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6 Weird Weekend Activities on a Rainy Day

Updated on May 26, 2020
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Krzysztof is a lifelong future tech junkie investigating the latest stories from companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, and Amazon.


1. Work From Home

You look outside, it's pouring and is expected to rain all weekend.

Do you sit around the house and watch TV all weekend or can you do something productive?

It may not sound enjoyable but if you're able to get work done, then a rainy weekend is the perfect time for it. You'll feel productive, you'll get things done, and it can decrease your workload for the upcoming week.

In addition, getting work done impresses employers and earns you extra cash.


2. Teach Yourself Something New

For those where it's impossible to get work done at home due to your occupational limitations, then maybe you can learn advanced cognitive skills.

Think about skills you want to attain and take the time to do them. For example you can learn a new language via Rosetta Stone, perfect your computer programming abilities, and develop your writing, editing, or comprehension abilities further.

Learning something new will never hurt and for that rainy, boring weekend it's really the ideal excuse to educate yourself.

3. Home Improvement

There are times when we want to rest and not do anything, but after a while it's a good idea to get something done.

During a slow, stormy weekend what's wrong with a little housework?

This could be the best time to vacuum your home (or turn on your Roomba), clean up dust, wash the floors/windows, do the laundry, organize your belongings, and perform other chores.

It may sound like a strange activity to do over the weekend, but it's a way to avoid laziness and make your home shine. You might even decide to take on a home project or at least start one.

So if your house is getting a bit messy and you never found the energy to do housework during a pleasant weekend, then maybe a rainy day will give you that boost to clean.


4. Get Some Exercise

From my experience I know a lot of people would rather sit in a chair or lay in bed all day and eat junk food during a rainy weekend.

However instead of packing on a couple pounds why not try to take pounds off by working out at home.

There's no excuse not to work out and it only takes a half hour to 45 minutes to get a good workout in. There are also plenty of objects around the house you can use and exercises to do so using the weather to avoid it is unacceptable.

The internet alone has thousands of free workout videos, techniques, and exercises to learn and perform. It doesn't have to be a strenuous program, but working up a sweat means you're at least trying.

It's even better if you have others around to workout with, but if not, then things like watching TV or playing music is not a bad idea. If you have exercise equipment like a treadmill, an elliptical, or dumbbells then utilize them as best as possible.

The feeling you get after a good workout is fantastic and a lot better than the feeling you'd have after days of binge eating, sleeping, and sitting/lying around.

5. Explore New Hobbies

Do you like to collect items, do you like blogging, do you enjoy cooking, etc?

Make your life more fulfilling and become a part of something that gives joy to your life.

I think cooking and trying recipes is one of the more interesting things to do because it not only gives you fulfillment but it can make the people around you love it too. Cooking can be an excellent relationship building activity for friends/family. The possibilities are endless and the results end up scrumptious.

It doesn't matter what the hobby is as long as you enjoy it. I would hope your hobby is safe and not damaging in any way though I know some hobbies may prove challenging to do at home.

DIY related hobbies have become extremely popular as of late and YouTube is the perfect platform to learn how to do anything imaginable. Maybe you can even make your own DIY videos to share with the world and get something out of it.

I think it's important to have hobbies because reality can be a crux on us, and we need to take a much needed break from reality once in a while.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary
The Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary | Source

6. Discover New Places

If it's a rainy weekend then a good idea would be to not stay home. Unless it's a dangerous storm or flooding rains then I don't see why a rainy weekend is an automatic ticket to stay in.

There are still so many places to go that whether it rains or shines they'll be open.

You can visit a shopping mall, a museum, go to the movies, dine, go bowling, do mini-golfing, and enjoy other unique activities. Many of them do not require spending a ton of money, and it's a good way to have fun and relax.

Rainy weather provides a cool ambiance for many of those activities and some prefer going out when the weather is not ideal especially when it comes to shopping or seeing a movie.

Most rainy weekends are not dangerous to our health and safety.

The traffic might be a bit higher, but it shouldn't be an issue 95 percent of the time if we're careful and follow the rules of the road.

The traffic shouldn't be terrible during the weekend anyway unless it's near the holiday season or if you live in the city, but there's always going to be traffic for both the former and the latter no matter what the atmospheric state.

This tip isn't a must and I realize a lot of people would rather stay home if the weather is bad, but I believe it's a good idea to go somewhere, if possible, for your enjoyment. It's also a great way to reconnect with friends or family members thus turning it into a social event.


Weird Enough For You?

I can't speak for everyone and results will vary but again people often choose not to do anything on the weekend during inclement weather.

None of those five tips listed may be considered unusual because they normally wouldn't be. They aren't extraordinary ordinarily but perspectives change when gloomy weather arrives.

For those who choose to sit and do nothing all weekend during bad weather, then I'd suggest at least trying something because it's better than nothing.

As a society we've become a lot lazier and and ignore performing activities we enjoy that are safe and healthy.

My first tip of working more during the weekend is particularly aimed at those who aren't productive in both their professional and personal lives. For the rest of us, we should focus on bettering ourselves with activities that enhance our lives.

The last three tips are the most important for everyone because they're about self-fulfillment. There should be a difference between working and enjoying life and that's the key element to keep in mind.

The most unusual thing to do during a rainy weekend is preventing yourself (or society) from being who you are and what you enjoy in life.

Your Thoughts!

Which activities do you enjoy doing during a rainy weekend?

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