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5 Tips To Help You Level Fast In Aion

Updated on June 1, 2014

The 5 best tips....

Taking good use of Aion leveling guides made me understand that if someone is having problems in Aion, they should considering getting a Aion leveling guide like I have. There's no real need to throw away hours each and every day and not get many levels higher. That's one of the areas I discovered from buying an Aion leveling guide. I have also picked up a ton of stuff about Aion and how to fulfill my role in the world of Atreia. Here are a couple of tricks and tips I have gained from the Aion leveling guide I have used.

1. First of all, in Aion Online you have to mix mob grinding with quests because the XP from quests aren't that amazing at this current time. What you need to do is grind enemies when going to and from quest areas}. You don't need to stop at all to kill monsters or go out of your way. Just simply follow the quest route in the top Aion leveling guides} you use and just pwn whatever mobs are within your range of attack.

2. There are way too many collecting quests in Aion, so you will need to quickly start leveling it as soon as you start of your character. Make sure you keep the character level the same as the location you are into or you'll lose out on lots of gathering quests, and you don't want that because there aren't that many of them.

3. You might now of figured this out but when attacking, your movement is very important. Many of the top Aion leveling guides include something on this. If you are moving forwards you get a ten percent increase to damage but take twenty percent more. When going backwards you get a five hundred percent bonus to Parry and Block butgive out seventy percent less attack and will move fourty percent slower. When strafing, you will get a 300% increase to Dodge while dealing seventy percent less attack and moving twenty percent slower.

4. Since you'll have to grind a lot of monsters, most Aion leveling guides will basically tell you to go for full damage. And so do I. we already tested it and it was quite clear that having a lot of damage is much better than having more defense or looking a decent balance between the two when leveling in Aion Online. So you items which increases your damage and imbue it with damage increasing Manastones only.

5. In most of the Aion guides you'll also find spell combinations. These are important to learn because just randomly hitting spellskills wont dish out your maximum attack. There are also Chain Skills which have time cooldowns, if you use those correctly most mobs wont get to hit you more than a few times. Every class has such a selection of skills and thankfully they can be found in a few of the Aion Leveling Guides.

I will offer my help even further telling you a little secret. There is a website where you can find reviews for ONLY the best guides. Check out Aion Leveling Guide


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