not even close. As a matter of fact, some of these PS4 owners may be feeling a bit "green" with envy at the Xbox One.

I can remain objective. I own both consoles and I have spent quality time with both. I bought the Xbox One after I already owned the PS4. I too felt the green envy. Since buying the Xbox One, I have noticed many things that the Xbox One is miles ahead of in comparison to the PS4.

The Xbox One could end up the "Dreamcast" of this generation. An awesome console which maybe won't sell as well as it's competitor. Does this make in a bad console? No way. I would prefer to play my Dreamcast much more than the PS2 (and the PS2 outsold the Dreamcast).

In this hub I am going to list 5 things that the Xbox One is better at than the PS4. Some of this is subjective and is down to preference. Leave your comments at the bottom of the page and tell me why you think either is better.

Please be aware that this is opinion. I am fully aware of how great both consoles are. The PS4 is an awesome console too.


1. The "Snap" app

The October update to the Xbox One has introduced a fast way to send messages, view achievements, view online friends and pretty much add any app to the side of your screen.

You may be thinking this is just another hokey addition, but in reality the Snap app is probably the most convenient way to take care of additional console tasks without interrupting gameplay.

While playing a game, I can double tap the "Guide" button on my controller which brings up the mini snap menu. From here I can read and reply to my messages, record the last 30 seconds of gameplay, or snap any app to the side of the screen.

If I am achievement hunting, I can quickly view the achievements in seconds. If I am stuck on a game, I can open internet explorer at the side of my screen and read some tips. If I want to check the scores of a football game, I can snap a sports app or just display the TV at the side of the screen. If I want to play some YouTube music videos while playing games, I can do this. Limitless possibilities.

Describing the Snap app to someone who hasn't used it is sometimes futile. It sounds like another feature just thrown in for convenience. Once you use it though it will change how you expect consoles to operate. When I go back to my PS4, I greatly miss the snap feature. I would not be surprised if Sony try to introduce something similar in the future.


2. Xbox Live

This one can not be denied by Sony only players. PSN has been disastrous (especially in the last 2 months). For a paid product, this is unacceptable. I have even been kicked out of games for PSN maintenance with absolutely no previous warning. Nothing on the website, no messages on my PS4.. just booted out.

Xbox Live, so far, has only had unannounced issues with the friends list (which lasted around 24 hours). If there is maintenance going down in Xbox Live, I can get a warning prior on the Xbox website. If the connection seems sketchy, I can go on the Xbox website and see if there is anything going on.

Forgetting maintenance and downtime, Xbox Live is still a better service. I have had minimal problems playing games online (Battlefield 4 has been a joy to play on Xbox One while I struggle sometimes to finish lengthy conquest games on PS4). Microsoft have an incredible 300,000 servers at their disposal to deliver a quality online experience.

Even video streaming is perfect. No hiccups and a quality stream every time. You do get what you pay for with Xbox Live.

I will not discuss the PSN / XBL free game promotions which you get when subscribing. These games are subjective and down to personal preference. I will say though that both consoles have had abysmal free games so far (Resogun and Time Force being 2 of the better games). Take your pick with these free game services, but I don't consider either to be great at the minute.

The icing on the proverbial cake though, is the PSN hacks which have taken place in the past. I am sure this will be avoided in the future, but hackers who steal credit card information can't be ignored.


3. The Controller

Not much has drastically changed from the Xbox 360 controller, but the Xbox One controller is arguably better than the PS4 controller.

When I use the PS4 controller, it feels a bit too wide for my hands. It also has considerable weight. The touchpad, while innovative, is kind of unresponsive too. I have only used the touchpad with Thief though, and I found it intuitive and rather useless. I hope more games will use it to a better extent in the future, but at present, it sucks. I also really don't care to have a mono speaker on the controller and I find this gimmicky. The share button too, while functional, is a hassle to get to grips with straight away (double tap, hold in, press once... what?? A simple function should not need a trip to Google to work out).

Sony's parallel dual analog sticks also feel weird after using the Xbox 360 / Xbox One's analog sticks. It feels like a second nature using Xbox One's sticks, but this could be down to personal preference. I did use the PS3 more than the Xbox 360, so I can't put this down to personal experience. I just find the Xbox One's analog sticks to be much better.

The Xbox 360 controller's Achilles heel has always been the d-pad, and Microsoft has addressed this a less chunky 4-way design which is a marked improvement over it's bulging and inaccurate predecessor. While it is an improvement from the Xbox 360 d-pad, I still find the d-pad on the PS4 better. I liked fighting games more on the PS3 and I have gotten used to it. Not much has changed in the PS4 d-pad, so my personal preference is the PS4 d-pad.

All in all though, the Xbox One controller is just better. If I had to choose one over the other, it would be the Xbox One controller.

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4. EA Access

Controversial choice this, but I remember a conversation I had with my brother when explaining EA Access to him (he only owns a PS4).

"There is this new subscription service where you pay £20 a year and you get 5 games for the year. You need to pay an additional £20 the next year if you wish to keep the games though, but more titles will be added"

"Sounds sweet. I'll pay for that later"

"It's only available on Xbox One"


It is kind of disheartening that Sony decided to take away the choice of EA Access from their consumers. This, blatantly, was because they have a similar (but badly implemented and priced) service named "PS Now". Basically, PS Now will allow us to stream games from a server to our consoles. You should already be able to work out the cons of such a service. Choppy gameplay, laggy input commands, timeouts etc.

EA Access allows you to download EA games directly into your hard drive. Basically, you can keep the games as long as you are subscribed. So far we can download Battlefield 4, Fifa 14, Madden 25, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Peggle 2 and Need for Speed The Rivals. Buying these games separately, brand new, would cost around £150 or over. So, why buy when you can just subscribe and play the games until your heart is content?

I discussed this on another hub, but I will reiterate. I can not afford brand new AAA titles every other week. It is just too expensive for me with all of life's other expenses. This service allows me to enjoy quality current-gen games without having to take out a second mortgage to pay for them. The service is excellent for my personal gaming habits and my wallet.

People will argue that we really do not own the games and we are just renting them, and when EA and Microsoft decide to stop the service, the games are lost forever. I really don't care about this. I don't think I would be playing Fifa 14 in 2 years time anyway (all I am asking is 2 years!).

I think EA Access is an excellent service and a product which Sony fans are missing out on, because the powers that be decided against it.


5. Monthly Updates as requested by Gamers

Want your Xbox to give you a phone call when it has been left on too long? Would you like games you haven't played in months to be removed from your hard drive? Tell Microsoft about it and if people agree with you, they will add the feature to the console via a monthly console update.

Microsoft set up a feedback page where you can suggest new changes to be added to the console (visit Xbox Uservoice) and if enough people also like your suggestion, you can expect to see it added to the console. So far things like DLNA support, External HD support, MKV support and Snap updates have been added to the console. Social media and custom themes are on the way next month. Users even asked for more free to play games, and Microsoft have answered with Project Spark, Warframe and upcoming games Smite and Neverwinter.

The PS4, meanwhile, has been hampering on about firmware 2.0 for what seems like an eternity now. Sony's machine, while more powerful, needs more features.

It can be argued that features are unnecessary for a solid gaming experience. I agree with this statement. However, why have less when you can have more? If someone is giving you a free drink with your dinner, would you refuse and say "No, I don't feel it is necessary with my dinner to have a free drink". More is better. Besides, as mentioned earlier, the snap feature on Xbox One is so good that it is hard to go back to gaming without it. This is something only a Xbox One user will know, while Sony users will simply brush it off as unnecessary.

If Sony had a feedback site for solely adding updates, you can guarantee it would be flooded with requests for features already available on the Xbox One. Microsoft is miles ahead when it comes to product support, giving gamers what they want on their console instead of frequent security updates.


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    • profile image

      Terra Realm 

      3 years ago

      " The Xbox One could end up the "Dreamcast" of this generation. An awesome console which maybe won't sell as well as it's competitor. "

      Don't you mean, 'the original Xbox of it's generation'?

      The original Xbox was outsold by the PS2, but was still the much better system, even if it was physically double the size of a PS2.

      " I would prefer to play my Dreamcast much more than the PS2 (and the PS2 outsold the Dreamcast). "

      And the Sega Genesis outsold the SNES in North America, and the Sega Master System outsold the NES in both Europe and Brazil, and the Sega Saturn outsold the Nintendo 64 in Japan, and the PS2 outsold the Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube, and the DS outsold the PSP and PSVita.

      Why should sales (quantity) matter when it comes to a console's quality?

      Hardly anybody outside of Japan owned a Sega Saturn, while many people owned a PS1, so it's understandable that consumers would stick with what they know and the brand they're more familar with.

      Not to mention that the PS2 didn't have any good games until 2002, and only sold primarily because it was a cheap DVD player, giving the non-gaming public a reason to buy one.

    • profile image

      Terra Realm 

      3 years ago

      " Xbox One owners need to have that "come to Jesus" meeting and realize that the Xbox One will probably not be able to catch up to the PS4 sales. "

      Um, why the hell should I care about it's SALES?

      Supply and demand? A higher pricing? Rarity? Who gives a crap? All I care about is GAMES.

      And as far as I've seen, the Xbox One is a great gaming machine.

      Also; I OWN A PS4 too. (Shocker!)

      It's an okay system with games like Ratchet and Clank. Why do I need it to be outsold by my Xbox One?

    • TheRetroPanda profile image

      Bretton Carr 

      4 years ago from Pratt, KS

      I've been an Xbox guy almost my entire life... Ever since the original one which I still have and play on occasion. But I went ahead and bought a PS4 over the One when it came time to choose. The way I saw it was, Halo is dying and Gears of War has ended as well. I loved both franchises dearly, but with them both gone, I thought it was time for a fresh start considering I've never played a Sony exclusive before other than Spyro on PS1. And as for the controller, I honest love the PS controller more than the 360's which is really surprising to me. In fact, I denied it for a long time that I actually did. Sony definitely stepped up their game on this one and I honestly enjoy gaming on the PS4 than anytime I've played on the One. They are both fantastic consoles and they both have problems but I honestly don't think the PS4 is worse than the One. I know a lot of people who have had multiple problems with their Xbox's.


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