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5 Tips for Better Ghost Hunting

Updated on July 17, 2008

Become a better ghost hunter


5 tips for better ghost hunting

5- Hair, Hair everywhere. Ladies be sure to pull your hair back if possible. Sometimes in the dark you may not notice if you hair is falling in front of the camera lens. This can often lead to false/positive pictures. People mistake this for dark spots and sometimes think this implies an evil presence. It's a simple task to eliminate this possibility.

4- Know your camera- it is important on investigations to know how your equipment works. If you plan on carrying a camera with you here are some tips to help you take better pictures during your investigation. First of all remove all straps and or make sure they are out of the way every time you time a picture. Most cameras come with a wrist strap. If it is on the camera make sure you put it around your wrist to keep it out of the way. A camera strap in front of the lens will produce a false positive. Many people believe that when they spot something like this in their pictures they may have found a vortex. More often then not if they would just look closer they could see the fibers of their strap.

Another tip is to know your settings. A lot of new cameras are equipped with a lot of bells and whistles. It is good to actually learn what some of the functions do before you actually use it on an investigation. Speaking of bells.... New cameras now also make wonderful new sounds even when just being turned on. They sound like fancy ring tones. Some even produce a faux shutter sounds when taking a picture. I know I like to be aware of all sounds being made especially from equipment when investigating. These sounds could easily be mistaken for a possible EVP on an investigators audio recorder in the distance. Remember if they aren't on your team they aren't going to know. I'll get into audio later. See if you there is a menu option to turn these sounds off.

The last tip I have is NO NIGHT SHOT! Why the CAPS? I see this happen in so many photos. I get photos sent to me all the time from random people asking me to analyze their photos. Very often I get photo from people saying, "Is this a light rod?" See when you camera is on night shot or some kind of night setting the shutter speed is lowered. This means that if you move the camera the slightest little bit when taking the picture it can distort all sorts of objects. It makes distant lights look like "light strings". This can also happen even when the camera is still. If you set up your camera on a tri-pod and you still seem to be getting these streaks or even blurry pictures just remember that the object or objects may be moving causing the same effect. So in conclusion, just learn your camera. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there that paid lots of money for their camera. Why not learn the functions? Watch your settings, and mind your strap.

3- Basic EMF usage- Ok I could write a whole hub page on EMF alone. Stay tuned I just might. I have just about every EMF detector they make. (Almost, there are a few missing from my collection) Here are some general tips for some of them. If you have a ghost meter (looks like a cell sensor but doesn't have a detachable probe) keep in mind that this meter will peg its needle for any reading over 5mg. It will also pick up radio frequencies. This means you may get false readings even if you have your cell phone on you. Just keep this in mind. If you do have a cell sensor make sure you never hold it by the wire. This will also give you false readings. Either put it down for stationary readings or hold the probe firmly.

No for my biggest pet peeve of all time, DO NOT WALK AROUND WITH A TRI-FIELD METER!!!! Ok well you can with some. If you own the mother of all EMF detectors a Tri-Field meter, but more specifically the natural EM blue model, please don't try to walk around with this meter. This meter is so sensitive that you can't risk it. There is another model that is not the natural that is a little less sensitive. I have personally spoken to someone at the company that makes these meters. I ask the walking with question. He said that you can walk around with all of the meters but you really shouldn't with the Natural EM. He said it takes lots and lots of practice and you really should know what you are doing. I can see many professionals who use this meter for an actual job and not an investigation might be more inclined to learning this ability. You have control over your situation and possibly have other meters you can walk around with. Why test this one? I am all about consistency. I'm all about eliminating things such as false readings to make my investigations run smoother.

2- Here is a simple tip- don't wear cologne or perfume. Sometimes on investigations you may come across "phantom smells" If you or one of you investigators has some sort of scent on it may have just wafted your way. Also some things such as gum or candy can cause this as well. It's just better to be aware of everything!

1- K.I.S.S. - Keep it simple stupid- remember this saying. Remember not everything is paranormal. I know, as an investigator I want to walk into cases with pictures flying off the walls, sounds, smells, off the chart readings, cold spots, apparitions etc. All of that would be completely ideal and a great experience. I also know that this hardly ever happens. There are many logical explanations for things. It's just are the investigators willing to do the actual work to find this out or do they want to pass something off as paranormal that may not be.

Hair in front of lens (Tip 5)
Hair in front of lens (Tip 5)
Night shot experiment 1 (Tip 4)
Night shot experiment 1 (Tip 4)
Night Shot Experiment 2 (Tip 4)
Night Shot Experiment 2 (Tip 4)
You can even make yourself a ghost with the right shutter speed (Tip 4)
You can even make yourself a ghost with the right shutter speed (Tip 4)
Cell Sensor EMF detector (Tip 3)
Cell Sensor EMF detector (Tip 3)
Tri-Field Natural EM meter (Tip 3)
Tri-Field Natural EM meter (Tip 3)


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    • GhostChaser profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from PA/NJ

      Sorry this is late. Cell sensor is a decent meter. Just make sure you don't hold the probe by the wire. If it is a meter that looks like a cell sensor it is probably a ghost meter. They are more likely to pick up RF's (Radio frequency) So any incoming cell phone signals will give you false readings. If you want a K2 they really don't make good EMF detectors. They are more geared to "getting answers" lol If you want true or close to true readings I would go digital.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Anyother advice on using a Cell Sensor? I have one but want to know more about the best settings and usage to find EMFs/ghosts. Thanks!


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